How to Manage Wedding Day Stress

How to Manage Wedding Day Stress
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The majority of you—96 percent of you—are stressing the eff out about wedding planning, according to a Zola survey of 500 engaged or recently wed couples. You still have a job, a family, and bills to pay (you know, a life), but you’re spending a lot of money on a party for 120 of your closest friends and family, so it makes full sense that your stress level is out of control. Nothing major, right?

Wedding planning was rated as “very stressful” by 40% of couples, and “more stressful” than other big life events like finding a new job by 71% of respondents to the poll. According to wedding therapist Landis Bejar, LMHC, “it’s not about the wedding preparation as much as it is about what wedding planning and weddings signify.


The specifics are what is stressing out 35% of the studied couples the most. Leo Cousins advises, “Decide right now that if you’re going to nitpick every little thing, you’re going to be unhappy.” “You’re going to have a terrific day if you have a positive attitude about your wedding,”

Prioritize the necessities—those things that are necessary to make this your dream wedding—to keep everything in perspective. When planning, keep coming back to your “must” list so you don’t get sucked into a never-ending cycle of DIY ideas you found on Pinterest or feel pressured to enhance your floral arrangements all the time. Maintaining focus on your primary objectives will help you go forward.

Distract from Planning for a Moment

Self-care may be extremely popular right now, but there’s a good reason for it. Have nights away from your wedding, whether it be regular date nights (without discussing wedding planning! ), long baths with your favorite podcast playing, workout classes, baking, or board games. Don’t respond to emails or questions, and silence the voice within your head that tells you that wedding planning must take up your entire day.

Keep in mind that joy is stolen by comparison.

Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s—we know, it’s easier said than done. Comparing your wedding to someone else’s wedding, whether it be a pair from Instagram or a lady from your high school, is a fruitless endeavor. In the same way, don’t let anyone else talk negatively about your day. If your aunt Dolores starts gushing about the delicious canapés served at your cousin Jenny’s wedding, ignore her or find another topic.

Decide on a Big Contingency

Money is one of the main sources of stress for engaged couples. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the €200 registration cost is the only item you “had to have” to get married. Being aware of that can be very liberating. If there’s one thing our series on real wedding budget breakdowns has taught us, it’s that most couples overspend. Set a sizable contingency over your anticipated spending of at least 15% to avoid financial stress before your big day. Be sensible and avoid planning a wedding you won’t be able to afford.

Explain everything to your visitors.

All couples getting married hate it when their guests have a lot of questions, and it can quickly turn into a source of tension. Of course you’re excited to talk about your big day, but when you’re asked about group deals on lodging, what time the ceremony starts, and whether or not kids are *really* invited a week before your wedding, it can be overwhelming. Although it won’t completely resolve the issue, providing your guests with as much clarity and knowledge as you can would undoubtedly be helpful. I discovered that having a wedding website in particular was essential for gathering all the often asked questions in one location and directing any inquiries there.

Recognize Your Slammin’ Hottie Status!

You are stunning. a lovely. Your hair is gorgeous. I like how you look. You hear? You are absolutely “wedding ready” with your upper arms, brows, and teeth. How they will appear on their wedding day is another significant source of anxiety for both brides and grooms. Please know that you don’t need to worry about your physique, your skin, or your hair. We are all for indulging in a little pampering and doing what we need to feel our best (double-up those artificial lashes please!). A couple that didn’t appear to be worth a fortune has yet to be seen heading down the aisle. Everyone appears to be a major hunk in that loved-up wedding day glow, for whatever reason.

Don’t Participate in Drama (No. 89)

The same outfit was purchased by two of your pals, and neither of them wants to return it. Your bridesmaids are at odds on how to handle the hen. The sibling of your dad won’t attend the wedding unless he can give a speech. Additionally, the notion of an outside ceremony is simply not being supported by your mother-in-law. Instead of receiving a marriage licence after getting married, couples need to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and employment with the UN.

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