High-Waisted Shorts: Flattering and Comfortable Summer Bottoms

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High-waisted shorts are a cool option for spring or summer. They support to elongate your legs and giving your style a tiny lift. You could be dull about rock higher-waisted shorts, specially if you have not worn higher-waist bottoms earlier. Begin by getting shorts that comfy your body type so they are flattering. Then, select a color and material for the shorts to add on few style to your wardrobe. Be certain to pair the shorts with shoes, tops, and jackets in your closet for the cool, chic look.

Go for shorts that hit below your lower button if you are dainty. Shorts with the top button that hits just below your belly button might make your torso appear small, rather than elongating your frame.

Try shorts with an A-line cut if you have a curve. An A-line cut will support to flatter your curves and elongate your legs. A-line means the shorts have a slight flare and a narrow waist from the hips to the leg. This format a nice A shape to shorts.

Size up for the more comfortable fit. Sizing up do make the shorts feel more comfortable and casual, especially if they are made up of denim. Try sizing up so you having more room in the legs and waist.

If the waist is very huge on you when you size up, you might not need to go for this. Instead, looking for high-waisted shorts that still fit well in the waist and have bit more room in the legs when you sizing up.

Make your own pair of higher-waisted shorts with older jeans. If you have a pair of higher-waisted jeans that already fit you awesome, considering cut them and make your own high-waisted shorts. Apply a pencil to mark where you need the shorts to hit you on your legs. Often, five to six inches from your waist is perfect. Go shorter if you don’t mind show more leg in the shorts.

Select the Color and Material

Try jean shorts for the casual look. High-waisted jean shorts are a noodle of any wardrobe. Getted light denim jeans for the more casual day look. You do also get dark denim jeans for the more dressy look, like a night out dancing.

Get fabric shorts for the night out. Fabric shorts that are high-waisted looking good with a blouse or a cropped top for the night out. Look for shorts made of a blend of cotton, rayon, and spandex in white, black, or navy.

Try linen shorts for a spring or summer look. Shorts made of linen are good for hot spring or summer days. Linen is a good breathable fabric for when it is hotter outside. Looking for higher-waisted linen shorts with the drawstring for a relaxed, casual look. You do also get linen shorts with the zipper and top button for the more put together look.

Wear the Shorts in Outfits

Tuck your button shirt into your shorts. Tuck your shirt into the waistband of the higher waisted shorts will show off the shorts high waist. Tuck in a t-shirt for the casual look or trying tucking in a button up shirt for the dressier looking get up. Get a cotton button or pattern silk up for the shorts and tuck it in.

Try a cropped top for a more cool look. A cropped top stops just above the narrow chunk of your waist. Looking for a cropped top that hits just above the top button of the high-waisted shorts. Get cropped tops in cotton, silk, or linen for a summer or fun spring look.

Dress up the shorts with the loose blouse. If you’re keen interested in wearing your shorts for the casual-dressy affair, you do pair them with a simple blouse. Loose fitting blouses tend to pair well with high waisted shorts, while slim fitting blouses tend to work better with shorts that are pretty looser in the legs.

Wearing high-waisted shorts as the swimsuit cover-up. If you need to rock your style while stroll along the beach, slip your high-waisted shorts on over your swimsuit. This will permit you to show off the top chunk of the suit and looking casual at the beach.

Pair higher-waisted shorts with skirts for chiili days. Rock high-waisted shorts in winter or fall by wearing skirts underneath. Go for black tights with navy high-waisted shorts and a button up top for a clean, wordly look. Or try high-waisted jean shorts with a t-shirt and colored tights for the fun casual look.

Wear a cardigan or jacket with the shorts. A sweater or cropped blazer working especially well with the silhouette developed by the shorts. Try a cropped blazer in black or navy with fabric high-waisted shorts for the day at the office. Wearing a huge cardigan with higher-waisted jean shorts for the more casual look.

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