Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage Which is Better

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Marriage is a necessary social institution and every individual needs to have an ideal match. In love marriage success rate, individuals choose soulmate on their own, while in case of arranged marriages, person are being chosen by the elder family people. However, we all understand that a great marriage is when the perfect pairing comes together. It is when an imperfect people grasp to enjoy their differences, be it arranged marriage or a love one.


Love marriage

– Both personalities understand each other already and collectively decide to dive in the whole life with each other.

– Loved ones is responsible for its selection parameter and responsibility of the blame in future lies on the couple only and no one else in love marriage in India.

– Couple is aware of each other’s dislikes and likes. Therefore, they get together very well.

– Such loved ones do support eliminate social evils like dowry with their united consent as they have the freedom to take such settlement at their own level.

– Extravagant spending too, can be hold back through understanding between the both the loved ones equation.

Freedom to choose your own loved one

In arrange marriages, the perfect match for a girl or a boy is found by either their family people or society. A person supposed to marry someone who is not chosen by her /him but by others. This keeps aside the personal choices of a child and pushes them to marry a stranger or whom they have met sometimes only. However, when you go for a love marriage, you have the freedom to choose your soulmate. You do not fall in love with everyone you interact. Just because someone has impressed you in many manners, you begin liking that individual and consequently fall in love. If everything goes good then love relationship eventually transform into love marriage.

You know your loved one well

Another advantage of love marriage is that you know your soulmate well unlike the arrange marriage where you have to share your life chain with a stranger. Love marriage makes you much comfortable with your soulmate as you already know her /his preferences and choices. You already know a human with whom you require to spend all your life.

Better understanding

In love marriage, there is a better understanding between the loved ones as they identify and are caring for each other. Everyone who do love marriage is fortunate to find a empathetic partner. Good understanding in the love relationship often leads to happy, better life. This is the reason why individuals nowadays prefer love marriages, at least they are able to find a loved one who actually accept and understands them as they are. The understanding layer is pretty high among the soulmates in love marriage.


A big sense of self-satisfaction is diving high as when you marry a individual of your choice.  Choosing a life partner is often suggested as a sign of maturity thus makes you feel more satisfied over the decision you have taken. Since there is no involvement of the family so the favourable result of the relationship also fix up to the loved ones themselves.

Promotes happiness

Marrying an individual of your choice or someone whom you like gives you inner core happiness. This is one of the crucial aspects of healthy and happy relationship. In a happy marital relationship, an individual not only enjoy the joys of life but do enjoy mental happiness which enlarge your lifespan. It also authorize the couples to stay inspired to signify a strong commitment that will put them together in a lifelong love pattern.

Least involvement of the families

A lot of relationships are seen broke down due to the involvement of someone else. In most of the cases, ‘someone’ is nobody else but a family people. This kind of circumstance are often not a chunk of the love marriages. When a person marry to someone of her /his choice, there is more understanding and trust that no one can develop the room for misunderstandings. Involvement of the families and the parents too is pretty less which assist in eliminating family politics hence there  is no scope of conflict due to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Arranged marriage

– Arranged marriage is not a agreement between two people alone but a convergence of two families.

– Two families engaged in arranged marriages assess each other and marriages do take place only when the two families are in harmony with each other.

– Because there are more individuals involved in arranged marriage, the fight between the couple will be effectively mitigated or resolved.

– In arranged marriages, couple is guided by family whereas in love marriages couple may not be in a position to take care of the future complexities in lifecycle that may happen.


People may match better

Since professional matchmakers and family people select a soulmate for the bride, there might be a higher chance that those people match with each other since they might share same viewpoint on the universe and might have the same aim ladder choice in life. Therefore, if experienced family persons search for a suitable loved one for their child, the chances that the fit between the marriage pair will be pretty decent might nurture.

Higher level of experience of parents

Since family people have much more life experience than their child, they might also be better capacity to decide which loved one individual might fit for their boy or their girl and which would not.

Hence, it could make sense that elder family people get engaged in the decision method regarding potential life partners since they often understand their kid’s nature and way of living style quite well and often identify what’s good for them.

Arranged marriages often also have the benefit that they can provide a high social status.

For instance, in many places, elder family people try to find a soulmate for their daughter or their son which has a pretty fair social status so that their kid can marry up and have a refined social status themselves, which often also translates into a good overall quality of life.

Financial security

There is a financial aspect when it comes to marriages. Many marriages, especially arranged marriages, are not done only due to love, but due to the fact that one loved one needs to improve her or his wealth parameter. This was the norm rather than the exception only one century ago and until now, the financial component linked to marriages is pretty significant.

Cultural similarities of partners

Another advantage of arranged marriages is that loved ones often have quite same cultural values and backgrounds. Most often, parents pick guy or girl for their child that have same cultural values so that they will also balance one well into the family.

Similar values also make it more likely that the marriage really works out since there might be less number of battles between the partners in the long journey.

Family connections are strengthened

Another good side of arranged marriages is that the connectivity among different family structure can be strengthened quite a lot.

In many cultures, the connections between families are quite significant in all zones of daily life and good connections to family people may also be profitable when it comes to future career prospects.

Similar ethics

Arranged marriages make it also more likely that individuals have the similar ethics since they often come from same cultural backgrounds and have been taught the same stuff when they were pretty young. Thus, due to those similar ethical outlook, the chances for a marriage that works out in the long run might be pretty high.

Religious fits

Arranged marriages may make it also more likely that individuals fix up on a religious level. Since family will actively search for soulmate with same backgrounds, the religious fit can be assured and therefore, it might also be more likely that partners get along with each other since they might share the same manners towards lifestyle, culture and religion in general.

Similar values

In general, soulmates that interact each other due to arranged marriages are pretty likely to share similar values since their family make certain that the value of the loved one will fit the family values in order to assure a harmonic and peaceful coexistence.

People may live in a fun bubble

Even though individuals who had been pushed into arranged marriages will never have the chance to actively date other loved ones, they may still live in a certain sought of bubble.

Since they never dive in the fun of dating, they will also not understand what they are missing out on and therefore, those human might live in a kind of happy bubble and might even be better happier than with this arranged marriage structure.

No stress to find a partner

Finding a suitable loved one might also be quite a challenge for many individuals all over the world. Our expectations are often pretty high and during the dating process, we will therefore often experience disappointments.

In contrast, with an arranged marriage, there is no messed up situation to find and to explore a soulmate since your family or other matchmakers will do the job for you.


Both – the arranged and the love marriages – have their demerits as along with some merits and marriage is a fruitful decision of lifetime. Though families do engaged in most of the marriages, yet it’s the two human figures who supposed to live together for lifetime. So, the decision to select life partner must be left to the individuals. Ultimately, no one can certify the good manner for a perfect marriage as just like life, marriages too are full of uncertainty radar.

And, remember that the success rate of marriage doesn’t depend upon whether it was arranged or love one but rather on how the two figures understand each other well for their beautiful journey.


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