Men’s Spring Fashion Trends: The Hottest Looks on the Streets

Men’s Spring Fashion Trends: The Hottest Looks on the Streets
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Menswear designers have been fascinated with function as much as they have been with a form for a lot of years, as evidenced by the use of technical materials, commando-sole shoes, firefighter coats, and workwear everything. This season, utility wear, which sees utilitarian, military-inspired clothing reinterpreted as designer gear, brings that trend to its logical conclusion. What does that mean in practice?

Pockets. Several pockets.

The sharp end of the spectrum includes boiler suits, war core tactical gear, and fly fishing utility vests similar to those worn by John Goodman in The Big Lebowski. Although self-assured streetwear enthusiasts may be able to pull it off, for the rest of us, it’s preferable to adopt this trend covertly. Imagine wearing wearable baggage and cargo pants with t-shirts and sweatshirts from the casual wardrobe. If you’re feeling daring, try wearing a utility vest over a plain top in muted colors. The colors that are the simplest to wear are black, beige, and khaki. Just be warned that you can spend quite some time waiting at your door if, like me, you always discover your keys in the last pocket you check.


Each of us has a comfort zone. a location where we feel cozy, secure, and dry. For the majority of guys, this looks like a woolly cocoon in a navy, black, or grey color. We do, however, occasionally need to go outside. If we don’t, we run the risk of our fashion becoming stale or even moldy, and nobody wants to be referred to as having a “moldy” sense of style. Few trends this season push men to explore, try something new, or even feel a little terrified, like wearing pastels. You can appear like 1980s Miami Vice if you use these faded, chalky colors that everyone from Tom Ford to Topman loves; if you use them incorrectly, you’ll look like My Little Pony. Apply a color, such as mint green or dusty pink, to a single piece (sweatshirts, denim jackets, and sneakers being the most wearable), anchored by a dark essential, before moving on to tonal outfits to avoid becoming freezer fried by spring’s sorbet soft goods. We promise you that it is far simpler than hand gliding to clear your head of cobwebs.


Skatewear has always gotten along better with the warmer seasons than it has with the icy winters. Maybe it’s the clear sky that makes for ideal Olly-flipping conditions. We lean more towards the theory that it has to do with the tribe’s iconic pieces, which completely blossom when the daffodils bloom. They include logo and slogan t-shirts, baggy wide-legged pants, canvas skate shoes, and soft hoodies. Throughout the past 20 years, the fashion trend has been progressively growing, to the point that some of the biggest names in the industry now originate from the subgenre. Being able to choose which of these names to use is half the battle in getting skatewear correct. Stussy has just as much cache for a third of the price and hype of Supreme, which is probably out of your pricing range. Moreover, keep an eye out for workwear companies like Dickies and Carhartt WIP that have advanced.


What should I dress when the weather can be hot or cold, monsoon or dry? The ideal layering piece is the secret. A light jacket, as we hope you already know, is essential, but so is an open-collar shirt. It will layer beautifully under both casual jackets and tailored coats, but it also has the very essential attribute of generally looking far better than the pique buttoned polo.

Use a block color design instead of a patterned one since patterned Cuban collar shirts almost always lean too near to Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii look (it was fine for Elvis, perhaps not for the rest of us). If you pair a patterned open-collar polo shirt with flat-front trousers, you’ll look extremely Dickie Greenleaf-like on us. Generally speaking, muted colors work best here; suitable examples include grey, dusky pink, pastel blue, and faded khaki.


Because it requires minimal effort or preparation, this is arguably the simplest spring style to wear. Indeed, tonal navy is a look the FashionBeans staff frequently wears. All-black outfits have been popular for a very long time. Nonetheless, tonal layering in various colors has started to become popular, with brands like Brunello Cucinelli, Burberry, and Cos leading the way. This one isn’t exactly rocket science. It’s spring, so choosing a layered outfit is smart as it is; just make sure each layer, and possibly the pants as well, are in various tones of the same color. Grey is a wonderful color to start with; you might wear a charcoal parka, a dark grey overshirt, and a grey marl T-shirt. You could also choose beige or stone. For that, look to Burberry, which recently sent several models down its runways dressed in various hues of your grandmother’s favorite color.

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