Top 5 Trending Chikankari kurtas for Women

Top 5 Trending Chikankari kurtas for Women
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Chikankari have been a special fashion for centuries and are still in high demand. Indian fashion is all about mixing various aesthetics while uphold the charm of traditions. From bright colors, embroideries, and floral prints to breathable fabrics, has got you all covered! Let’s take a look at a few of the Chikankari trends to keep an eye out for the upcoming year.

In the crowded streets of Aminabad and the pretty spots of Hazratganj, Lucknow tells a tale. This city, signified as the ‘City of Nawabs’, has a good art signifying Chikankari. It’s a type of stitching that numerous humans in India love. Chikankari is not just a design; it shows how hardworking and talented the individuals of Lucknow are.

In the flowing of ethnic fashion trends, Chikankari kurta’s grace has remained wardrobe investment or tall rather than just being a fleet trend since the time of royals in the country. It certains elegance with unique significance and cultural craftsmanship which makes it more than just a choice in the Indian fashion state. Unlike the other mass-produced stuff in the market, Chikankari garments are not rushed through the assembly lines but each chunk is made through a steady and slow procedure which also involves designing, intricate embroidery, printing, and thus is quite expensive. Let’s looking at the 5 trending Chikankari kurtas for women

Phanda Chikankari stitch kurti

Murri and Phanda are mainly a kind of stitch that is utilized to embroidery the flowers’ center in ordinary Chikankari motifs which are basically French knot style, whereas phanda is millet-shaped and murri is rice-shaped. Famous in the hues of white and black primarily, phanda also looks elegant in pastel shade with the stitch being pretty visible.

We have mostly seen Chikankari kurtas in bright or white colours, but pastel shades are a important trend for any season. These gentle hues are perfect for most of the upcoming trends and add a touch of refinement to some ensembles. Pastel hues like lilac, peach, and powder blue are all trendy alternatives for you to try next. You could pair this with white or denim pants or trousers.

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Rahet Chikankari stitch

ThIs Chikankari stitch is a inclined darn stitch that is utilized in conjunction with the other stitches which is utilized to fill up in the motifs. This stitch also adds a dense texture to the design and is famous for its visual prominence in the pattern. They look subtle and plain. If you are not a fan of cluster design, then opt for the Rahet one.

With colours of the choice and mixing effortlessly with crop cotton sets are the perfect wardrobe necessity for the upcoming year. These sets are good during the summer season and it’s made of pretty soft fabric of a higher quality. For the good look, you do select juttis and jewelry to match the elegance and style.

Banarasi Chikankari

This Chikankari is a variant of Zanzeera stitched which is utilized to fill the motifs and also refine the design richness, impart a striking texture that refine the visual appeal of Banarasi embroidery. The motif’s edges are superimposing on the stitches which add on a unique pattern and layered effect to the look.

If you imagined an ideal brunch date and need to look fuss-free yet fashionable, then A-line gowns are built up for you! These gowns are not only perfect for summer, but the loose-fitting nature of the gown keeps you carefree and relaxed all day.

Keel Kangan or the Fishbone Chikankari

It mostly features a central vein from which tiny stitches branch out, whereas the Kangan and Keel stitch is filling with leaf and petals shapes. This stitch also adding an element of depth and texture to the design and basically depicting the love of the Lucknow Nawabs, showcase their emblem with the two fish representing on arches.

This Kurta is a elegant chunk of clothing that mixed contemporary style with traditional craftsmanship . Floral print would not go out of style anytime soon as it is suitable for constantly shift seasons. Whether you search for traditional Kurtas or ones satisfactory for weddings, this alternative would certainly suit the taste.

Khatau Chikankari

The famous Khatau stitched mirror work is in the size of a paisley and only utilized floral motifs. They are applied from within the design, whereas the motif’s edge also superimposed on the stitch which thus adding a unique layered effect to the patterns. The number of threads utilized in Khatau is the most, makes it one’s favorite as its intricating detailing is something to look at.

With its aesthetic and comfort appeal, the long flaring this Chikankari Kurti is a must-have for fashion-forward people. Before being transforming into modern couture clothing, longer kurtis were heavy way embellished and adorned with beads, sequins, stones, zari, and thread. If you are look on for the more comfy alternative, then add this one to the wardrobe won’t be a false choice.

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