17 ways to stop doing things if you want to make a good relationship

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You have to ask for am I in a good relationship as it will not last long without faith. You do not require to stay with a human you do not trust, right? You want to stop thinking that your loved one is lying to you just because you experienced being cheated on in your past relationships. So that both of you will have peace of mind, make a deal that you will stop asking false questions or making suspicious comments about the whereabouts of your loved one and who you are with when you are not together.


Invading the privacy of each other

Although exchanging social media account and phone passwords is already pretty common in relationship goals, this is still improper. Even if you are a couple, you want to keep your privacy as a human. Prying into your loved one personal activities is a sign that you do not faith in him/her. If you need to improve the faith in your relationship, attempt doing this. This can block you from being paranoid about your loved one faithfulness. This will result in a more calm relationship.

Being clingy and jealous of everyone else

Commanding all attention to yourself and demanding too much time from each other is among the reasons why a relationship becomes toxic. Both of you require to understand that your social life includes society, family, and friends too. You cannot delete each other from seeing other people, including those of the opposite sex. Your relationship must mold you both to be fully mature. Instead of being clingy, why not encourage each other to balance your social time for your family people, buds, colleagues, and this relationship? Being socially healthy can support remove trust issues and insecurities?

Making your world revolve around each other

Both of you must think of how you can assist each other live a well-balanced life. Do not get crazy at your loved one as s/he cannot answer your calls because s/he is busy at work. Or do not feel upset when s/he selected to attend the birthday party of his/her sibling instead of going out with you like what s/he does every time. Permit each other to progress in other zones of your life. Both of you want to identify that you have other priorities and you cannot be together all the time. If you are together almost 24/7, you miss other significant matters in life like memorable moments with friends and families or even career opportunities. Your relationship isolates you from the rest of the globe, and that is not healthy.

 Doing things that can provoke your loved one anger

If you want to ignore fights, then you have to find out the reasons for your lovers’ quarrels and do something to ignore them. For instance, if you understand your loved one does not need you to stay out too late with buds, then do not do it. You can still go out with your friends without going home late anyway. If you were in his/her shoes, you would also be paranoid worrying something bad might happen or fearing that your loved one could be with someone else during the wee hours. As soul mates, you must intentionally talk about the matters you like and dislike. If you need this relationship to work, then both of you require to be cooperative.

Keeping your loved one from seeing his/her friends

Some girlfriends and boyfriends are too territorial that they get jealous even with their loved one’s buddies. Remember, his/her buds were already in his/her life before you came in. You cannot expect your loved one to completely forget his/her buddies just for you. This will only cause him/her to lie to you or end up crazy at you. Besides, you would feel upset if your girlfriend/boyfriend does this to you as well. I also suggest that you befriend each other’s buds so that you will understand them better. This will support your faith in each other more as you personally understand the people you hang out with aside from each other.

Bringing up past issues every time you fight

Failures and Fights between loved ones are normal. However, if you cannot forgive and let go of the errors of each other even after making up, then your relationship will not move ahead. You will always be bound by the past, and trust issues will be difficult to overcome. Love does not keep records of false aspects. Show that you have moved on from the past.  By not bringing it up when you have a new disagreement. Yes, it is tough to forget, but at least get over it.


Trying to change him/her to be your ideal soul mate

It encourage your loved one to progress up from his/her wrong habits is a different matter from pressuring him/her to change his/her character. If you are forcing your loved one to be someone s/he is not just to fit into your planet is unacceptable. An example would be pushing him/her to take a career route that you think is better but is pretty different from his/her passion. Love a human not for what he is, but for who he is. Permit each other to freely express yourselves when you are together. You want to be true to yourself and each other.

Suggesting breakup every misunderstanding

Never ever talk about a breakup topic if you do not mean it. If you really love your loved one and you cannot afford to lose him/her, then do not break up with him/her just because you are crazy. Then what? The next day you would apologize and get back together? If you keep on doing this every disagreement, there would come a time that it must be tough to get her/him back as s/he is already tired. Be mature in handling battles. Try to fix matters without letting your feeling do the talking. Be careful what you desire for, or you probably end up regretting over the “one that got away”.

Trying To Anticipate Their Every Need

Relationships work best when we develop space for our loved ones to notice and name what their wants and needs are, not when we always assume or rush to meet what we project they might require. So kick back, relax, and get a bit choosier about how often — and when — you offer up some help.

Being the First to Apologize

Since apologizing is often a two-way street, it must not always be up to you to fix matters. Both people in a relationship must participate in resolving battles or handling challenges. It may feel comfortable — especially if you hate conflict as sharing that responsibility is so significant.

Doing Everything They Want To Do

It’s alright to be the nice one and occasionally let your loved one choose the movie or the restaurant. Not only will you eventually become irritated, but you’ll also develop an unfair situation where your loved one misses out on what you require to do. The best response is to reach a mutually enjoyable compromise or at least take regular turns.

 Encouraging Their Bad Habits

Couples must try to encourage each other to be the best versions of themselves. So if your loved one is trying to make a change, don’t make it tougher for them by accidentally encouraging the wrong habits. While it isn’t up to you to “cure” them, it certainly doesn’t support if you assist them in giving into their old manners.

Taking Over When They Feel Down

If they’ve been struggling with anxiety or depression, you’ll definitely need to help your loved one in any way you can. But keep in head how running the show for them can be super detrimental. Apply your imagination and you’ll find how that can get old pretty quick.

Doing All the Chores

Partners who live together will obviously have to figure out the whole chore chart thing. But even with one, housework still often ends up falling on one human. If this is occurring in your relationship, and you explore yourself picking up all the slack, try stepping back. You may be surprised about what occurs in the dynamic if you can step back and permit your loved one to step forward. This may ultimately lead to a healthier relationship hierarchy.

Offering Up Unsolicited Advice

As part of a partner, you have every right to voice your opinion about money, careers, etc. Do keep in head, however, that uninvited advice doesn’t always come off as intended. Although you attempt to be helpful, they [can] feel that you are … chronically disappointed in them. It’s way better to let your loved one come to you if they’re in need of support.

Saying matters Are Fine When They Aren’t

We all do it, and it often comes from a nice place. But it still doesn’t make it alright. Often we think we’re supporting our loved ones by saying we’re okay and withholding possibly challenging emotions, but in the long journey this doesn’t serve the emotional connectivity between you two, which is fed through honesty, so stop saying matters are alright when they’re not.

Making Excuses for Them

If your loved one did or said something wrong, so don’t make excuses for them. This habit only encourages bad behavior. It also permits them to get away with something they must not while making it even more likely they’ll act the same manner in the future. So leave them be, let them doing mistakes, and hopefully, they’ll be better come out of it by themselves. 


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