How to Create a Brilliant Lazy-Chic Look for the Summer

How to Create a Brilliant Lazy-Chic Look for the Summer
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We’re sure you’ve had your fair share of lazy days when you can’t help but throw on comfortable clothing and not bother styling them at all, whether or not you’ve been living in sweats during this pandemic like many of us. Here’s some breaking news: You can appear stylish while being lethargic. Nava Rose, a Filipina YouTuber, gives us 10 tried-and-true tricks for dressing up in casual attire. It turns out that the key is to carefully choose the proper “lazy” bits and layer them!

Decide on monochromes.

If you’re tempted to go out in your sweatpants, Nava advises choosing a monochromatic set because the homogeneity of monochromes makes any outfit look more put-together. If it comes in a cool hue, all the better! Put on your favorite pair of chunky white sneakers or another statement pair to instantly boost it. This will give it a streetwear atmosphere, making it more fashionable.

Match the hues.

Matching colors is the easiest approach to putting together an outfit if you don’t have much energy. According to Nava, “I believe folks who coordinate colors in their costumes make it look like they worked that much more.” It’s as easy as wearing only one color for your shoes, bag, and bottoms. When in doubt, use black and white instead.

Invest in high-quality essentials.

Ever wondered how some people manage to look stylish while wearing the most straightforward clothing? Their key is to buy high-quality items. Nava admits that she prefers her somewhat more expensive basics to the ones she buys from quick fashion retailers since the quality is so much better. For instance, even if you are wearing simply a hoodie and cycling shorts, your outfit can be made or broken by the quality or shape of your hoodie.

Replace one of your “cozy” items with a statement-making one.

Whether it’s a denim jacket, a leather jacket, or a bomber jacket, we all have that one garment that instantly upgrades any ensemble. Probably even when you aren’t thinking about it, you reach for that object. Having said that, you can still benefit from that part. The next time you’re wearing lounge-style clothing like sweatpants, cycling shorts, or tank tops, give it some thought. It will add flair to your ensemble!

Add one more thing.

When she wants to make her ensembles look more put together, Nava Rose swears by the “vest” hack. You may still use the same principle even if you don’t wear streetwear as she does. A sleeveless blazer, a suit jacket, or a longline cardigan, for instance, can dress up a white t-shirt and trousers if your fashion sense is straightforward and traditional. That third component will be really important!

Wear your big clothes as a dress or a shirt.

Nothing says comfort like an enormous garment, but if you don’t dress it correctly, you could end up looking frumpy. If it’s a shirt, button-down, or sweater, one way to wear an oversized top is as a dress, which you can easily get away with by cinching the waist. Nava prefers harnesses, but a sturdy belt would do well nicely.

Try a cropped image.

Depending on the bottoms, choosing a cropped top—a T-shirt, a cardigan, or a hoodie—can occasionally instantly update your look. Additionally, it doesn’t need much embellishment. Just don that cropped pullover sweater, tuck yourself into a pair of cycling shorts and call it a day. Off-duty, you’ll appear like a model!

Jeans are a wardrobe staple.

Whatever your go-to lazy shirt is, pants always go well with it. It’s one of the fundamentals of style! Even if a conventional pair of jeans will do, modern touches like a frayed hem, stonewashed sections, or distressed embellishments will make you seem even better.

Put on some bling.

No matter how lazy you are, you shouldn’t ignore the power of accessories to completely change your appearance. You don’t need to layer bracelets or add a lot of necklaces. Sometimes a straightforward medallion necklace may do wonders, and, let’s face it, putting one on only takes a few minutes.

Replace your pants with a warm skirt.

The components of an interesting outfit include contrasting features. So, instead of wearing sweatpants, think about wearing a skirt to spice up your favorite hoodie or big tee. It gives Nava Rose’s appearance more feminine spunk, making it one of her go-to lazy formulas! If you like streetwear, it’s a cool suggestion to take into account.

Utilize dresses to your advantage

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Wearing dresses more often is one of the best things about the warmer months of the year. They’re not only among the most comfortable items of apparel, but they also make a great one-piece ensemble that you can put on and go.

Make “easy on, easy off” your new motto in terms of dressing. 

Screw the hooks, snaps, and buttons. In any case, collared shirts are more effort than they are worth. You won’t want to wear something if you can’t put it on and take it off in under three seconds. You never have to with all the fantastic drawstring pants and shorts, trapeze dresses, and stretchy fabrics available now.

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