Pretty elegant heels for women

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Pretty elegant heels for women

We all know sandals have so much importance in women’s life. And many manufacturers, brands provide a variety of sandals for women in terms of design and style. Ladies carry their sandals mostly according to their outfits with Westerns they will go for something extra while quite simple with work clothes and that is why we can see so much variety for women according to their choice. So many well-known brands are there which manufacture different quality footwear with different designs like BATA, CATWALK, STEVE MAIDEN, RED TAPE and many more.

What are heels?

High heels are a form of women’s footwear in which the heel is substantially higher off the ground than front feet. These shoes do more than just protect the foot from the ground and improve walking efficiency. High heels make the person look taller by emphasizing the calf muscle and total leg length.

Why women wear heels?

It’s an art to walking in heels. Not everyone can wear heels it’s not that easy to master them. You might feel if it’s worth it. Then my answer would be definitely “YES”. Because heels are an addition of confidence you look taller wearing heels and if you know how to walk wearing heels them it will automatically make you look confident. And another thing is you can pair heels with almost any attire be it traditional or western it never looks boring.

They are worn by women to give them a sense of strength. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a wedding or office. High heels can alter a woman’s appearance and behavior.

Most of the women love wearing heels as it compliments your look so well.

Five different heel styles:

1. Peep toes: Catwalk Women’s Peep Toe Criss Cross Booties

Shoes having a peephole at the front a1re known as peep-toe heels. These sunny shoes lend a touch of retro charm to any of summer skirts and lend refinement to any look. Peeptoes are best for beginners as they are covered and comfortable to wear one can balance in peep-toes easily and inches of heels differs you can choose any one as per your choice and comfort.

You can wear them with anything that is fitted and more like a bodycon dress, such as pants, jeans, short dresses, or anything else that is fitted and more like a bodycon dress. Because your nails will be visible via the peephole, paint them a matching or contrasting color, and complement your outfit with a matching bag. This will make you look attractive and sophisticated.

2. Stilettos: Catwalk Women’s Patent Ankle Strap Stilettos

The most beautiful of all the heels, and a pair that every woman should own. These were normally 4 to 6 inches tall, closed in the front, and available in a variety of styles. It may seem tough to walk in these, but once you do, you will fall in love with them because they are one of the most gorgeous heels available. But if you are inexperienced then don’t try them directly because it

is quite tough to balance in stilettos.

You can wear stilettos on any occasion they look perfect with everything you wear one tip is you should buy either nude or black colored stilettos as these are the colors which go perfect with all skin tones and can match with any color outfit.

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3. Wedge Heels: Catwalk Women’s Strappy Printed Heel Wedges

Wedges are heels for girls who can’t or won’t walk in high-heeled stilettos because they’re uncomfortable, as well as for girls who prefer heels but can’t walk in them. They are high, but unlike other heels, the weight is spread evenly throughout, balancing everything out and making walking comfortable.

Wedges are best for office or college as well not too glamorous neither too boring just perfect.

And in wedges, you have the option of closed or open ones you can choose any of them according to your dress or choice.

You may pair them with just about any outfit.

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4. Kitten Heels: Rocia Women’s Fish Scale Pattern Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are little heels with a height of 1.5 to 2 inches. They’re simple to put on and look almost as good as pumps! On many occasions, one style.

Kitten heel shoes are practical and can be worn regularly at practically any age because they do not cause imbalance and are comfortable enough to walk without concern. These kitten heels are worn by the majority of working women. They’re not ultra-thin or ultra-high, but they’re just enough to dress up your attire. And the best thing is if you are too tall to wear heels but still want to wear them then these kitten heels are for you as they are barely above 3 inches.

5. Pumps: Marc Loire Women’s Faux Leather Fashion Pointed Stiletto Heel Pump Shoes for Casual Wear, Party and Formal Occasions.

Pumps resemble stilettos in appearance, but they are not as high. When compared to stilettos, they normally have a 3 or 4-inch heel top and the fronts sit lower on the floor.

They go well with western clothes, such as bodycon dresses, and are also comfortable enough to wear to a party.

Also for cocktail parties, they will give you a gorgeous look.

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6. Comma Heels: Heels

They may appear strange, but they are far too fashionable. You won’t find these everywhere, and, amazingly, heels like these exist at all, yet they’re a runway and red carpet favorite. The heels are fashioned like a comma and aren’t quite as high as conventional heels. They provide you a fashionable appearance.

You can wear them for Prom or date so as not to look ordinary.

Pretty elegant heels for women.

7. Mules: BATA Women Dalis Mule Slippers

Mules have a simple, elegant appearance and are extremely comfortable to wear. They have an open design near the soles and come in a variety of colors and designs.

They are inspired by the 90’s fashion trend.

The ones who need to take off their footwear too often can have mules as they are easy to slip on and off.

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8. Block heels: Catwalk Women’s Black Block Heel Sandals Fashion

Block heels are the most fashionable, and they also balance your body’s weight perfectly than thinner heels. They relieve some of the strain on the front of your foot, resulting in a more comfortable standing position. And Block heels are the most liked heels by women.

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9. Ankle strap heels: Klaur Melbourne Women Transparent Heel Fashion Sandal

Ankle strap heels are for the ones who like to wear something secured as the strap of these heels keeps your foot aligned and balanced nowadays they are trending mostly with transparent straps as shown in the above picture.


There is a huge variety of women heels one can buy according to their own choice and comfort level we have discussed some varieties you can choose any of them and then pair with your favorite dress and ace the look.

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