HOW TO Wear an outfit: SOFT GIRL

HOW TO Wear an outfit: SOFT GIRL
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Pastel colors, fluttering butterflies, and warm fluffy clouds – this is one of TikTok’s most popular trends, and it’s here to stay. It is inspired by the early 2000s and traditionally feminine outfits such as lip gloss, tennis skirts, and tiny crop tops. With a penchant for pastels, florals, and butterflies, this trend takes some of the cutest elements of the nostalgic era and modernizes them. Continue reading if you wish to refresh your look or learn how to dress in this style. We’ve gathered the loveliest soft girl dresses for you to enjoy!

What exactly is a Soft Girl Aesthetic?

This trend is more than simply a fashion choice; it is a way of life and a return to a hyper-feminine look. Tennis skirts, hair clips, and shoulder bags were among the nostalgic components of the Y2K and 90s trends adopted by the super adorable subculture. Consider Bratz dolls, gentle and fluffy clouds, and a lot of pinks. There are many ways to wear this trend every day, from soft and buttery blue and lilac t-shirts with a lettuce hem to a pair of mom jeans with butterfly embroidery. However, the soft girl look is more than just a fad. It’s also a bold statement that celebrates the beauty of traditionally ‘feminine’ aesthetics and embraces the softer aspects of life.

Outfits for Soft Girls


These soft girl dresses are delicate and hyper-feminine, as well as charming and flowy. With pastel colors and beautiful designs, this look is ideal for a balmy spring day (think strawberries, flowers, or gingham). You can wear it with a matching cardigan, a bucket hat inspired by the 1990s, or on its own. Finish the look with a pair of chunky white shoes for a neutral and easygoing vibe – a soft girl’s closet must-have! Finally, accent the look with a string of pearls and a baguette bag.


Every fashion borrows from the past, and soft girl trousers are no exception. Wide-leg cords and mom jeans are popular choices for this look because they constrict the waist and create a floating appearance. High-waisted denim or slacks will make you feel both easygoing and cute. Choose light hues like baby pink or lilac to keep the look fluffy and marshmallow-like. Match them with a crop top in the same color – you can take it a step further by matching all of your accessories to the color for a completely monochrome look.


The soft girl aesthetic has many influences, but Cher Horowitz from Clueless is a key character in the fashion world. Tennis skirts inspired by the 1990s are popular in this sub-genre, whether in a pastel plaid, a charming design, or traditional white. You can wear this with nearly anything and look as cute as a pie. A cropped cardi is a must-have in this aesthetic’s wardrobe; choose one in a complementing light color, such as lemon or sage. You can pair it with a bralette in the same color as your skirt for a nice twist. Finally, finish the look with your favorite sneakers and a barrette on your hair. Believe us when we claim you’ll look like Betty in one.


The pastel crop top is one of the greatest trends from this TikTok style. Every month of the year, whether it’s a polo shirt, long-sleeved cardigan, or turtleneck, you can find a way to dress one of these ensembles. Layer a polo shirt with a cropped vest in periwinkle or lilac – this is a tiny nod to light academia by mimicking a uniform ensemble. When the temperature drops, replace your cropped singlet with a baby pink roll neck and throw a cardi over top for multi-dimensional layering and added warmth. You’ll look the part whether you combine it with mom jeans, a tennis skirt, or high-waisted pants.


The basic cardigan has evolved into a true statement piece in soft feminine fashion. This piece of apparel is a versatile option that belongs in everyone’s wardrobe, whether worn alone or with a crop top underneath. This trend favors pastel colors, and there are numerous ways to mix and combine conflicting colors and yet look amazing. Find the knit in a wacky pattern or block colors – don’t be afraid to mix and match different designs because it’s all part of the look. Alternatively, you may wear the outerwear to complete a monotone look – it’s the perfect finishing touch.

Girls’ Soft Hats

Hats, like the soft girl aesthetic’s clothing, are an important accessory to reflect your style. The important ingredient is light pastel colors, which can be found in baby pink, lemon, or lavender. Choose from the classic bucket hat or beret, which are the most popular options and look great with practically any outfit. You may find them in a variety of colors and styles, with a fuzzy texture or a traditional fabric. Of course, a couple of charming motifs like hearts or cherries don’t hurt. It’s a terrific way to add a colorful and girly flair to your summer or winter clothing.

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