Intimacy Beyond the Bedroom: Emotional and Physical Bonds That Last

Intimacy Beyond the Bedroom: Emotional and Physical Bonds That Last
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When you hear the word intimacy, you may think about sex. But intimacy involves a lot more than that! In fact, there are many various types of intimacy that touch every facet of the relationship. While some relationships might have more of certain types than others, the healthiest relationships include all kinds of intimacy to a certain degree. 

You and your loved one felt safe and comfortable touching each other. Physical matters do include sex, but it goes beyond that. It includes all types of affectionate touch. When you have good physical intimacy, it’s natural for you to touch your loved one and be nearer to them.

You and your loved one talking about your feelings and deep feelings. Both of you felt comfortable sharing your deepest feelings as you understand that when you do, your loved one would validate your emotions. You are trying to understand how your loved one felt and what you could do to support your soulmate when they’re feeling rough about something.

You and your loved one share your opinions and thoughts without judgment. Having strong intellectual intimacy doesn’t signify that you and your loved one agreed on everything—far from it! But you’re able to have conflicting opinions without it really impacting your relationship. You do discuss and debate stuff without getting into the actual argument or taking their opinions and thoughts personally.

You and your loved one share faith and a sensing of purpose. Spiritual intimacy doesn’t just signify religion, nor does it denote that you and your loved one have to have the similar religious beliefs to have good spiritual intimacy. It’s more about being open about spiritual beliefs and ideas to each other. It also supports if you agree with each other about pure moral principles.

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You and your loved one are participating in activities and sharing new experiences. You may also see this referred to as social and experiential intimacy. While you need to encourage each other to pursue your individual interests and hobbies, recreational intimacy is all about making time to do stuff together as well. When you are experiencing new places or absorb how to do new stuff together, you strengthen your bond.

You and your loved one can converse productively and freely. When you and your loved one are having a conversation, you both listened to each other and were certain that the other felt understood and heard. You ask questions to clarify so you better love where your soulmate is coming from. When you disagree about something, you figure out why and do what you can to explore a compromise together.

You and your loved one sharing in the regular tasking of living. Work intimacy does not typically refer to the career—although it might, if you and your loved one own a business together. But typically, work intimacy is the closeness you felt from producing something together. When you work together as a team and share in the result, you become closeby.

You and your loved one resolve and compromise conflicts in a healthier manner. When you have good conflict intimacy, that signifies you treat conflicts as an option to grasp more about the loved one and their requirements so you do strengthen the relationship. Disagreements aren’t about the two of you fighting against each other. Instead, you work together to explore a resolution that has everyone’s best interests at heart.

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You and your loved one share the beauty in nature, music, and art. When you hear the newest song that you really loved, the foremost thing you want to do is sharing it with your loved one and talking about what you loved about it. Even if your loved one isn’t a fan, they listened and appreciated that you explore beauty in it. 

You and your loved one making time to develop stuff together. Whether it’s a new dish for dinner, a mural for your children’s room, or an impromptu dancing in the kitchen, the two of you regularly engage your imaginations and indulge your artistic, creative spirits. You share in the joy of being motivated to generate something together.

You and your loved one are making plans for a future together. When you make plans for years down the road, you’re telling your loved one that you are counting on them being there. It also makes it tougher for either of you to think about leaving if you are hitting a rough patch as you have matters to look forward to together. You could see through the hard times and out the other side.

You and your loved one stand united when terrible stuff occurs. When a crisis hits, your loved one is perhaps the one human you understand would stand by you and support you no matter what. They know intuitively what you wanted them to do and do it without asking you or wanting you to ask. And when something occurs to your loved one, you understand how to support them and help them through it.

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