Tech Accessories to Keep You Cool This Summer

Tech Accessories to Keep You Cool This Summer
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The summer season sounds happy and joyful when you are a kid. But the sweltering season and scorching heat often irritate you. It is significant to keep yourself cool and hydrated to beat the heat. It is not possible to carry coolers and AC with you everywhere, but let us introduce you to few of the cool gadgets that can keep you cool this summer. Here is the list of top 7 summer accessories that you should try this summer:

Chill Puck designed to keep drinks colder, longer

Chill Puck 

Summer is the season of trips, vacations, and holidays. In tours and trips. We like to have chilled drinks to put out our thirst. Keep the drinks cool in the summer season is tough, but Chill Puck Coaster is the best gizmo that keeps your drinks cool for a long time. These coasters are easy to carry and lightweight so that you do fit them into your bag while going on the vacation or trip.

Applying Chill Puck is as easier as breathing, you just want to chill the coaster in the freezer. Once it is frozen proper way, just press and twist around the bottom of the can of your drink. The coaster is designed to fit all kind of cans. Now, you do enjoy chill beverages anytime and anywhere. 

This cooling towel stays cool for 3 hours and is being hailed a 'life  saver' for the heatwave | Daily Mail Online

Cooling Towel

Cooling towels keep your body cool in the blazing heat and block you from trouble of itchiness and sweating caused during summers. A cooling towel is among the best accessory utilized in summer. It is made of high-tech fabric, that keeps you cool and absorbs water. You just suppose to wet the towel, wring the excess water and then apply it to your back.

You do also utilize it as bandanas, headscarves, and face covers. You do select from the variety of options accessible on Amazon such as Ergodyne Chill, Mission Lightknit Cooling Towel and Alfamo Cooling Towel. A cooling towel is a cool summer gizmo to maintain the body temperature in humid and hot conditions.

Sunburn Goa: Everything you need to know for a fun experience

Sunburn Wristband

Sun exposure leads to major sunburn or skin-connected issues, so it is necessary for keeping a check on how much your body if it is going beyond the daily UV exposure limit or is exposed to the sun. Sunburn Wristband is the top summer gadget which you can utilize to ignore excess sun damage and exposure.

This wristband changes colour and signify if you want to reapply sunscreen or if you are exposed too much to the sun and want to find shade. If the band changes its colour to orange that signify you want to reapply the sunscreen. The pink colour of the band signify that you want to stay indoors. 

Tuscan 10 Rechargeable Fan with Foldable LED Emergency Light Table Fan  White Price in India - Buy Tuscan 10 Rechargeable Fan with Foldable LED  Emergency Light Table Fan White Online on Snapdeal

Rechargeable Fan with Emergency Light

Long power cuts during the summer season are pretty common. To keep yourself cool even while at the time of power cut, you do buy Orbit Gazebo’s rechargeable fans accessible on IndiaMart and Amazon. The rechargeable fans come with the emergency light that support at night during powercut. This fan can last up to four hours and is light weighted, handy. This is the best gizmo to have in summer keeping away the summer blues even when there is nothing like electricity. 

The 12 best ice cream makers of 2021 for homemade ice cream

Ice Cream Maker

The best good thing about the summer is ice cream. Everyone likes ice cream, from adults to kids, no one do say no to ice cream. You do now make market like ice cream at house with Ice Cream Makers and enjoying tasty ice creams and hygienic at home.

You do easily buy the ice cream maker on eCommerce platforms like JioMart, Amazon and Flipkart. Many brands like Orbit, Hamilton, Kitchenif and Cuisinart have set up ice cream makers that are worth trying. If you are someone who likes ice cream dearly, you should bring home an ice cream maker. Make your own delicious ice cream and ask it to your family and friends. 

Plastic USB Mini Fridge, Electric at Rs 1700 in Tirunelveli | ID:  14528748612

Mini USB Fridge

Are you also the individual who loves to drink chilled drinks in summer? It is irritating when you want a chilled beverage and it ends up getting warm as of the weather. But don’t worry. We have a real solution for this. Now you do carry a mini-fridge in the bag. Yes, a mini-fridge that operating with a USB cable. You do utilize a USB port connecting the fridge to the PC and enjoying a chilled drink at your work desk. This gizmo is affordable and is easily available on any eCommerce site. 

Buy Cushion Lab Patented Gel Seat Cushion, Cooling seat Cushion Thick Big  Breathable Honeycomb Design, Double Layer Egg Gel Cushion for Pain Relief, Seat  Cushion for The Car,Office,Wheelchair Online at Lowest Price

Cool Gel Seat Cushion

If you are the working professional and spending most of your time on your work chair, this item do work wonders for you. Cooling seat cushions serve you a good support, and comfort and also pull away the heat from the body. You do discover gel or memory foam cushions and select as per to your needs. This gizmo supports in improving your body posture and promoting healthy sitting. This accessory is also utilized for someone who uses wheelchairs. These cushions obliterate the warmth and the sweat and are machine washable. 

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