Winter Outfits, Style, Trends & More for 2022

Winter Outfits, Style, Trends & More for 2022
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The overall attitude of winter fashion trends in 2022 may be summed up in one word: nostalgia. Now, depending on your age, experiences, and interests, nostalgia can take many various forms. Whatever you connect with happier, simpler times has most definitely made its way to the runways for the forthcoming season, as creative collectives in New York, London, Milan, and Paris have all been feeling the longing for a better existence. Designers have powered through the past two pandemic years with optimism, channeling their energies into quite literal pick-me-up trends like dopamine dressing—a hashtag that continues to garner attention on almost all social platforms—but with restrictions loosening and a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, more diverse style directions are emerging.


off white fw22 runway

We support any trend that removes thought, time, and effort from the dressing. Does suit set that match? That’s fantastic. Suit pieces are having a significant moment after appearing in almost every runway show last season, whether you wear a monochromatic three-piece, mix-and-match, or just have some fun with a solitary vest. The list continues with Tom Ford, Gabriela Hearst, Gucci, and Alberta Ferretti.

Strong Shoulders

dolce gabanna bold shoulder blazer dress

Suits are often accompanied by blazers, and blazers are frequently accompanied by shoulder pads. Don’t be afraid to wear a big collar this season. You don’t have to go as drastic as the Dolce & Gabbana styles, but feel free to experiment with proportions this season. Louis Vuitton, Lemaire, and Versace all presented more, shall we say, ready-to-wear collections. The sweet spot is somewhere between halter neck and linebacker pads, but you may choose where you want to be on that spectrum.

Western Elements

chanel metiers fw22 runway

Cowgirl fashion is here to stay, and haute couture labels like Chanel and Maison Margiela have given it the haute couture touch this season. The Western-inspired runway outfits prove that a little yeehaw can go a long way, so you don’t have to go all out to participate in this one. Try incorporating a pair of traditional black cowboy boots into any of your regular outfits and see how it goes. It’ll almost certainly look adorable.


acne studios fw22 red maxi skirt

Minis aren’t going away, but it’s past time to reconsider the maxi length. When better to stay warm than during the coldest months of the year? While the infatuation with all things ’90s fashion is to blame for this rebirth, outfits by Luar, Altuzarra, and The Row demonstrated how to adapt the throwback style into 2022.

Electric Colors

y project fw22 runway

Dark colors and muted tones have typically reigned supreme in the winter, but this season is throwing that standard on its head. Acid green—and aquamarine, to quote Lorde—are the hues of the moment. Take a cue from Y Project and combine both hues for one eye-catching appearance, or choose one and use it sparingly for a subtle pop. In any case, this fad is the most vibrant approach to combat the gloomy winter blues.


prada fw22 bomber jacket kendall jenner runway

Okay, the winter jacket trend is a touch predictable. But if you’re going to layer up to be warm, you might as well do it in the latest outerwear. If the runways (Prada, Elie Saab, Loewe, Raf Simmons, to mention a few) are any indicator, we’ll see a lot more bomber jackets this winter. Regardless, the world is your oyster. Choose your poison: leather, denim, reflective, or furry.

Maximalism is mismatched

vivienne westwood fw22 runway gigi hadid

Blame it on TikTok and the Y2K phenomenon, but maximalism is making a comeback. That means tossing caution to the wind and dressing in…well, whatever you want. What doesn’t match matches, at least by today’s standards? You’re OK as long as it looks purposefully put together, like Gigi Hadid’s look for Vivienne Westwood.


versace fw22 runway bella hadid corset

It says bawdy, awdy, awdy. Corsets were the It item this summer, and the scorching temperatures aren’t altering that. We’re just layering now. You may still wear that seductive black bustier; just layer it over a white button-down. Corseted boning on knits? Darling, this is known as innovative fashion.


laquan smith fw22 runway

Traditionally, we want as little skin as possible exposed when it’s freezing outside, but this season, we’re thinking otherwise. Maybe it’s post-pandemic happiness (or just narcissism), but this is the Season of the Cut-Out. Show off that outfit that is barely holding itself together! Wear those hip-free pants! You can do it if LaQuan Smith can.


miu miu fw22 runway

No one is surprised by this unless you live under a rock. I know, I know, the early 2000s don’t seem far enough away to be “coming back,” yet here we are. Low-rise bottoms, polo shirts, and Juicy Couture are all back in style. Here’s hope you didn’t give anything away years ago. If this is the case, you can turn to any number of high-end designers to fill the holes in your wardrobe. Miu Miu, Marine Serre, Chanel, and Halpern are just a few of the designers who have embraced the 2000s. Diesel and Fendi both leaned in for their spring/summer 2023 presentations in Milan this week, indicating that the trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Boots with Chunks

dur doux fw22 runway

Give me a winter boot or I’ll die. If chunky and platform shoes haven’t already taken off, they’re about to. At the very least, this trend is appropriate for the winter, when snow, sleet, and salted roads necessitate weather-resistant footwear. But, of course, while being stylish.

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