18 Different Types of Sandals for Men

Cork sandals
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The start of summer certainly requires a cool pair of sandals. Most people do not like to have their feet completely covered with shoes at all times, especially during the holidays or for everyday use. The added air permeability of the shoes certainly adds to the comfort of a lot and gives you that cool summer look that no one can deny. Below is a list of all the different styles and types of men’s shoes you can choose from based on your tastes and needs.

Mountain Sandals

Hiking boots are the best way to choose the easiest hiking trails in moderate to moderate temperatures. They can not only allow you to hold the same grip and support as walking boots but also give you a little more air, which adds more comfort. If you do not wish to end up with sweaty feet during summer walks, which may lead to bumps, all you need is sandals. In addition, there are options available for open-toed sandals and closed-toe sandals to choose from for walking, depending on your preference. Just make sure the sandal you choose provides adequate arch support and resists shock. It is best to go in with a foam pair or ethylene-vinyl acetate midsoles.

Application: The main purpose of mountaineering shoes is to protect your feet from damage and abrasion in the desert, to bend your soles, and to provide a good grip on rough, rocky, slippery, wet, and muddy terrain. Backpacking shoes should also provide adequate stability and durability.


Fabric: Rubber, Leather, Wood, Tatami, Rope

Products: Merrell Choprock Shandal, Chaco Mega Z / Cloud, Bedrock Sandals Cairn 3DAdventure, ECCO Yucatan., KEEN Clearwater CNX., Xero Shoes Z-Trail, & Teva Hurricane XLT2

Where to buy: Kohls.com, Runrepeat.com, Cleverhiker.com, & Amazon.com

Price: 25 $ to $ 200

Pair with it: Go to normcore and choose a basic outfit you can think of with chinos, a T-shirt, maybe a hiking cap.

Running sandals

Running sandals

Running shoes can allow you to run comfortably and effectively while providing you with extra breathability and a cooling effect. They usually have a thin sole and are not very heavy. You can even wear sandals running on closed toes, preventing your toes from colliding with anything while running. Also, running shoes give you a much simpler movement experience compared to running shoes. These sandals are non-slip, durable, and provide adequate protection against any sharp objects.

Application: The natural effect of sitting on running shoes is strengthened and the lower extremities move – including the toes, feet, ankles, and knees.

Material: Vegan Rubber

Products: Vibram VI-S, Skechers, Vivobarefoot Eclipse, Keen Newport H2, Teva Katavi, OOfos Original, & Atika Maya Trail

Where to buy: amazon.com, earthrunner.com, luna sandals.com, & runnerclick.com

Price: $ 30 to $ 100

Pair it with: Running shorts and a Cotton photo ticket

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals were invented long ago in ancient Roman times and were worn by gladiators during wartime. These ancient sandals returned to fashion with their feature in various Hollywood films based on ancient Rome. These usually have a flat sole, with various interlocking straps holding the sole to the sole. These sandals rise above the ankles with a wide belt and ankles. They come with basic tan colors and a stunning metallic finish, with unusual embellishments everywhere.

Applying: A flat shoe with many wide straps tied at the foot, and one wide band at the ankle.

Fabric: Leather, Rattan, and Plastic

Brands: Reef Cushion Lux, Merrell, California costume, Calpas, Teva, and Oakley Super Coil

Where to buy: farfetch.com, allieexpress.com, zappos.com, & macys.com

Price: $ 50 to $ 300

Pair it with: Just add a denim or cotton shirt or linen shirt, wrapped with gladiator sandals statement.



Slides with open toes and non-slip, allowing you to get the best air of sweating seasons. Don’t just slip your feet in these sandals without effort, hence the name. Slide sandals are not very heavy and have only one support strap that runs over your feet to hold them in place. In addition, these are very fashionable and come in bright colors, making them ideal for a beach visit.

Application: This ubiquitous shoe, used shoe has given us the ability to swim, protection from scuzzy college trees, something to wear as soon as a dog needs to get out of the rain, another comfortable way to turn flops when you are just running for work.

Material: Premium grade leather and suedes, floral patterned feathers, faux fur lining, and regal pearls attached or used as the main designer behind the slides.

Brands: Nike, Gucci Sport Slide, Under Armor, Fila, Suicoke Black Siv, Adidas Originals

Where to buy: Birkenstock.com, target.com, footlocker.com, nordstrom.com, & amazon.com

Price: $ 20 to $ 200

Pair with it: Short skinny pants will also work well, but wide pants are a stepping stone to fashion. Just make sure they are tied at or below your ankle.

Sleepwear/beach sandals


Thong Sandals were very popular in the 90s and reappeared in the fashion industry. These sandals cover a very small area of ​​your foot and have a small band or thong that hides between your toes. They have a V-shaped strap that runs on both sides of your foot and gives you great comfort. They are only recommended for slow walking and leisure activities as they are very fragile by nature.


Application: If you are at the beach, lake, or spa area, this is a good place to have your feet.

Material: Rubber, Foam, Plastic, Leather, Suede, and even fabric

Products: Vionic, Crocs, Oofos OOahh, Mephisto, Birkenstock, & OluKai

Where to buy: reef.com, olukai.com, vans.com, & quicksilver.com

Price: 50 $ to $ 150

Pair it: Pair finished jeans or a basic T-shirt with cotton pants. If you are thin and would like to show off your ankles, wear cropped pants.

Fish shoes

There are several different types of Fisherman Sandals used worldwide from ancient times. These sandals have a strap around the ankle and have straps fastened that allow for maximum coverage, but allow for adequate ventilation and drainage space.

Application: It can be your holiday hiking partner to get some rest from closed shoes.

Material: Leather and other synthetic materials

Products: Clarks, Timberland, Ecco, Birkenstock, & DSW

Where to buy: Shopstyle.com, zappos.com, dsw.com, & Birkenstock.com

Price: $ 30 to $ 280

Pair with: Pair with denim, Chinos, and the same jacket

Water Sandals / Water Shoes

Water Shoes

Water sandals are durable and are one of the most commonly used shoes for people who regularly cross rivers, as well as for other water-related activities. These sandals are waterproof and offer great stability and grip even on wet and slippery surfaces. These sandals usually have straps running over your feet and your ankle, fastened with Velcro or straps, to hold your feet effectively. They are generally not recommended for regular use because of their synthetic nature.

Application: Kayaking or walking along the beach, Useful for swimming.

Material: Nylon and other synthetic materials

Products: Keen, Crocs, Chacco, & Speedo

Where to buy: Teva.com, amazon.com, rei.com, & keenfootwear.com

Price range: 10 $ to 280 $

Pair with: Yes a nice short and waterproof watch with a T-shirt.

Leather sandals

Leather sandals

Leather sandals are very stylish and very comfortable. However, these sandals are only recommended in damp areas as the skin often deteriorates quickly when in contact with moisture. However, if you are going to meet at an informal or casual gathering, there will be nothing more comfortable and more comfortable than a pair of leather sandals.

Application: It could be sandals to wear on Friday or any office day where things got Lil cool before the weekend.

Material: Leather

Products: Birkenstock, Clarks, Chaco, Teva, Olukai, & Reef

Where to buy: dsw.com, jeruslemsandles.com, 6pm.com, & clarls.com

Price: 40 $ to $ 300

Pair: Chinos and a leather watch shirt.

Wear Sandals

wear sendal

If you wish to look classy even in the most unusual items of your wardrobe, you need sandals to wear. These types of sandals even fit perfectly into business settings. Dress shoes usually have closed toes, and on top, with a wide belt at the back.

Application: When the summer swelter blows, Men’s best casual sandals allow you to hold the heat with open arms.

Material: Leather, Suede, Velvet, & Silk

Products: Gucci, Keen, Oofos, & Tory Burch

Where to buy: Amazon, Contemposuits.com, & DSW.com

Price: $ 100 to $ 600

Pair: Cotton pants with a summer shirt or polo shirt, add a nice leather watch.

Luna sandals


LUNAs is one of the leading brand shoes available in the international market. These sandals look slim but offer high flexibility and durability, which makes them suitable for all leisure activities out there. In addition, they incorporate smaller structures, and their unique binding system, which encloses the wings, is what helps them to be different from other running shoes. LUNA saliva is very flexible and stimulates the muscle strength of your feet,

Application: To qualify them for running, Hiking, and all other entertainment, and water sports

Material: Vibram Morflex

Brands: Luna

Where to buy: Lunasandals.com & Seattlemade.com

Price: $ 30 to $ 80

Pair with: Pair luna sandals work-related dress and running cap.

Teva sandals

luna sndal.jpeg

Teva sandals are known for providing high comfort, amazing cushioning, adequate support, pull, and footbed anti-microbial. They last a long time and are ready to go for most of the season. Plus, the amazing color options offered by Teva will surely make you stand out from the crowd in a unique way.

Application: These sandals are perfect for almost any occasion, Whether walking, a beach day, or a casual day out

Material: Reusable Polyester & Plastic Bottles

Brands: Teva

Where to Buy It: Teva.com & amazon

Price: $ 60 to $ 200

Pair it with T-shirt and shorts ready to pair with Teva.

Birkenstock sandals


These sandals are known for cork soles, which fit like the user’s feet and ensure maximum comfort. Birkenstock sandals provide adequate support to the user’s feet and prevent fatigue. These sandals are very easy to build and are known for their longevity as well.

Application: The toe bar allows natural movement that grips the foot that increases rotation and helps strengthen the arch muscles. The naturally designed footbed elevates the lateral, medial, metatarsal, & transverse arches.

Material: Cork, Leather, Latex, Jute, & Suede

Products: Birkenstock sandals

Where to Buy It: Zappos.com, amazon.com, birkenstocksandals.com, & Macy’s.com

Price: $ 50 to $ 300

Pair: Chic pants, Easy look in cool weather, Or try pairing your sandals and jeans or just pants.

  1. Geta sandals made of wood

Geta sandals made of wood

Geta wooden sandals are traditional Japanese shoes. Their base is rectangular, made of wood, which is usually raised by 2-3 teeth. The wooden base is held in place by the foot with the help of a piece of cloth. Its unique structure and material are believed to enhance the strength of the foot and leg muscles, as well as promote good posture.

Mohinder City Sandals

Mohinder City Sandals

Mohinder’s City Sandals is one of the most sophisticated sandals you can ever choose, especially, if you don’t want to show off your sweaty feeling during a hot summer. . This gives you a zigzag look and the woven skin can add a cooling effect.

Application: These slip-on without ankle support are hand-woven with leather and are certainly one of the best-looking sandals for a lazy summer.

Material: Tanned leather in a bag

Brands: Mohinder

Where to buy from: Mohinders.com & huckberry.com

Price range: 1204 to 200%

Pair with: Traditional clothing for any event.

Chaco sandals

If you are an avid adventure lover and are particularly involved in water and regular hiking activities, you need to have a pair of Chaco sandals in your wardrobe. These are specially designed to make the user feel more stable and confident in the water and on very slippery surfaces. They are highly flexible, provide excellent grip, and excellent foot support. that helps them separately.

Application: Adjustable tread ropes are one of the most important features of Chaco sandals and are ideal for nearby water or hiking.

Material: Polyurethane (PU) compounds

Brands: Chaco

Where to buy: chacos.com, outdoorgearlab.com, & amazon

Price: $ 80 to $ 150

Pair it with: Wear hiking boots and a bucket hat.

ZaUri Izimbadada

ZaUri Izimbadada

Zara sandals are a minimalistic multi terreno huarache that offers the most precise adjustment with their Wheel Knot adjustment system, which provides high customization. They are known for their high comfort, even when traveling in extremely challenging terrain. These sandals have a highly flexible 10mm Vibram Morflex sole, with a foot base made of Leadfoot, which can absorb sweat. Also, these sandals are completely vegan and very light in weight. These are ideal for those who jump from one stone to another on a mountain trek.

Application: ZaUri Hanami is a very lightweight shoe, almost as sensitive as it is known for its high durability.

Material: Vibram Morflex

Products: Zauri.es

Where to buy: Zapatillas.com & zauri.es.com

Price: 10 $ to $ 60

Pair: Mountain trousers or hiking boots with a camouflage t-shirt.

Hawaii Sandals

Hawaii Sandals

These elaborate handmade sandals have long been an integral part of Mexican history. They usually include woven tires, or wooden wheels, combined with intricate designs made of leather on top. These come with open-toe and closed-toe designs and have gained prominence in the international market because of their pleasing appearance. They may not be comfortable, however; it is a good choice for special events and events.


Application: It is mainly regarded as a standard shoe, and has recently enjoyed a fresh start.

Material: Leather

Products: El Charro, Nike Air Huarache, & The Western Shops

Where to buy: nike.com, thewesternshop.com, amazon.com, & eBay

Price range: 50% to $ 250

Pair with: Pair with linen pants and a mandarin shirt, then Add a leather belt watch.

Memory Foam Sandals

These sandals feature a foam foot base foundation, which can take the shape of your foot, allowing you the best comfort and support. These sandals also have integrated straps, making these sandals very comfortable, even for long hours of use. Memory Foam sandals are also suitable for everyday use.

Application: Memory Foam sandals are perfect for summer and help you maintain good posture by evenly distributing your body weight, even when walking and running.

Material: Viscoelastic Polyerethic

Products: Nunn Bush, Dockers, & Dr. Scholls

Where to buy: Dr. Scholls & amazon

Price range: 25 $ to 50%

Pair it: Since it is summer it includes simple old clothes.

Cork sandals

These sandals have a cork foot base, which shapes the shape of your foot and gives you custom-made comfort and support. In addition, cork shoes are strong and durable, therefore, Cork sandals often have an open design due to the cork’s inability to block sweat.

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