People with This Eye Color Are the Most Attractive, New Study Says

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Inner beauty is much more attractive and important than outer beauty. Although, deep inside everyone does get attracted to certain features of the face or body of a significant other. And when we talk about eyes, colored or unique eyes always make people’s heads turn around. The eyes are said to be the doorways to the soul. They’re also among the first things we observe about someone and one of the things that can attract us to them. The eyes are said to be the most appealing part of the face. Every person’s eyes, particularly their eye color, are highly distinct.

A new study, conducted by a retailer of contact lens Lenstore featured images of one male and one female individual in each of their dating profiles. They then used editing software technology to change the color of their eyes to blue, brown, green, hazel, and purple to see if eye color affected how many possible matches they could match while using identical photographs on different dating apps.

Eye Color

Blue was considered to be the most appealing eye color in guys, with 27.17 percent of the vote. Brown came in second with 21.97 percent of the vote, followed by green (16.76 percent), hazel (15.03 percent), and black (10.98 percent). Purple gets the lowest grade since it is not a natural hue.

The outcomes were considerably different when it comes to the most appealing eye color in women. With a total match rate of 20.19 percent, hazel eyes took the top spot as one of the most preferred. Purple, on the other hand, received one fewer match, making it 19.88 percent. Eye colors that were more prevalent in males were nearer to the bottom of the rankings, with black earning 17.7% of matches, blue 17.39 percent, and brown obtaining 13.35 percent. With 11.49 % of matches, green eyes got the least.

hazel eyes

There is, however, no hard and fast rule. There is a slew of scientific elements that go into determining what humans find beautiful, and eye color is just one of them. We all have our distinct tastes, and we never know what will attract our attention.

Green eyes, which are typically perceived to be rare or mysterious, are the most alluring to 14% of people. It also comes out that blue eyes are more popular among people with brown, gray, green, hazel, and blue irises than blue eyes are among persons with brown, gray, green, hazel, and blue irises.

Green eyes,

Green is the least prevalent eye color among the more common ones. Almost everyone has brown, blue, green, or somewhere in between eyes, with a few outliers. Other colors, such as gray and hazel, are less popular.

The person’s eye color is essentially a polygenic characteristic. The number and type of pigments found in the iris of the eyes regulate it. The melanin level of the eye pigment epithelium, the melanin content inside the iris stroma, and the cellular density of the iris stroma are all taken into account in this context.

All in all blue eyes are considered to be the most attractive overall. So, let’s find out more about Blue eyes. Blue eyes are more common than you might believe, but they don’t always stay that way. Our hair and skin colors are determined by the amount of melanin in our bodies. The amount of pigment in the iris is not entirely developed at birth. As a result, a person may be born with blue eyes, but as the pigment in the eyes grows, the color may change completely. According to researchers, blue eyes are caused by a mutation in the HERC2 gene, which turns off the supply of brown-eye-forming melanin when it mutates. Green eyes are also a product of this transition, as they originate from a mix of the blue and brown variants.

Melanin in the iris appears to shield the back of the eye from UV radiation and high-energy visible blue light, which can be emitted by the sun and some artificial sources. Blue eyes, which have less melanin than most other eye hues, may be more vulnerable to injury.

blue eyes

Because many people with blue eyes are light sensitive and could be at a greater risk of retinal damage from UV rays, eye physicians frequently advise persons with blue eyes to be more careful about their sun exposure. Photochromic lenses are another option for shielding blue eyes from UV rays.

Wardenburg syndrome, which leads a person’s eyes to be of two different colors, is more common in those with blue eyes. While blue-eyed persons aren’t the only ones who could be afflicted by this problem, they are about 50% more likely to be affected. Moreover, Warden burg syndrome generates very light blue eyes in the first place, suggesting that some persons with blue eyes may be blue-eyed due to this disease rather than a hereditary predisposition.

On average, persons with blue eyes are more appealing, but they are also more reluctant than people with other colored eyes. Hazel-eyed people, for contrast, are recognized for taking more initiative and being more impulsive by nature. Blue-eyed persons, on the other hand, have shown a reluctant disposition on numerous occasions, which is said to be a result of their rarity in society.

According to Danish researchers, every blue-eyed individual on the planet is connected in some manner right now. Blue eyes are thought to be the product of a mutation that occurred over the last 10,000 years. Previously, the majority of humans had brown eyes, with only a few having light-colored eyes. Moreover, blue eyes are thought to have evolved from a single mutation that happened near the Black Sea.

It’s unclear whether this is a natural phenomenon or if the numerous Hollywood films featuring blue-eyed celebrities have anything to do with it. What we do know is that those with blue eyes are thought to be more attractive than those with dark eyes. Many studies have been conducted, and they all came to the same conclusion: blue-eyed persons are slightly more attractive than those with brown eyes.

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