How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe in the Summer

How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe in the Summer
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Although summer hasn’t quite here, now that winter has formally given way to spring, you might be tempted to don the essentials of warm-weather dressing before it’s time. You might as well start preparing now as it’s only natural for your brain to skip a spring mindset and head straight to the dog days of August.

Your friends are light textiles.

Wearing the same fabrics we would in the cold during the summer is one of the biggest blunders many of us make, despite how simple it may appear. Wear as much wool, cashmere, and tweed as you desire while it’s freezing outside. Things change in the summer. Hence, invest in clothing made of breathable linen, seersucker, and fine cotton to prevent showing up at the office looking like a big sweaty mess. You won’t regret it, and your winter clothes will stay fresh and odor-free until you need them again.

Get quality deodorant.

Using a deodorant that leaves white stains on garments is one of the most avoidable style mistakes guys to make, and this tip is an extension of the one before it. Although you’ll still destroy the fabric under your arm, you can kind of get away with it in the winter when you’re not perspiring as much and wearing layers. Nevertheless, in the summer, it’s crucial to invest in a deodorant that will both protect your clothing and prevent any unattractive markings.

Buy these three pairs of shoes.

Only three pairs of shoes are necessary for the summer. An excellent pair of light-soled loafers like the Cole Haan Pinch loafer is the first option. Think of it as your go-to summer shoe. It’s exactly the kind of item you need to walk the line between dressed up and dressed down. The second item is a pair of premium leather shoes in a neutral shade, such as white, which are ideal for casual outfits. Don’t forget to look after them as well. The last one is a light suede or leather lace-up that may be worn with a suit or even just a T-shirt and chinos in the evening. Leave your sandals at the door.

Don’t be reluctant to have fun.

Although the trend towards looser-fitting pants may appear frightening to those who aren’t involved in the fashion industry, it shouldn’t; rather, we should all view it as an incredible chance to let go a little. So do yourself a favor, enjoy the moment, and spend a little extra on some roomier jeans. It will be appreciated by your legs.

Take comfort in the no-show sock.

No-show socks have recently received a lot of criticism, but as long as they aren’t visible above the top of your shoe, they are perfectly acceptable. The alternative is to spend the entire day with hot, sweaty, and odorous feet, which will destroy your shoes and make you lose friends. Bad.

Get a good haircut.

If you have a lot of hair, you are aware of how difficult it is to stay cool in the summer. Visit a barber, enjoy the circulation of air around your head, and receive a short back and sides. It makes no sense to endure discomfort all summer.

Get two or more pairs of high-quality sunglasses.

You’ll likely lose one pair in an Uber or break one pair. Always have a spare pair of sunglasses on hand, especially if you’re traveling and there is sand nearby.

Be two-breasted.

The best option for dressing up in the summer is a double-breasted jacket. A double-breasted jacket in linen or cotton will look stylish even if you decide to pair it with a t-shirt because it is designed to lengthen and thin the frame (ideal if you overindulged over the winter). Only the neckline will be visible because the T-bottom shirts will be covered by the double-breasted closure. Genius!

Don’t be afraid to use bright hues.

Use the summer as an occasion to play around a little with trendy colors, such as switching out your navy jacket for one in a more striking shade of blue. You’ll be shocked at how simple it is to execute. However, if you’re unsure, stick to one color. A sage green jacket and some khaki pants will look like you have made an effort even when you haven’t.

Avoid splurging on T-shirts.

In the summer, when you could only be wearing a T-shirt with some pants or shorts, this is very crucial. Without you having to work out, a high-quality tee will make your outfit stand out. Choose something made of Sunspel’s long-staple cotton or Kit & Ace’s breathable cashmere (yup). You won’t be sorry.

Jeans Shorts

A pair of denim shorts is the first of the ten items you must have in your summer wardrobe. Soft and fashionable selections that will keep you cozy include white, blue, black, and other hues. Moreover, blue denim is a great addition to a wardrobe because it goes well with practically any color. If you want a splash of color, you can also go with light green, salmon, or even a colorful tie-dye pattern. Try to buy flexible jean shorts as they will fit you better because some can be a little stiff.

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