The Top 12 Makeup-Related Gifts for 2022

The Top 12 Makeup-Related Gifts for 2022
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Makeup looks are quite individual. A little mascara may transform a routine day into a spectacular occasion for some. Others (such as several Allure editors) find that having a cache of quirky eyeliners is essential to their mental health, and they feel incomplete without a dash of vibrant pigment on their eyes. People’s eye makeup preferences differ, so bear with us as we try to persuade you to forego the black liner and try colorful eyeliner for a change. Color never goes out of style, so you can experiment with a more complicated look by upgrading your everyday, neutral eyeliner with a vivid pigment.

Color of Waterproof Cushion

This eye pigment’s adaptability lets you make detailed line art on your eyes or eye-catching lids flooded in its brilliant colors, which vary from fluorescent yellow and orange to a plethora of blue tints.

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The Hydra Liner

Suva Beauty’s cult favorite provides an astounding amount of coverage and pigment in just one swipe. As the name implies, a drop of water is required to activate the smudge-proof and long-lasting composition.

Liner with a Split

Vanessa Funes, dubbed “Cutcreaser,” TikTik’s colored eyeliner and cut-crease specialist, loves the Split Liner because of how simple and adaptable it is to blend the hues. “Each one has a unique color scheme that can be utilized alone, together, or in combination. Some are matte, while others have a shine or are duo-chrome. I continuously reach for these.

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Vegan Super Pomade Eyeliner

Coverage is one thing that KVD products ensure. The Super Pomade is a versatile product that can be used as a brow product, eyeshadow pot, or colored liner. Its full coverage formula goes on smoothly and dries quickly, so your eyes don’t feel bogged down all day.

Liquid Liner Epic Wear

We may thank YouTube beauty experts for popularising NYX’s white eyeliner. This liquid version is ideal for beginners just getting started with graphic liners or specialists wishing to add a long-lasting solution to their arsenal. “Many makeup products brag of being waterproof or having longevity,” writes one Amazon reviewer. They’re slackers in comparison to this. You can use makeup remover, shower, and so forth, and this material will remain. Do you know how in movies, the woman gets out of bed with flawless makeup? That is all. I wore it two days in a row despite showering. My other makeup was all gone. Except for this difficult eyeliner.

So tenacious! Liquid Eyeliner with Chrome Ink

The excellent color payoff with a one-stroke Applicator is a little thick

With this one-swipe liquid eyeliner, Revlon makes dabbling in chrome makeup less scary. The user-friendly design keeps the pigment contained within the liner’s cap, allowing you to build up to the appropriate intensity.

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Retro 6 Color Split Cake Liner

The brush is sold individually and comes with several hues to choose from or blend. “Perfect for traveling, this palette features six matte tones ranging from white to brown to black and may be utilized for basic or dramatic looks.” Because it’s water-activated, you may use as little or as much as you want to keep the color vivid, or you can add water for a sheer finish.

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24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencil by Urban Decay

Yes, the Urban Decay Glide-On Pencil is available in a variety of colors and finishes. The finest part, though, is the healthy ingredients. Jojoba oil, vitamin E, and cottonseed oil are applied to your eyes to help prevent tugging and to keep them soothed and hydrated for hours.

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Garden of Juvia Colored Liner Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place entered the colored eyeliner game with a line of vividly pigmented pastel and neon tones inspired by a vibrant floral landscape. Wear alone or with Juvia’s Place’s best-selling eyeshadow palettes.

Metallic and matte Eyeliner with Two Ends

Charlotte Tilbury created a dual-ended pencil for those who can’t decide between a matte or shimmer appearance. The creamy formula glides on like a dream and lasts all day owing to a blend of emollients.

Makeup Pencils NORVINA Chroma Stix

ABH’s color “stix” collection puts your imagination to the test. These pencils are bold enough for festival season and may provide a subtle pop of color to the eyes, with 16 tones to select from and a matte finish. The twist-up mechanism reduces product waste, however, it does come with a sharpener for added precision. Dior’s On Stage Liner takes the feeling of backstage fashion show prep to your bedroom vanity. You have complete control over the liner, which features a tapered precision tip that allows you to deposit as much or as little color as you choose.

Liner Stick Epic Wear

Did you ask for a lot of colors? NYX’s response was the Epic Wear Line Stick. Despite being metallic, it dries to a matte texture, allowing for long wear whether applied to the lid or the waterline.

Matte Fluid Eye Makeup

Matte Fluid Eye Paint is not for the timid. The versatile fluid applies smoothly without smudging or transferring and has full coverage and a lightweight matte finish. One reviewer stated that one swipe is sufficient. “Shockingly, this product is simple to use, and a little goes a LONG way,” commented one reviewer. “It’s consistently easy to blend and just takes a few minutes to produce a great smokey eye with NO fallout (which is honestly half the advantage of using cream in the first place.

Matte Fluid Eye Makeup

Wunder2 Superstay Liner- Royal Blue Essential

The Wunder 2 SuperStay liner’s waterproof and smudge-proof consistency is a makeup must-have for attractive eyes. This eyeliner comes in 21 stunning colors with metallic, glitter, and matte finishes. Its creamy texture allows for easy gliding, mixing, and seamless application. It has a highly pigmented color and a 24-hour stay time.

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Sapphire Maybelline New York Unstoppable Eyeliner

With Maybelline New York Unstoppable Eyeliner, you can achieve a natural or dramatic appearance. Its extremely saturated color provides genuine hues that persist throughout the day. It comes with a self-sharpening tip for precise definition. Its smudge-resistant and waterproof composition keeps your makeup in place. Its bold and lively colors can brighten up your look, whether you’re getting ready for a night out or racing out the door.

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