Ways Of Styling A Classic White Shirt To Make It Look Interesting Every Single Time

Ways Of Styling A Classic White Shirt To Make It Look Interesting Every Single Time
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As every one of us has a specific time to leave the house to go to work, getting ready is a daily activity for all of us. Many of us struggle with getting ready, such as not having enough clothes or being unable to put the correct outfits together. A white shirt is a timeless item that should be in every man’s wardrobe. It is a piece of apparel that you may wear to any occasion, whether it be a formal or casual get-together with friends or coworkers.

A white shirt can be styled in more ways than you can think because it is so versatile. Here are five original ways to wear a timeless white shirt.

Wearing a corset and a white shirt

For many years, a corset has been a modest fashion accessory. Today, anyone can wear it as a day or night attire with jeans or skirts, despite it once only being worn by aristocratic societies.

You may wear your corset top the same way that Deepika Padukone does for a winter day or night! Under the corset, put on your white classic shirt and unbutton the wrists. Additionally, you can roll up the sleeves and wear gold-tone jewelry as accessories.

This outfit looks best with high-waisted or torn jeans and a pair of pumps!

4 Ways Of Styling A Classic White Shirt To Make It Look Interesting Every  Single Time in 2022 | Classic white shirt, Fashion, White shirt

Wearing a saree inside of a white shirt.

For millennia, Indian women have always opted for sarees! The saree has come to represent Indian ladies. A timeless white shirt will give your saree a contemporary edge. You can replace your saree blouse with a white shirt, just like Sonam K. Ahuja, the fashion icon of Bollywood. If you choose to wear a saree to any function, it is best to have your hair tucked back in a bun. Sarees are a stylish option that you can choose to wear for any occasion, including weddings and professional meetings.

Dressed in a white shirt and skirt inside T.

All women, regardless of their age, adore skirts. Skirts provide you an advantage for being lively and happy, whether you’re a little girl or an older woman. Skirts come in a variety of styles and sizes. Like Rakulpreet, the B-Town diva, you can wear either a little skirt or a long skirt with a traditional white shirt and a pair of shoes.

It is best to wear jewelry that contrasts, such as adding silver danglers or striking colors with a mid-rise heel size.

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Inside of white shirt and jeans

Since they were young children, everyone has tended to wear jeans. For any occasion or event of the day, you can wear your white shirt with a pair of jeans or even go for a pair of ripped jeans.

You can enhance your appearance with a statement lip color and a pair of pumps, just like B-Town diva Priyanka Chopra! Depending on the time of the activities, choosing contrasting color combinations for this apparel is suitable.

Wearing cycling shorts inside of a white shirt.

We were smitten by the way Bollywood star Vanee Kapoor wore her cycling shorts with a timeless white shirt.

This is the perfect dress for a night out with the girls or simply a day out with your girlfriends. We think wearing your bike shorts with a timeless white shirt is a versatile look that you can wear anyplace.

For a nighttime style, wear a gorgeous baguette and heels, or opt for a sportier appearance by donning some running shoes!

Combine with a simple suit.

It’s all about the suit this year, whether it’s a colorful suit or a breezy shorts suit. Stick with tradition and pair your immaculate white shirt with a stylish beige suit and this season’s must-have dad sandals.

Wear cycling shorts with this.

Whether you like them or not, cycling-inspired shorts are all the rage this season thanks to designers like Chanel who featured them on the ss19 runway. To balance out the tight silhouette, try them out with an oversized white shirt.


Dress in layers over a slip

Everyone should include slip dresses in their summer capsule collection. For a completely different look throughout the day, add a thin white shirt over the top and knot it in the front. Raffia bag and shell accessories are recommended but not required.

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