How to Dress for a Date: The Ultimate Guide to Dressing for a First Date

How to Dress for a Date: The Ultimate Guide to Dressing for a First Date
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Put On Clothes That Give You Confidence

A look that makes you feel your best is the ideal choice for a first date. Behavioral science supports the cliche that looking nice makes you feel good. The theory of enclothed cognition describes this relationship between our clothes and our emotions. In a 2012 study, Northwestern University researchers discovered that wearing certain items of clothing can change one’s psychological state and enhance performance. While completing a series of attention-related activities, one test group was advised to wear white lab coats worn by doctors (a garment associated with intelligence and carefulness), whereas the other group wore ordinary clothes. Those who donned lab coats did better on the exams and made fewer mistakes.

Wear Red or Black Whenever in Doubt

The greatest colors to wear on a first date, according to color psychologists, are red and black. The two romantic colors might increase your attractiveness and desirability to your date, especially if you’re a woman. Even though there are clear associations with red roses, lacy clothing, and romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day, researchers discovered that the link goes deeper than these cultural contexts. According to two researchers from the University of Rochester, “the color red increases men’s feelings of lust for women.” Men are also ignorant of the attraction that color has on them. The fact that males will spend more money on a date if the woman is wearing red was an even more intriguing discovery.

Keep Orange and Brown to a minimum

Knowing what to dress on a first date is undoubtedly helpful, but perhaps even more crucial is understanding what not to wear. For first-date attire and job interviews, color psychologists advise avoiding orange and brown.

Participants in a poll of 1000 people by the British wholesale business Buy T-Shirts Online were asked to match colors with the wearer’s respective personality attributes. Three of the most desired attributes in a first date—confidence, intelligence, and sexiness—were least associated with orange and brown. Naturally, most connections with these positive attributes were found to be associated with the colors black and red.

Wear something practical and comfortable.

Another important aspect of establishing a strong first impression on a date is body language. Without having to speak a word, small hints like slightly leaning in or maintaining lengthy eye contact indicate your attraction. Comparably, displaying unattractive body language communicates to your date that you aren’t interested. According to a body language study, being physically locked off on a date is one of the biggest turn-offs. Crossing your arms, holding anything tight to your chest or stomach, or keeping your hands in your pockets gives the impression that you are distant and unreachable.

Display Your Neck Rather than Your Chest

On a first date, a little bit of cleavage may help you pique your date’s interest, but too much could work against you in terms of finding true love. On a first date, women who dress too revealingly are frequently mistaken for being shallow and promiscuous rather than subdued and seductively appealing. Do not dress in ultra-low-cut shirts and outfits that make you look more like a one-night stand than a potential wife.

Instead of highlighting your chest, attract attention to your neck and shoulder region. In terms of both survival and sexual attractiveness, the neck is one of the most important body parts. This is particularly crucial if you’re going on a virtual first date because you’ll only be viewed from the chest up. Try wearing a top with an open neckline or brushing your hair to one side.

Avoid appearing too trendy or distant.

It’s advisable to wear straightforward clothing in traditional styles on first dates. Fashionable attire can give you a materialistic and distant appearance. Even though it required several Skype sessions with your buddies and hours of careful planning, the goal is for your first date dress to appear effortless. Try a simple t-shirt or button-up for guys with belted jeans or chinos, elegant shoes, and a good watch. Choose a little black dress or a casual top and jeans for women, and accessorize with pretty jewelry and minimal makeup. Avoid anything with loud patterns and offensive colors and stick to simple colors or small-scale prints.

Choose a natural makeup appearance.

An excellent approach to increase your self-confidence on a date is to wear cosmetics, but a 2011 study supported by Procter & Gamble discovered that wearing a full face of heavy makeup may have a detrimental effect on how you are seen. Avoid looks with strong contrast, such as a cherry red lip or smoky eye, and stick to a moderate quantity of makeup instead. In the cosmetics study, participants rated traits including likeability, trustworthiness, beauty, and competence after viewing photographs of women sporting four different makeup styles, ranging from full beat to barefaced. The findings showed that viewers paid more attention to and thought more highly of women who were wearing cosmetics.

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