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It seems like some girls do create an intricate, beautiful smoky eye in a few minutes, while others fight to not poke their eye out apply up the eye makeup. There’s no doubt that applying eye makeup is an earned skill that takes practice, the right products, and most significantly, your patience time! While everyone has their own opinion about what adds up to the “perfect” eye makeup look, there are a few good tricks and tips that will get you off to a great start.

Prepping the Eyes

Clean your eyes. Whether you just wake up and still have slept in the eyes or you have the remains of earlier day makeup clutching to your lashes, it’s significant to begin off with a clean canvas. Wash around your eyes with cool water and lukewarm, as hot water might be drying to the graceful skin around your eyes. If you utilize makeup remover to your eyes, make certain to wash afterward to eliminate any oily residue. Pat your eyes dry out.

Apply a makeup primer

It is the solution to making certain your eye makeup goes on smoothly and stays on all night and day. As it normally carries silicone that smooths out creases and lines around your eyes that probably make makeup appear uneven and streaky. Prep your eyelids with primer before applying up anything else will make your makeup more durable, polished, and flawless.

  • There are dozens of primers to select from, in all various price ranges and brands. You do explore economical ones at the department store, or invest in more expensive ones at stores. Try different ones to discover the product that works best for you.

Shield dark circles with concealer

Dark circles are the significant signs of sleep deprivation, and they’re not a good look on anyone. Explore a concealer that matches up with your skin tone, and does apply it below the eyes.


  • Discover a concealer that carries a moisturizer. This will support battling the bags under your eyes while hiding them.
  • Make certain that you apply the concealer light way. The skin under your eyes is dainty, and applying out the concealer thickly will just make you’re under eyes look creased and cakey. You do also apply a light layer of concealer over your eyelids. This will assist you to develop a better color of the eyeshadow.

Curl your lashes

It’s significant to do this step before you added any kind of eyeliner, shadow, or mascara, as it will spoil your makeup. Hold your eyelash curler at the bottom of your lashes and press down for a few seconds. Do this again at the mid of your lashes and once more at the ends. If you need to get a sincere curl, warm your eyelash curler moderately with your hairdryer. The heat will develop an even more successful curl. Just be cautious not to get your eyelash curler too hot, as you might hurt the sensitive skin around the eyes.


Add on the Shadow

Apply darker colors to the outer and inner corners of the eyes.

eye shadow

Depending on skin tone, general preference, and outfit choice, you must be working with different color palettes. However, a usual rule of thumb is to apply up the darkest color you’re working with to the outer and inner corners of your eyes. This process is quite flexible and works well with all various eye shapes.

  • Utilize a stiffer brush for this pace. Stiff brushes make it easier to pack color onto the eyes, do get a solid, pigmented look in these dark zones.

Brush the medium and dark color into your eyelid crease

This will assist make the eyes appear pretty larger while adding on depth. Make certain that you do apply enough of the darker shadow so that it can be seen when your eye is completely open.

  • Utilize a fine pencil brush to apply color to the crease. By utilizing a tiny brush, you’ll get the color into the small crease without messing up it all over the lid.

Add on the light color to the center of the eyelid

By highlighting this zone, your eyes look large, vibrant, and bright. Utilizing this similar color, add on a pop to the innermost corner of the eye, close by the tear duct. These pops highlight will light up your makeup look.

  • The stiff brush must be utilized for this step. It packs on the color well, making it ideal for covering the eyelid center with a light color.

Blend all colors

You might have applied the various colors methodically and precisely, but harsh lines do not look great. Softly blend the colors so that the entire lid looks smooth and seamless. You will still be left with zones of lightness and darkness, accentuating your beautiful eyes! Utilize a soft, plumed brush for blending. This brush makes it easy to gently blend the colors instead of brutally smearing the shadows everywhere.


Perfect your Brows and Lashes

Apply your eyeliner to your lash line. For a fine look, apply it as thinly and as closely to the waterline as possible. For a much more dramatic appearance, apply thicker lines. You can apply your eyeliner just to the top lash line, to the bottom and top, or skip this step altogether. Depending on your eye shape and the look you are going for, you are probably required to experiment with various application techniques.

  • Liquid eyeliners take a lot of practice to do properly and develop very harsh lines. gels and Powders are great choices for beginners and do generate softer looks.

Dip your mascara wand into the container and eliminate the thicket from the brush

To put in it to your lashes, begin at the base and slow way move to the ends. As you move along your lashes, slightly jiggle the wand back and forth. This will support stopping clumps from sticking to your lashes. Feel free to put in numerous coats of mascara. You can construct upon the layers and do make your lashes seem thicker.

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