Top Summer Fashion Brands: Offerring Days of Style and Thrill

Top Summer Fashion Brands: Offerring Days of Style and Thrill
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In keeping with its new strategy, Jacquemus held its show this week, shortly before the items go on sale, rather than showcasing its spring/summer 2022 collection in September. The colorful performance was held on a beach in O’ahu, Hawaii, marking the brand’s debut appearance outside of France.”The breathtaking scenery, numerous temperatures, and immense biodiversity of the Hawaiian islands made them the ideal complement to the colorful “Le Splash” collection. Jacquemus is taking great care to respect this place, its culture, and its way of life as a visitor to Hawai’i. To leave as little of a footprint as possible, we are largely collaborating with individuals and companies from O’ahu and the surrounding islands.”


The English aristocracy erected the Promenade Des Anglais in Nice in the 18th century as a second home for their winter retreat. Celine Celine picked this location to showcase its spring/summer 2022 collection. The “Baie des Anges” collection, named after this famous location, was showcased in a stunning catwalk video that Hedi Slimane himself directed and starred Kaia Gerber in.

Alexander McQueen

For the first time in five years, Naomi Campbell ended the Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2022 runway show in London. The catwalk event, titled “London Skies,” took place in a specially built dome that overlooked the city skyline.

Creative director Sarah Burton stated, “I’m interested in immersing myself in the environment in which we live and work in London, as well as in the elements as we encounter them each day. The elements were represented throughout the whole collection, including variants on the brilliant night sky, dreamy cloud designs, and clothing that was motivated by the unpredictability of storm chasing.

The Louis Vuitton

The spring/summer 2022 collection, dubbed “le grand bal of Time” by Nicolas Ghesquière, celebrated extravagance with a fairytale theme that bowed to the house’s past while incorporating the casual touches that have made him famous. It was a lovely way to round off the first actual Paris Fashion Week we’ve seen in a few years. Louis Vuitton is presently celebrating what would have been its founder’s 200th birthday.


Virginie Viard paid homage to Karl Lagerfeld’s supermodel-filled catwalks of the decade with a show that reproduced the standard runway scenario, replete with photographers leaning into the catwalk as if we needed any more proof that the 1990s are the current decade of inspiration. The collection, which featured skirt suits reminiscent of Clueless and Nineties swimwear, was a tribute to the previous creative director. Viard responded, “Because fashion is about clothes, models, and photographers. Karl Lagerfeld used to take his pictures for Chanel advertisements. I’d want to invite photographers today. I adore how people perceive Chanel. It encourages and motivates me.

Miu Miu

Miuccia Prada’s first Miu Miu collection back on the runway was all about officewear, but in a very back-to-school style, and featured possibly the shortest tiny skirts we have ever seen. The trend of the day was incredibly short hemlines and low-slung waistbands, with lots of knit and layered shirts.


“A rethinking of the meaning of Lanvin – its signs and signifiers, its essential definition,” was how the house of Lanvin described its SS22 collection, which was given the name “Comic Strip.”A Lanvin that speaks to the 2020s in the same way that Lanvin did for the 1920s – a conversation between the present and the future. The Bruno Sialelli collection pays homage to the house’s character and ideals while remixing it for the current state of the globe.”


The brand’s new collection, according to creative director Nicky Zimmermann, “explored the notions of power and fragility this season.” “We entertained the idea of dancing, admiring the strength and athleticism, the exquisite motion and fluidity of a dancer on stage. Additionally, it provided a chance to admire the persistence and beauty of nature. These ideas influenced how we handled each component of the collection, and we attempted to infuse each appearance with a sense of harmony.”

McCartney, Stella

McCartney praised her most recent collection, saying it “evokes a sensual femininity; a visual narrative that engages Stella women to redefine sensuality via feelings of tenderness and lightness.” “With surprising inspirations from ideas of exploration and consciousness growth, pieces develop the brand’s recognizable effortlessness. Stella makes a comeback to the runway with a show based on the compelling idea that mushrooms represent the future of fashion, shot at Espace Niemeyer in Paris.”


“Perspective shift. Fashion is imagined in the studio and made in the atelier, but it comes to life and becomes real on the street where it encounters the imperfections of existence every day while being illuminated by the individual identity of the wearer.”Pierpaolo Piccioli made this concept come to life by fusing the worlds of the insider and the outsider. He staged the exhibition in the Carreau du Temple marketplace as well as the nearby cafes and eateries, and had the models walk through the streets in full view of onlookers before entering the official exhibition space. Five legendary pieces from Valentino’s history were recreated for the collection and given new wear.

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