Look Handsome in Rainy Season ! Monsoon Style Tips & Tricks

Look Handsome in Rainy Season ! Monsoon Style Tips & Tricks
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Rain is like a playground. Although the monsoon atmosphere may not be very board savvy, one can always make a somber place with various colors and fun prints.

Rain can be a big hit at this time of year, but that’s not a reason to put your style game in the back seat. Although one cannot help with casual clothes and sloppy shoes, bad weather can be calculated in style with the right accessories. Akash Verma, the founder of Chokore, an e-commerce type of men’s accessories, offers tips for leading men in fashion to stand out during the monsoon season.

They have bright colors and unusual interior prints

Rain is like a playground. Although the atmosphere may not be very boardroom savvy, one can always make a somber place with various colors and fun prints. Divide white and pastel into this monsoon and switch to bright yellow, blue and maroon to officially dress attractively. Relax more on a casual day with friends and opt for brightly colored cotton shirts.

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Keep it simple with the suitable fabric

The sixth rule during the rainy season comes from lightweight fabrics that keep you sweaty for hours and help and dry quickly. Choose cotton and polyester fabrics and avoid linen and knit as they stick to the body.

Change your boring umbrella to a different color

If there is one thing most people can’t do without it, it’s an umbrella. Since you may be holding one, why choose a dark and boring black? Instead, choose a vibrant color and shape that will blend in without sewing and your manhood.

Jazz up the look with shades

Sunglasses are a ‘natural’ service for both men and women and using a quick pair can enhance your style. Replace safe dark shades with blue and silver or four-dimensional sunglasses.

Rings can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe

Apart from sunglasses, bracelets are also a fun thing for men to try. Whether you like vintage clothing, street style, or whatever is in between, a perfect bracelet fits your style perfectly. Wear your bracelet this season with a summer check shirt, a Nehru high-quality cotton jacket, or a fashionable waistcoat.

Monsoon Styling Tips: Styling tips to look your best in monsoon

In the opinion of many, the monsoon is the most beautiful of all seasons. However, it is also a terrible season of fashion frenzy that may occur with sudden wet brushes. But that doesn’t mean you have to go shopping for good-looking raincoats. Just put on your thinking caps, and you will see how to dress for the monsoon season in India without compromising on your fashion quotient. Take a look at the tips and tricks we have listed below, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to wear during the monsoon season in India.

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Monsoon style tips

Monsoon can be hard on the quotient of your fashion already. Therefore, we will not have our tips for dressing in the rainy season in India. From clothing to accessories, we will try to cover all the important features you need to create a monsoon fashion scene.

10 Monsoon Style Tips Men Should Blindly Follow

Choose loose and light peaks

Wearing heavy fabrics can be a nightmare during the monsoon season as when wet, they are often difficult. So, say goodbye to those long kurtas until the rains come. Instead, choose a pair of short Kurti or a simple T-shirt. Coming to fabrics, lycra and polyester and a good choice as they are known to be non-abrasive and often fast in this weather.

Shorts and capris

When the rains come, your best bet on underwear can be shorts, capris, or short skirts. However, make sure your shorts or capris are tight as that will allow them to dry quickly. Also, when all your shoes are affected, shorts are safe from splatters. On rare occasions, you can go for culottes or cropped pants.

Seasonal colors

Show pastel and white door frames. Time for dark colors like blue, brown, and gray. Why? This is because darker shades do a better job of hiding water and mud stains, a common problem when women wear a monsoon. At the same time, you can balance the look with layers of neon colors and accessories.

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Weather-related jewelry

Imagine, suddenly, you are drenched in a shower and wearing heavy jewelry. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? So, skip heavy rain jewelry and get thinner, thinner jewelry. Something as simple as a statement neckpiece, a wide cuff, or small pins should do the trick. However, avoid wood or metal jewelry or accessories during the rain.

Woe to the burden

Leather bags are not there in the rainy season, but most of us are already aware of that because of the constant reminders from our peers and elders. Instead, take your choice from a wide range of options such as canvas totes, transparent hobs, vinyl bags, or faux-leather clutches. All of the above options are both free to use and last longer during the monsoon. Those were our list of clothing and accessories to take your monsoon fashion game to the next level. So, as you plan to wear during the monsoon season, keep these tips in mind to look your best. Let us know in the comments how these suggestions went for you.

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