How to Get Ready for All-Day Makeup

How to Get Ready for All-Day Makeup
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Consider this: You wouldn’t drive your car on a long journey without first ensuring sure it had enough gas, would you? The same idea also applies to makeup. You must carefully prepare your skin if you want to make sure that your appearance stays in place all day long (while remaining as flawless as it was when you first left your home). Before digging into your makeup bag, take the essential precautions to avoid dry patches, dullness, or uneven coverage.

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Make sure to start with clean, dry skin before you begin preparing your skin for makeup. Your preferred cleanser should be carefully massaged into your skin in circular strokes to eliminate any oil, grime, or pollutants.


Consider your most recent body exfoliation: How wonderful did your skin feel afterward? The skin on your face has to be exfoliated just like the skin on the rest of your body to get rid of any dead skin cells that might be obstructing your pores. managing dry skin? Exfoliating can also aid in removing dry spots that may contribute to blotchiness or an uneven complexion.

Step 3

It’s time to include toner in your product range because it’s a frequently forgotten phase in our daily skin care regimen. To prepare the skin for the most important phase of your routine—moisturizing—toner helps to soothe and protect the skin. Unsure of how to use a toner correctly? Use a cotton round to apply a tiny amount of the product, then gently wipe your face and neck with it.

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Your pre-makeup checklist should include moisturizing next. While your skin is slightly damp from the toner, generously apply to replenish serum to your entire face. Regardless of whether you have oily skin or dry skin, this step is essential. Use a mild moisturiser before applying makeup to avoid making the base oily. Use a moisturiser that is appropriate for your skin type and provides all-day hydration. Instead of rubbing it in, you can press the moisturiser against your skin to apply it. This will enable the solution to penetrate your skin adequately and activate your skin’s cells.

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How Do You Pick The Best Moisturizer?

Find a non-comedogenic oil-free moisturiser if your skin is prone to acne or has uneven outbreaks. To wear during the day if you have dry skin, seek for a cream that is heavier.

Step 5: PRIMER

Your skincare routine should include cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing, but when it comes to all-day makeup, using primer may be the most crucial step. Your skin will be given a smooth, even canvas thanks to primer, and your foundation, blush, bronzer, and other facial cosmetics will last longer as well. There is no one-size-fits-all primer formula for every single type of skin. Finding a primer made especially for your skin type and concerns is essential (as is using it consistently) if you want your makeup to endure from AM to PM. Choose a primer to assist you to create your desired final appearance, whether you want a matte or dewy finish (we recommend using non-silicone-based primers).

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Getting ready for your face is still ongoing, so don’t forget to give your pout some attention as well. Your lipstick may look flaky or uneven if you have dry lips, especially if you choose a traditional matte or liquid lipstick type. Apply our Lip Primer to your lips before applying the shade of your choice. This clear, thin primer prepares lips by hydrating, slicking, and smoothing them out. It also smoothes down any rough edges.

What is a good makeup setting product?

You are prepared to begin creating your all-day makeup look if you have made it this far. Congrats! It’s time to set your appearance in place after you’ve completed using facial makeup to enhance your complexion. You can either use a setting spray or a setting powder to set your look. If you want a dewy appearance, mist our Dewy Set Setting Spray over your entire face a couple of times. This coconut-vanilla-scented setting spray sets makeup with a dewy (never greasy) finish while smoothly blending items. Set your makeup with a setting powder if you want a matte finish.

Look for a primer with silicone as the primary ingredient for the last step of the pre-makeup routine. Any undesirable cracks will be filled in, leaving your skin flawlessly smooth and prepared for makeup. A pale green primer will help to reduce the redness if you have acne-prone skin.

Now that your face has been properly prepped for makeup, you can start applying foundation and the other items you have prepared to your even, clean skin. After properly preparing your skin, applying makeup will be simpler and will make your face appear even more luminous.

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