Every man should know this fashion mantra

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Wash your shirts in a soft bag

When you wash your clothes a lot, you often see that you have a broken collar or cuff. Now, if you wash your clothes in a soft bag, you will get a lot of wear on your shirts because the edges are not easily broken. The soft bag creates a barrier between your shirt and the washing machine so, the edges wear less. Now, do not put your bag on the hem otherwise, your shirts will not be clean. Add 2-3 shirts the size of each bag.

Keep your underwear or T-shirts standing, not horizontal

It’s easy to just throw your underwear and T-shirt in your closet. However, that way you see only more. Instead, when you fold your t-shirts or underwear and tuck them into the top, A. you get more out of your closet, and B. you get a better look at what you have. So when folding your T-shirt, make sure it is shorter than the length of your closet to fit.

Use your hangers to see what you are wearing and not wearing

To get started, it could be your shirt hangers or suit hangers, and you should align them so that they all fit in the same way. Now, whenever you wear something, just turn it over and if, after a year, you still have hangers hanging that way, take off your clothes, donate them or give them to someone in need. If you don’t wear them for a year, chances are, they should go.

Of course, if you have a formal outfit like a morning coat or a tailcoat, perhaps a tuxedo, which you do not always wear, you should not throw that away. In such cases, make sure that the items are well-stocked for a long time in a dust bag.


Dry your beautiful, soft jersey on a salad pin

If you have good cashmere jerseys, they should not go into the drying area. Instead, take your hand-washed jersey, put it in your salad pin, and twist it dry. When you are done, remove the water. Repeat the cycle, then remove the garment. Put down the towel, so that it does not stretch while hanging and let the air dry, so it will stay in shape, and you will be able to enjoy your jerseys for years to come.

Trim the inside of the shirt of your shirt from the back first and then from the front

Sometimes, shirt pockets can be wrinkled as long as you iron them on the front, they will remain wrinkled and will not look good. To prevent this, start from the backside first, iron it on top of it and scroll through it, and iron between the buttons. Be sure to use a pressure gauge especially if you have a check or a striped shirt. If not, you have a wave pack.

If you are looking for a new style or inspiration to wear a dress you already have, just go to Instagram and look at the hashtags

For example, you can use #chelseaboots, #navyblazer, or #greyflannel. If you can’t find a good impression that way, go to google images and type words like Chelsea boots, Balmoral boots, or red pants. That way, you will get exactly what you want, and sometimes, the clothes may not be sophisticated, but sometimes, they have the best combinations that you may not have thought of yourself. Another great way to learn how to assemble beautiful clothes is by looking at our Gentleman eBook for the golden years, here.


Prepare the zipper attached to the candle or bar soap

We all had zippers that stuck sometimes because they were not smooth enough. Now, there are a few ways you can change that. First, you can apply candle wax to the zipper like that. Make sure you cover all the components. If you use a white candle in a black cloth, you may see wax, simply turn it off. It is important not to use something as black as graphite because it can stain your clothes. If you have white pants, you want to use white wax. If you do not have candles or a light bulb, you can also use bar soap. That will have the same effect, and it loads the zipper. You just use it on one side and move on the other side, and to do that on both sides, remove all the residue and simply close the zipper. If you do not have candles or a light bulb, you can also use bar soap. That will have the same effect, and it loads the zipper. You just use it on one side and move on the other side, and to do that on both sides, remove all the residue and simply close the zipper.

Use an alcohol brush or hair spray to remove stains from the pen

We all had pencil sharpened and freshly made small marks on our shirts. If you find your clothes stained with a pen, just use a hair spray as a pre-treatment, let it sit for about five minutes and then apply it to your regular bath cycle.


Do you hate when a tanned shirt swells on the sides? Try this!

the perfect way to put on a shirt gif Simply tucking your shirt into the pants/trousers can cause the extra fabric to bulge at the waist, similar to a muffin top. Of course, you can prevent this by wearing your shirt properly. Hold the shirt down, squeeze the extra fabric into the side strips, and roll it up when you insert it. This will hide extra fabric and doing so is great for wide shirts.

Find the Right Jeans using this strategy

Believe it or not, 90% of men are wearing jeans of the wrong size that may be too big or too tight. But finding the right jeans is not as difficult as you think. Just check if you can insert two fingers comfortably between your hip and the waistband of your jean. If so, then get the right size!.

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