What are some dressing hacks every college girl should know?

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What are some dressing hacks every college girl should know?

How about the most significant tip first: dress for yourself.

Also, be innovative and open. There’s no one look that’s perfect for every college-going girl. You like wearing different color shirts and skirts, but other girls like shawls, shrugs, cardigans, etc. Experiment and explore out what looks good on you, and what’s most satisfactory and comfortable for you. Every college girl wants to dive into the taste of Independence. Moreover, most of the girls are nineteen or eighteen years old. So, all of a sudden gained adulthood makes them extra disobedient in temperament. This temperament becomes visible in their fashion sense too.

Girls tend to get the extra mile to stand out from other college chicks with a unique blend of style and fashion. However, here are some dressing hacks that you do apply while going to your college:

Denim hacks:

Denim trousers are one of the initial choices of every college-going chick. A college girl should have a pair of blue or black denim pants, which will go with any decent wear. A crisp white color top and a couple of blue denim is always a classy look for the college girl student. However, there are few hacks to maintain any denim article on your clothes cupboard.

Bad smell? Eww!!

  • College time is the busiest day of every girl’s life. I mean, seriously, you suppose to attend the classes; you probably go to your part-time job work for extra pocket money; you have to go for birthday hangouts; you might have to arrange birthday parties; there are vote days; there might be union meeting; there are girls night outs; there are some days of heartbreaks; there are new love-at-first-sights at many days; oh my god! A lot of non-activities and activities fill your day full circle.
  • So what is a fair option than a cool pair of trousers to go through those busy days? However, the new relaxed environment might get in the pathway of washing it on regular basis. So days pass by, and you suppose to wear the same pair every single day.
  • The primary problem is a horrible odor. It is disheartened if everyone in the classroom gives a nosy wry face after you enter as you stink. Do not be worry if you have a smelly pair of trousers.
  • Just put the pants in the fridge, keep it overnight, and yippee! You have a new couple the next very day. The refrigeration removes all stinky bacteria. So the odor is purely dissolved.

Need baggy jeans? You got it!

  • Boyfriend’s jeans are alright, but who doesn’t want to wear something baggy to be a more classy look? you have to show it, girl.
  • A loose pair of jeans is a manner to flaunt your dressing style. Here is a good trick to loosen up your pants.
  • Take the pants and clean them in the machine. Dry it within the machine at a normal temperature. In this manner, you will get almost a new pair of denim pants that will be baggy around your butt. What else is more attractive than jeans that permit you to flaunt your classy style and unique too?

Are shorts too short? Got a hack!

  • Though college time is a place where you do wear out any stylish clothing, there are few things you have to check. Though there is no uniform in college for girls, you should wear something simple. A moderate length of shorts is looking cool. But what if your shorts show up to your butt cheeks? It must be pretty awkward for you and other college students. We have got a nice useful hack for you.
  • Take a lace with a length of few centimeters. Fix up the lace on the outer edge of the shorts and stitch it. The stitch must leave half a centimeter from the upper side of the lace. So, that the rest of the two centimeters offers as the extension of the shorts. Your shorts are all set. It is nice enough to show your creativity graph and long enough to say this thing that you are a fashionista.

Cool jewelry and accessories hacks:

  •    Pairing your outfit with the perfect accessories and jewelry is an art. And college is a basic root platform to showcase this art. Yea, why not? For college girls, several jewelry hacks definitely be helpful

Broken necklace:

  • Suppose you are wearing a pellet bead necklace, and all of a sudden it is torn. You might have lost out a few of the beads as well. Instead of thrown it in the dustbin, you can make it a bracelet.
  • Take the remaining beads and shaped them in a string fixing up the number of beads that can make a full round of your wrist. Attach an artificial butterfly at both sides of the chain and ta-da! You have made a super fashionable wristband that can go with any outfit for a girl.

Scarf hacks:

  • A scarf can be your great friend during college day. Even in the summer season, a scarf probably is a fashion statement for girls. You can utilize the scarf as a headband. You can tie the scarf around your neck in various manners.
  • A normal plain outfit can become excellent with a sweet bow around your neck. But what if your gear is not satisfactory for a scarf, then also you do flaunt a cool scarf with a bold print. Just tie your scarf around the sling of your college handbag, and you are good to go.

Stain on the shirt:

  • College life is full of treats and parties. It is not pretty impossible to get stains of food items on your top or trouser or anything. Oil stains on dresses are very uncompromising indeed. However, an easier trick does remove it, and your top can be as bright as new.
  • Take the top and put it on a surface and sprinkle out some talcum powder on the affected material. Leave it overnight. The next day scratch it off the top, and the stain is dissolved.


These are a few of the surprising hacks that college girls do apply to stand out during their college days. College life is the best time for a student as special for girls. So tiny troubles never ruin these years. Play these hacks and be your princess, girls!

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