6 Fashion Trends That Are Over in 2022 & What To Wear Instead

6 Fashion Trends That Are Over in 2022 & What To Wear Instead
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Forget tan, neutrals, or old creams, 2022 fashion trends, about being bold and bright. Models traveling by Christian Dior and Versace have been spotted from head to toe making a real statement. “The Queen has been banning colors for years, now is the time for us all to grow our spirits with bright colors,” said female & home fashion director Paula Moore. “Start with a bright accessory, such as a shoe or bag, and add this. To make you look comfortable in it.”

From this point on, you gain more confidence, he explains, “You can easily create the perfect look. Fuchsia pink and the green Kermit-the-frog compliment all skin tones, so why not try a suit that will last a lifetime without much effort? “

From the trendy pink outfits to the bright new repetitions of the best blazers, this summer is the time to inject color into your closet. Ask yourself which color suits me and you are most concerned about the hues around your face. If you are currently choosing what to wear to a wedding, or need a christening gown, a restrained color scheme or a bright print will easily reflect the happy atmosphere of the event.

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With tassels, crochet, and loose fit, this fashion has a more bohemian feel – combining fun summer vacations, wearing branded sandals and a dress with fringes that go with the fresh sea breeze – you got the impression. And access? All you need is a cocktail!

Seriously though, fringing is actually easy to wear and very flattering and incredibly fun. Pick pieces where fringing cleverly falls over any areas you consider small, and jumps easily into those areas, taking your look to a new level in this process.

Saisangeeth Daswani, head of consultant at the stylus intelligence agency Stylus, saw it coming. She explains: “As digital takes over our daily lives, we expect consumers to have an ongoing desire to touch and feel fashionable,” she explains. by products. “

While you can wear frings every day, this is great for the party season, especially if you are looking for something to wear to the festival this summer. The details of the swishing fringe help you to dance the night away in style.


Sequins are not just for Christmas. You can blink any month of the year, so get inspired by Chanel and Valentino and bring a daily sparkle to your closet. Ready for what to wear to a concert this summer, after the first season of quitting a few years ago, it’s time to party in style (and glitter).

Whether it’s a show-stopping dress or a chic-piece, summer sequins certainly help celebrate the season in style. But sequins in the sun are not the same as Christmas. “I love glitter, but the important thing is to keep the accessories low,” said Paula. “When wearing a prominent piece, avoid covering it with too much jewelry or prints. Let the clothes speak for themselves. “

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The old midi skirt has been very dominant over the past few years, but it has been pulled out of the limelight this season – as we mentioned earlier, the 2022 spring / summer fashion trends are all about extremes.

You will need to decide if it is Team Mini or Team Maxi this year (although we apologize for the inconvenience, it is actually a micro-mini that goes into the normal range). We know that it is not an easy idea to have a lot of legs in the show, but if you were trying to figure out how to make knee-length boots, a mini skirt is a good companion.

If you are a tall woman, then we are talking about the retro size of the tubes ending near the ankle, rather than the A-line hippie style we are accustomed to last season. Think of a smooth, full-length look with a bright fabric. If that sounds a bit stressful, remember: subtle separation provides more movement.


Read between the lines this season and accept the bright, defined lines. There were no visible pinafores on Jil Sander or Tory Burch flights; here, wide lines took the crown of style.

“The striped jumper was on sale in the winter and looks set to enter 2022,” Paula said. “Remember that straight lines enlarge your body and can shrink. Pastel colors are great for spring, so do this, and the old Breton is my T-shirt that I will wear all year round.”

When choosing monochrome lines, access color to pack a real punch.

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We can hear you roll your eyes, but stay with us on this. We know that the concept of cut pieces of clothing can be difficult, but even though catwalks may reflect the whole burden of the flesh, you can still do it in a subtle way. Promise!

It is observed that We do not need to run in such a way. Think of the details of the key holes, open backs, and cold shoulder tops that reveal a little flesh without feeling like all your lumps and bumps are open.

We’ve seen this feature look great on the 2022 swimwear trends, with hidden shoulders and back and great irritability.

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