Why Finding A Good Man Is So Tough

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Dating apps are ruining dating. Motivational things that lead to dating must be about flirting, excitement, and getting to understand someone. But when you’re busy on dating apps, matters either move way too slowly and you talk for months before eventually meeting for an awkward mocktail… …or matters move way too fast and you get attached to the plan of your date rather than who they actually are in real life. What’s more, messaging never really gets matters across accurately – you might think they’re rude but they think they’re being sarcastic and funny. Good man is hard to find.
Or they might think you’re doing easy-going flirting all time but you’re then surprised when you get a rough reply to what you thought was an innocent emoji! Matters can easily get misinterpreted over dating apps and the actual excitement and joy of real dating are blurred out.

There are too many options for everyone

The full ‘grass is greener attitude applies to dating more these days than ever before. We can literally discover a date for tomorrow by swiping on our cell phone while we’re on today’s date, how weird is that?! We have regular access to so many options that it’s pretty hard to settle down and just commit to one human figure. This makes it tough to discover a decent guy as either you’ll be wondering if you’ll find a better one on Tinder, or they’ll be thinking about all the other chicks they matched with in the few minutes you left them alone with their cell phone on the date!

It’s too easy to be casual

Commitment can be tough for a lot of people, but it’s even hard when we’re presented with lots of options for hookups. While Tinder claims to be a dating app, a lot of people use it for short-term dating. This is alright, but it does mean that you’ll probably have an ever tough time discovering a good man capsule who wants to settle down and give the complete relationship thing a go!

Men are more intimidated by you

These days, women have more power than ever before. You’ve got a perfect job, a good salary than him, a fantastic group of buds – and you don’t want him. To some men, that’s scary. They’re used to date women who are a bit clingy maybe, or less self-assured than you are. They’re intimidated by you and not really certain how to ‘handle’ you, which denotes they’re less likely to need to commit to you and probably even struggle with a bruised ego.

People have more boundaries – and baggage

At this point in our life, most of us have been in a relationship or two. We’ve been rejected out, we’ve been through various breakups, we’ve been suffering. Finding a good guy who doesn’t let all of that hold him back is pretty tough!
Many people put their guard up as a manner of protecting themselves from being hurt. That can make it really tough to get to understand them and form a genuine connection. Equally, a lot of good men carry emotional baggage that can make dating tougher. They might be having a kid or divorced with someone else – they’ve done a lot in their life cycle by the time you interact with them and you probably not be prepared to take it all on.

There’s less accountability

What happened to a good mature conversation or letting someone down gently? If you’ve ever been chat with a person or seeing someone, only to have them instantly disappear, you’re not alone. Some humans just love the theorem that they’re not accountable for their actions – as we live in such a virtual world in many manners, they forget that you’re a real person with real active emotions. It’s so much easier to just block or delete someone online – and it makes it harder to explore a decent guy who genuinely needs to invest in getting to understand you

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