Chunky Sandals: Bold and Statement-Making Footwear for Summer

Chunky Sandals: Bold and Statement-Making Footwear for Summer
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Large, chunky sandals have been around since the 90s, and they serve off a good fashionista vibe. While funky models do always rocking them, it can be a tiny frighten to pair chunky sandals with chunks from your own closet. We’ve compiled some of the bold and statement chunky sandals outfits so you can get motivation and looking fabulous each time you leave the sweet home.

Adding pops of color and pattern to grey sandals.

You do wear anything with black chunky sandals. Trying a bright neon outfit to play off your black footwear, or add on few fun patterns with stripes, polka dots or florals.

• You could even try matching and mixing patterns and prints, like pairing a striped skirt with the plaid shirt.

• Apply fun socks to add on color to plain sandals, too.

Use colored sandals as an accent piece.

Brighten up a monochromatic outfit with the colored sandals. Put on an all- black or all-white outfit, then add red, pink, white or blue sandals as a fun color pop.

• To making your sandals stand out even more, put on a black socks pair.

• Try match your sandals to another accessory piece in your outfit, like your handbag or scarf, for a awesome look.

Balancing your chunky footwear with a tight skirt or jerkin.

Form-fitting tops will develop ideal proportions in your outfit. Go for tank tops, bodysuits and fitted T-shirts as you put together dress with your chunky sandals.

• When you pick out jackets, stick to fitted denim jackets, cropped hoodies and fitted blazers.

• Be certain your bottoms fit a little looser so the shoes don’t looking disproportionate!

Show off your sandals with cropped pants.

You draw attention to your footwear while looking casual and cool. Put on a pair of loose-fitting trousers or cropped jeans and pairing them with an oversized T-shirt.

• Try wear a band or graphic T-shirt for the fun accent to the outfit.

• Accessorizing with a some chain necklaces and few hoop earrings.

Keep it plain with a pair of shorts.

Your slim silhouette will mesh perfect way with the chunky sandals. Tuck your shirt into the waistband of your shorts for a modern, fresh outfit.

• Go for a good look with khaki shorts.

• If you need to make your looking a little more streetwear, popping a blazer on top of your outfit.

• Finishing your look with a tiny handbag and few cute stud earrings.

Mix styles with a flowy dress.

The combination of a flirty dress and chunky sandals is funky and fun. 

• You do go for a patterned dress to make the statement or keep it more casual with the solid-colored one.

• Pairing your look with few a small handbag and large sunglasses.

Going for wider legged jeans to match up the chunky sandals.

These 2 pieces complementing each other, so they’ll always looking good. Put on a pair of high-waisted, wide-legged jeans, then throwing your sandals on for a flirty, fun fit.

• Sticking to a more fitted top to make certain your outfit looking really balanced.

• Throwing a tube top or a crop top on to let your bottom half shine.

• Put on a few flashy rings and pair of stud earrings to finish off this look.

Try out a maxi skirt for a chic, wordly look.

Pushing fashion boundaries with a long silhouette. Putting on a maxi skirt that reaching up to your ankles, then add on to chunky sandals for the pop of edge and color.

• You do pair your skirt with a T-shirt for the more casual outfit, or go with the button-down or blouse for a small glamour.

• Drawing attention to your feet by accessorize with a tiny anklet.

Dress up with a pair of trousers.

If you’re heading out to eat on a warmer day, this look is for you. Putting on a pair of slim-fit pants and pop your sandals on for a cool, fun outfit.

• Pairing your look with a a strappy bralette or flowy tank top on top.

• Add on a small purse and pair of sunglasses to round out your outfit.

Show some skin with a mini skirt.

Going out for the date night just got a tiny more fashionable. Pop on a skirt that hits at about middle-thigh, then throwing on your chunky sandals to show off your longer legs.

• Pairing your outfit with a a boxy blazer and loose-fitting T-shirt to matching the style of your chunky sandals.

• Add on a pair of a few bracelets and dangly earrings to complete this look.

Accessorize with delicate, thin jewelry.

Since your sandals are chunky, you do contrast it with simple pieces. thin rings, Chain necklaces, and small studs, all looking good paired with huger footwear.

• toe rings and Delicate anklets also drawing attention to your sandals while looking casual and cute.

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