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Shopping is a term that drives women insane, but it also affects males. Shopping is more than just buying clothes, shoes, or accessories to fill our closets; it is also about looking respectable in front of the world. Not everyone has finances deep enough to dig for shopping, and some of us are conscientious shoppers who visit 2-3 stores just to buy a single top or shirt. So, instead of shopping from the lovely and pricey brand fashion store outlet, we have enlisted a few brands that continuously update their collection according to the latest in-trends while also keeping your budget in mind.

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Trends in Reliance

It has evolved into a fashion store outlet, with a wide range of brands available. It has a large collection of Indian as well as some unusual brands such as DNMX, fig, Rio, and so on. The fashion store outlet prices are reasonable, and the clothing quality is excellent, with the latest styles accessible in stores. Its unique selling point is a wide range of clothing in practically every area.

Shops for fashion and accessories

Lifestyle fashion store outlet offers an exceptional selection of ethnic and western apparel, as well as accessories, beauty goods, footwear, and much more, all at an accessible price. They also sell branded items at steep discounts. With a little budget, one can certainly update his or her appearance. The fashion store outlet provides both retail and online services, as well as a touch of a style that is fashionable.

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The Great Bazaar

Big Bazaar has evolved from a food and lifestyle fashion store outlet into a fashion retailer with a variety of brands offering in-house trends in footwear, clothing, and accessories. The nicest aspect of this fashion store outlet is that everything is reasonably priced and of high quality. There’s also a food section so you can enjoy your shopping day to the utmost with some nice and wonderful meals.

Stop for Shoppers

Shoppers Stop fashion store outlet has risen in terms of both quality and market presence, thanks to its ever-expanding selection of trendy clothing. It will have multiple shops across India and will also carry the Nush brand, which is owned by Anushka Sharma. With its vast selection of clothing for both men and women, you will never leave empty-handed.

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We all adore Westside fashion store outlet for its adorable array of dresses, shoes, and accessories. The fashion store outlet’s prices are quite reasonable, and they constantly update their assortment to reflect emerging and existing trends. They have their brands and are an excellent shopping destination if you are on a budget and want to look stylish. They have a pretty nice and flattering men’s and women’s assortment.


Pantaloons, with a market capitalization of Rs 4400 crore, is our country’s second-largest fashion store outlet retail establishment. It was founded in 2007 and is a subsidiary of Future Group. Pantaloons sell products under brand names such as Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar in thousands of malls across India.

They also sell items under brand names such as Ezone for electronics, Home Town for furniture, Planet Sports for sportswear, and so on. It employs over 36,000 people and has retail locations in over 100 cities across the country.


Another Tata Group fashion store outlet was created in 1998.

Trent sells its products under numerous prominent brand names such as Westside, Star Bazaar, and Landmark for music and books, Fashion Yatra for clothes, and so on. Trent’s market value exceeds Rs 4000 crore. Trent fashion store outlet has approximately 80 locations in 50 different cities, employing over 30,000 people.

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Aditya Birla Retail.

In 2006-07, the Aditya Birla Group planned to start its retail fashion store outlet chain. Some of its most well-known brand names are Allen Solly, Peter England, Van Heusen, and Louis Phillipe, under which it sells clothing and various accessories. Aditya Birla Retail also sells a large assortment of groceries for home care.

The ITC Lifestyle

ITC is one of India’s largest FMCG corporations. It operates several retail fashion store outlet locations under the brand name ITC Lifestyle. Wills Lifestyle and John Players are the most well-known brands. Both of these companies sell apparel and accessories to young people.

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India in Style

Provogue India was founded in 1998 and primarily distributes clothing and accessories. Provogue fashion store outlets are noted for their high-end merchandise. There are at least 350 Provogue fashion store outlets in India, distributed throughout 70+ cities.Provogue India has a market valuation of roughly Rs 70 crore.

Kewel Kiran Clothes

Kewel Kiran fashion store outlet exclusively sells apparel and accessories. It was founded in 1971 and today has over 120 locations throughout India. Killer, Integriti, and Lawman PG3 are some of the most popular brand names under which Kewel Kiran distributes its clothes. 

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