7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique
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Well, this sounds like a no-brainer. That is the purpose of the groomsmen and bridesmaids! Yet, what about visitors like grandparents, uncles, aunts, or other people you would wish to commemorate differently? Anything from floral grandmas to officiant grandpas is trending on social media. Have you ever had an uncle who was there for you no matter what? Invite him to officiate your ceremony or to provide a unique speech during it. If so, do you feel that she doesn’t play a significant enough role on your wedding day? Is your mother your go-to person for planning? She can deliver the welcome address, participate in a unique mother-daughter dance, or escort you down the aisle. Breaking the mold is a recurrent topic here. Consider inventive approaches to include the people you care about in your event. They’ll feel especially valued, and it will also make your day even more special for you.


Picking a theme for your wedding is a wonderful opportunity to customize the celebration and honor a common interest. Although we adore the concept of a masquerade ball, it’s acceptable if you have other ideas. Themed weddings can be any size, color, or shape. Think of your shared interests, a special memento of how you met, or a motif honoring your preferred vacation area.

On the one hand, you can employ a theme to determine the entire style, atmosphere, and setting of your wedding. Let your wedding’s theme guide your choice of wedding clothes, color scheme, footwear, menu, customs, and perhaps even the dancing. Are you both ardent Dodgers supporters? Bring a home plate so you may exchange vows on it, have guests sign a bat, and decorate your cake with Dodger blue! You could even dress up for your reception or engagement pictures in Dodger gameday gear and have a baseball trivia game at the reception!


Animal lovers, unite! A wonderful idea to add your uniqueness to the wedding is to invite your furry (or scaled or feathered) buddies. Make pet-inspired featured cocktails, have your dog accompany you down the aisle, add your fluffy cat to your wedding photos, or give guests souvenirs that represent your cherished animal (turtle magnets with your wedding date, anyone?). There are countless alternatives!


All civilizations, nations, and faiths have wedding rituals, and many of them have traditions that date back hundreds or even thousands of years. Consult with family members, learn about your culture, and make the ceremony unique to you two. In actuality, a lot of well-liked unification rituals are predicated on regional customs and frequently have symbolic meanings. If you two enjoy wine, you might want to think about having a wine-merging ceremony or a more formal communion to represent the blending of your future lives. A lasso ceremony is a common part of Spanish, Hispanic, and Filipino weddings; when the lasso is wrapped in a figure-8, it represents the eternal oneness of your wedding vows. Celtic spouses customarily tie a literal knot, also known as a handfasting, to symbolize their union. A sand unity ceremony, which represents the union of two lives, is another popular option. Are the cultures of you and your future spouse different? Choose one or all ceremonies to honor!


Nowadays, a lot of brides (or grooms) decide on different songs other than “Here Comes the Bride” or “Canon in D” to play as they walk down the aisle. Any music that has special importance for you is ideal! Pick “your song” or any other song that encapsulates your romantic journey. You might choose to have “I’m Going Be (500 miles)” played during the processional, recessional, or first dance if you and your partner enjoy watching “How I Met Your Mother” together. When you watch “Father of the Bride,” does your father ever cry? For your father-daughter dance, select “My Daughter.” You are completely free to select the music you want to listen to!


Writing your vows is one of the most intimate ways to add extra personal meaning to your wedding. Your vows can be incredibly solemn, a little humorous, or emotional. Utilize your vows to convey your personality as a couple and as individuals, as well as the love you have for one another. During your vows, you get the opportunity to express to your partner how much they mean to you and the commitments you are making. If you promise to always take out the garbage or pardon your new spouse for taking the last scoop of ice cream, you’re sure to garner a few laughs. Last but not least, a tear-jerker is always a good choice, such as explaining the first moment you knew you loved them.


Wedding food and drink trends are all over the place these days! Love everything brewing? At cocktail hour, pay homage to those hops with a beer burro. Are doughnuts one of your favorite vices? Have a vendor selling donuts for your late-night treat. Do you enjoy spending date nights preparing a pizza together? Serve appetizers like miniature pizza bits. Fry bars, taco trucks, nitrogen ice cream, late-night pizza, and mac & cheese are just a few of the possibilities.

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