12 Ways To Heal From Trauma

Feel your emotions. It might be easy to force your emotions away or pretend they don’t exist. You may even think of yourself as powerful for not engaging with your feelings. However, it’s significant to feel as motivational stuff lead to what you want to feel regarding your trauma symptoms. Your emotions are valid, so let […]

Why Girls Like Tall Boys

Not all girls like tall folks but rather most lean toward them. A few girls would say they care less with regards to a person’s stature, yet in some cases they say this to cause the short folks to feel appreciated. Notwithstanding, it’s not unexpected information that taller men are a fascination with girls. All […]

Why Girls Prefer Tight Jeans

Tight jeans lost their reign to loose jeans during the 1990s however arose as a savage style decision during the 2000s. To such an extent that even Katy Perry couldn’t resist the opportunity to make reference to them in her 2010 super hit, Teenage Dream. Her guarantee to “… get your heart dashing in my skin-tight jeans” perhaps […]

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