Snowflakes & Street Style: Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Snowflakes & Street Style: Winter Wardrobe Essentials
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Cool weather is a fun time for layering on your favorite clothes, but do you want more than that when the weather gets really cold? Luckily, there are manners to staying warm while still looking good! Starting with the warm base layer, adding on insulation, then top up with accessories and outerwear.

Base Layers

Wear long underwear if you have them. Silk long or Thermal underwear do a good job wicking moisture away from the body. These could be worn under almost any dress to support you staying warm and dry.

Wearing an undershirt made from moisture-wicking fabric. If you are not going to be wearing long underwear, select resistant materials such as athletic fabrics or merino wool such as polypropylene.

Wear leggings or tights under the pants for added warmth. If you don’t have longer-underwear, keep your legs warm by wearing a thin layer beneath the pants. This layer could be tights, leggings, or even another pants pair, as long as they’re pretty thin enough so that the pants still fit comfy.

• For thinner, dressier pants, a pair of fleece-lined leggings would keep the legs from getting cold.

Protecting the feet with longer, thick socks. Your socks must not be so thickened that they interfere with putting on the shoes, but you must wear the thick socks that you explore comfortably. Woolen socks are a great alternative as they support keeping moisture away from the body.

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Middle Layers

Top the base layer with the shirt that could be easily eliminated. Being able to take off layers is extremely significant in the winter. Wearing a shirt that is easier to pull over the head or that has zipper and buttons.

• Try wearing a button-down shirt over the base layer, since these are easier to take off.

• Getting too hot inside could also make it seem cold when you go back outside.

Look for fabrics like flannel, fleece, and wool to support you staying warm. Sturdy, thick stuff such as these are perfect for the middle layer as they would keep you warm but they are breathable, so you’re less likely to get overheated.

• A wool sweater worn over a knee-high boots and skirt with leggings is a pretty, preppy winter dress.

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Wear heavy pants like corduroys or jeans. Lightweight materials such as nylon aren’t going to do much to keep you warm, even if you wear out multiple layers. Opt for heavier fabrics such as wool, denim, corduroy to ensure you stay toasty during the coldest months.

• You might also need to invest in the pants pair with a thermal lining.

Adding a sweatshirt over the shirt for the casual look. Sweatshirts are the ultimate in casual comfort. Select a basic sweatshirt or opting for a zip-up sweatshirt and hoodie. A zip-up hoodie would be easiest to eliminate indoors, but there are lots of other styles to select from.

Wearing a cardigan for a lightweight layer ideal for school or work. You don’t need to wear out a heavy coat indoors all day, but it might be a little cool in the classroom and office. A cardigan would keep you warm at school, at work, or anywhere else indoors, and it’s easier to take off if it gets a tiny warm.

• Layering a cardigan over the nice blouse for a day when it’s cool but not freezing.

• Wearing a cardigan over a sweater for days when it’s really cold out.

Outerwear and Accessories

Investing in a heavy coat in the neutral color. When the weather gets really cold, you would be wearing the coat everywhere you go. A heavy parka in a color such as black and tan would keep you warm and would go with almost any dress.

Keep your head warming with the winter hat. Winter hats come up in a variety of styles, including beanies or tuques, heavy baseball caps, stocking caps, and fedoras. You do also select from a wide range of materials, including heavy knits, cashmere, and merino wool.

Covering the hands with mittens or gloves. When you are out in the cold, your extremities are influenced foremost. Keep the fingers warm with knit gloves, leather, and wool.

Wearing water-resistant boots in the snow. You don’t essentially have to give up fashionable footwear, but whatever shoes you wear must be practical, especially if you walk on ice. Look for boots that are made with water-resistant stuff and which offer non-slip soles. Luckily, there are a number of boots out there that ideally fit the bill.

Wrap up in a scarf, shawl, or throwing to accessorize the look. If you’ve never had to dress up for pretty cold weather, you may be surprised at how much warmth you get from the thick scarf. You do also add a shawl, poncho, or another wrap for the extra cozy layer.

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