Latest Fashion Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Latest Fashion Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not?
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DON’T WEAR: Huge Clothes

“Oversized” does not necessarily imply “baggy.” You don’t want your shirt or blazer to hang loosely like a wire hanger on your shoulders. Go for something that shouts “cozy” but isn’t “frumpy” instead. You can obtain this by sizing up. According to stylists, the sleek silhouette is key this year. So this year, do away with this look! It’s time, according to stylists, to pay attention to the space you live in! Remember that we don’t mean formless either. You may always get an oversized shirt slightly adjusted to give you a little shape if you love it but feel lost in it. It’s entirely possible to combine fashionable large apparel with looking put together.

Instead, use tailored clothing

The time has come for us to be open and honest: we’re done seeing people clothed in baggy clothing. As a result, fitted apparel is well-liked. Here are some outfit choices to pair with your new outfit so you may give tailoring a feminine twist. When we say to quit wearing baggy clothing, we mean to stop doing so daily. It’s not necessary to always appear polished. When you go to the grocery store or TJ Maxx, you sometimes just want to wear a sweatshirt, right? Not at all. Needless to mention, wearing loose attire conveys a lack of self-awareness.

DON’T WEAR: Huge Puffy Sleeves

The era of sleeves that are puffy and big is over. They not only give you a balloon appearance, but they also give a disproportionately feminine silhouette. This fashion style is generally credited to Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding to Prince Charles, where she wore a dress with puffy sleeves.

Nothing makes people notice your physique more than some eye-catching feathers on either side. You’ll also sense like you’re occupying a little too much space. We anticipate this one returning as “Regencycore” expands. Regencycore is essentially Bridgerton mixed with contemporary clothing. What other way to avoid the smoother silhouettes that fashion stylists are creating than with puffy sleeves?

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Instead, wear tassels.

Through 2023, the tassel trend will continue. All of our favorite dresses and party wear received a new and better-fringed makeover that you won’t be able to resist. Fringe is one of our favorite summer trends. This look is best suited for all seasons because fringe doesn’t blend well with jackets and the tassels are supposed to be seen. Every costume is made more intriguing and enjoyable to move in by fringe, making it ideal for events and warm weather outings. This season’s runways featured a variety of fringing, from dramatic entire fringing at PatBo and Bronx & Banco to softer, more relaxed versions at designers like Proenza Schouler and Ulla Johnson. While learning about boho style is often connected with tassel details, this glossy look is more in tune with design fads for 2023. Evening gowns were the perfect fit for the trend.

AVOID: Bulky jackets

Do you still recall how we claimed that this year is all about a sleek silhouette? Puffy coats are the clunkiest thing you can wear. Avoid wearing a jacket with excessive padding like this one that makes your arms stick out cartoonishly. There will be a tonne of options available, so try your hardest to avoid these.

Also, these jackets offer a little too much warmth as the weather grows colder—and this year will undoubtedly be chilly. This is fine for the colder northern climes, but when the temperature suddenly drops from 80 degrees to 24 in a matter of seconds, it will be way too much for the warmer southern climates!

Wear leather jackets instead

We adore leather jackets because they can be worn in a variety of ways for casual attire. We are ecstatic that they are back in vogue. It’s time to keep your attire, especially your jacket, a little more understated. Consider wearing a jacket in a solid color that complements most outfits rather than a puffy (nearly gaudy) one. Everything goes well with a leather jacket and a pair of trousers and a plain white t-shirt. Of course, keep the jacket you bought with your leather investment. The jacket trend is likely to change within the next several years, so be prepared for a comeback.

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Instead, wear opaque clothing

We wholeheartedly embrace openness in partnerships, but not in closets. We should therefore put our sheer clothing items away this year and choose opaque apparel instead. If you’re mature enough to hold full-time work, it’s more professional to keep things covered. Most employers don’t approve of you showing up at work in really revealing attire. This more polished appearance will make you the object of respect. Along with feeling less exposed, your friends and coworkers will appreciate it, I’m sure. You won’t have to worry about being cold in the office, too. Why are all of our offices the same frigid temperature?

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