Top 7 reasons why designer clothes are so expensive?

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Top 7 reasons why designer clothes are so expensive?

Top 7 reasons why designer clothes are so expensive? 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of luxury items has increased by 60% in a decade. It keeps on increasing every year and many in the business blame rising raw material costs, others argue that designers are hiking prices solely to ‘enhance their appeal. ‘Have you ever thought about what makes designer clothes so expensive or why we need to save so much money to buy one designer piece?

What are designer clothes?

Designer clothing is high-end luxury clothing for the general public that is believed to be of high quality and haute couture and is created by or bears the label of, a well-known fashion designer or brands. They tend to be expensive because the name they bear is what makes them different from any other brands.

Why are they so expensive?

One of the reasons why designer garments are so expensive is that when you buy them, you’re not only paying for the item, but also for the time and effort that went into making it. Designers like LV spend months slaving over the creation of a single dress, attempting to perfect it.

You pay for the brand name; the higher the price, the more exclusivity, and cachet the brand has.

The price point is one of the distinctive aspects of designer clothing. High-end brands may be viewed as less high-end without the price increase.

A high-end piece of apparel and a store-brand item can both be made with the same needle and thread. By raising the price, luxury businesses can develop a value-added component. In the world of luxury fashion, usefulness is often less important than perceived worth, with the utility of high-end fashion pieces often extending through an occasional event, or even a single red carpet or event appearance.

Seven reasons why designer clothes are expensive:

Construction of designer clothes: 

  • Garments with a high price tag are usually made far better than those found at, say, H&M or any other modest brand. Hand stitching and sophisticated sewing techniques used by highly trained seamstresses may be encountered. Everything is finished, the cloth has plenty of seams, and the lining is given the same amount of attention as the exterior.
  • Luxury brands can charge more because of a perception of worth. Because luxury fashion items are often made of very expensive, superior materials, many people are ready to spend a higher price for them. For luxury fashion shoppers, the usability and lifetime of a product are worth the price rise in this case.
  • According to designers, one designer clothing might take hundreds of hours to produce – a bridal gown, for example, can take 1,000 hours. To put that in context, that’s around five weeks or 41 days. And here’s the thing that every piece of haute couture is lovingly handcrafted.
  • At least the team of 20 tailors and seamstresses flex their fashion muscles to bring a designer’s ideas to life on a runway model’s body, from the tiniest, microscopic details to the more prominent, eye-catching features.

Designer Clothes Fabric:

  • Fabric is a type of material. Designer products are made of the best quality materials available. Furthermore, because these pieces aren’t mass-produced, designers aren’t buying fabric in bulk like Forever 21, making them more expensive per measured units, such as yards. Investing in these high-quality pieces will ensure that you keep these treasures in your closet for a long time, if not forever.
  • The Raw material used by these brands is way too expensive with great durability fabrics used is exclusive they even use the skin of animals like crocodile, a pig which is not a good practice but on-demand they do such expensive clothing.
  • The main thing is when they use any fabric it will be pure be it cotton, silk or any expensive wool they never use blended clothes and this practice of not compromising with fabric quality makes them expensive.


  • The clothing we covet is passed through a maze of professionals, and each time it changes hands, it receives a markup.
  • The clothing must be sold once they have been created. Some labels go for website selling that also requires proper management. In any case, brands must pay for warehousing and distribution for their products to reach stores.
  • Brands don’t mass-produce. They make limited clothes and that makes people buy them at higher cost to be unique among others

Exclusivity of clothes:

  • The more unique a garment or designer is, the more expensive it will be. If a designer releases a limited collection, be prepared to pay a premium to be able to claim ownership of this one-of-a-kind piece. However, you can be certain that no one else at the party will be dressed the same way you are!
  • Investing in high style clothing means getting quality and timeless style. Even if a piece does not prolong your wardrobe indefinitely, thanks to its superb quality, high-end pieces can bring joy to many different owners for many years.

Research :

  • It takes lot of research work before finalizing one dress it takes numerous sample designing specially for making a custom design it needs to be unique yet elegant and it’s surely not an easy task.
  • When you compare this research work and efforts to high-street fashion retailers like Zara or H&M, they will take current trends and imitate them to load their stores before moving on to the next one. This necessitates the least amount of study and effort, ensuring that the expense of manufacturing their next collection is kept to a minimum.

The Hype of brand:

  • In actuality, one of the main reasons high-end businesses can charge such high prices for their goods is that there is a market for it. Clothing costs will continue to rise as long as people are prepared to pay exorbitant amounts for it – it’s as simple as that, regrettably.
  • High demand and willing to pay by customers for designer clothes of brands is the result of pricing clearly. Consumers will always associate price with value.
  • “The more expensive something is, the more exclusive and attractive it becomes,” says one expert.


  • The main reason behind high rates is production as it’s the main factor which affects pricing. Higher-quality companies operate with higher-quality materials, which has an impact on the price of the clothing you’ll pay – in other words, it has a significant impact on the price you’ll pay.
  • Higher-end labels are more likely to manufacture their garments in Europe, which has significant implications in an actual sense.


Why Designer clothes are expensive  because it takes so much to make one exclusive design and also the brands bears a name which allows them to increase the cost and for custom products it varies according to the customer standards.

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