30+ Bridal Lehenga Poses Ideas You Must Try

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Found your ideal match? Now it’s time to explore the ideal ghagra shot too, for that most-awaited bridal photoalbum for lifetime memories. We’ve put together some of the favourite lehenga poses for you to get motivated by. You’ve dream’t of your wedding ghagra for weeks… spending time doing window shopping, looking for different plan diary and finally selecting the one! You simply don’t miss clicking some fabulous photos of the breathtaking beauty… here’s how


1.  Bridesmaid on duty

One of the most famous manner to get yourself clicked is while your bridesmaid is fulfilling all the duties! From draping the dupatta to adjust your lehenga, everystuff is a photo-op. 


2.  Lehenga poses ideas with buds

While you’re having fun with the girlgang, have the photographer on standby, or pick something quirky to do playing around or like laughing, and let the images narrate just that. This is among the simple and unique ghagra shot.


3. Twirl on

Did you even wear a lehenga if you didn’t spin in it AND have it shot? It’s the perfect part about this silhouette, especially if your one is voluminous.  

4. The back shot

back side

Might be one of the sweet significant poses has got to be the back shot, where the details from the back are on complete display, whether it’s the hairstyle that you need to flaunt or the dupatta that is flowing perfectly. 

5. The front view

Once the back shot is alright, it’s time line to let your lehenga do take centre stage and let it show divinely. For this, full and front lehenga shots are your favourite buddy.

bridal dress

6. The top angle

Amazingly famous among thousand brides is the top angle, where they’re sitted on the plane surface with the lehenga spread out at all sides. This plain lehenga manner will let you know which ones to pick to ace this pose. 

7. Poses in lehenga on the staircase

More than a pose, this is a photography venue and you must make full utilization of it, whether you’re standing tall or sitting down. Make certain your ghagra is in center focus point though.


8. Shake a leg

While you’re showing off your moves on the dancefloor and having the best time phase of your life, why not capture every moment? 

9. Royalty-inspired portraits

Ever looked at portraits of royal girls and needed to have one of yourself? What better time for this than your wedding, when you’re embellished in valuable jewels from top to bottom! 


10. One with the dupatta

Let your dupatta layering focus in some pretty shots! You do wear it halfway, peek through it if it’s made of organza or tulle, or plainly hold it and show off the decorative part on it. 

11. Mirror mirror

As you ask the mirror who the brightest and vibrant of them all is on your big day, make certain your photographer is right behind you to take the shot reflection perfectly! This tops the list of awesome ghagra photoshoot plan.

12. The closeup

From the details on your blouse or makeup to your neckline, closeup poses certain you get everything documented excellently, even stuff that can go unnoticed. 

13. The big entry

The spotlight is already fix up on you when you walk into the huge room. Bridal entry marks to be memorised forever, so make it a chunk of your style diary photo shot in ghagra.

big ghara

14.  Deets please

Fashion buzzword ‘Details’ is on social media, so bring out the concept to your bridal photo album! 

15. Looking ‘down’ lehenga poses


Ah, here’s the underdog of lehenga poses for women! You definitely don’t need to miss out on this elegant and simple manner to get yourself photographed. 

16. For your crazy side

Steer away from the standard and shot a pose however you please in a madness manner! For this one, you get a free emotion pose. 

17. The perfectly planned photo

Want to look like the top classy star of a bridal campaign photo album? We say, get into more formation.

bridal eating


18. Be carefree

Smiley brides are the best brides, but so do the carefree ones! From eating that delicious meal to having a glass of juice, everything is photo-worthy as it screams YOU. 

19. The jewellery shot

The jewels you wear are just as significant as the lehenga itself, and they want their separate memory thing to shine bright! Feel Messed up about which pieces to pick? Go to online shopping in India to see what really works best.

20. Bride in-the-making

Behind-the-scenes ghagra shots are just as significant for your bridal photoshoot, as you get to relive the entire method of dressing up to tie the knot one more time.


21. Endless love

Finally, it’s time to strike a shot with yourself . To make matters more colorful, you do look for style diary that let you twin on an online shopping app. 

22. The ‘Here She Comes’ Shot


When every person is holding its breath to look at a sight of you, your photographer must grab an attractive position to capture you in your stunning wedding ghagra at this most awaited shot!

23. The Bridal Portrait Shot

Is the bridal portrait a memory for lifetime? yes, of course! Every girl needs a classic portrait shot. So get one where you shot your stunning Bridal Lehenga in all its best perfect way.

24. That Getting Ready Shot

What’s more candid than those so many ‘butterflies in tummy’ get to ready moments! Poses that capture all that fun-filled moments, nervous chatter, and  girly jokes in your wedding diary with your sweet lehenga among it all.


25. The ‘Soo Excited about my Dream Lehenga’ shot!

You’ve dreamt, study and hunted for weeks for your ideal wedding lehenga. And you’re pretty much excited to get in it that it’s an feel worth capturing!

26. Capturing complex Details of your Lehenga!

Your bridal lehenga has complicated karigari and sky high innovation that’s awe-inspiring! Every Bridal Lehenga has a story and loads of feelings attached to it. Get a close up shot of your lehenga done to capture all its tangled beauty and save it forever!

happy moment

27. In His Arms

Every women dream moment, it shows off your love angle… and your cute lehenga!

28. That Aerial Shot

Oh, with the help of drone photography in the place, no bride do miss out this top shot! Look up, twirl away and laugh to flaunt your full lehenga length look perfectly!

aram shot

29. The Cheeky Show-Off

Yes, you want to show off your wedding ghagra in whatever tongue in cheek way manner! Bring out your inner ‘drama queen’ pose and go strike the shot!

30. Pet Love

Do try twinning with your puppy dog in your bridal lehenga – the ultimate plan for all the pet lovers!


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