20 wide leg black trousers outfit ideas

Types of Wide Legs
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Types of Wide Legs

Types of Wide Legs

Not all wide-legged pants have the same shape and style. Below are some styles you should look for to create the most flattering outfit.

High waist – Full openness

High waist - Full openness

Ideal if you want to hide the muffin top or want to create an hourglass figure as this style emphasizes the waist.

Tight Pants Up – Small Flare

Tight Pants Up - Small Flare

It is good if you have small legs. It is not good if you have seat bags.

Normal Leg – Wide Openness

Normal Leg - Wide Openness

It is good to hide thick pumpkins, perhaps if you have a pear-shaped figure.

Old Wide Leg

Old Wide Leg

The classic wide leg will suit most body conditions. You can wear these to balance the distorted triangular shape.

Nordstrom Wide Leg Flannel Pants | 40plusstyle.com

Nordstrom Wide Leg Flannel Pants

In Trend Green Pants

Wide-leg pants are especially fashionable, and green is one of the great styles of the 2021 fall color. So, you can combine both.

Wave Pants Pants Karen Millen | 40plusstyle.com

Karen Millen Essential Woven Pants Pants

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants

The pants are very wide and are suitable for tall women. Women who are shorter or taller, be careful with this style! Palazzo pants can be a great choice for summer. But, equally, you can also wear palazzo pants in the evening.

For an unusual palazzo pants option, the lounge pants below come with a huge range of color options and have close to 23,000 excellent updates.

Trimmed Pants

Trimmed Pants

It is best to wear high heels to create a flattering silhouette using the third rule. A good choice for summer or hiking.

Burgundy Wide Pants

Burgundy Wide Pants

Choosing colors like autumnal shades is always a good idea for autumn. If you like to wear a dark shade but want a black transition, burgundy can be a color choice for you.

Top Black Pants

Top Black Pants

Black pants will never go out of style. Black pants, with wide legs, are especially suitable for a pear shape, as you can use a darker shade on your lower back to draw attention to your hips and thighs. Adding a straight line to your black pants can also stretch and make your legs look longer.

High-waisted trousers

High-waisted trousers

Look for high-waisted styles if you want to make your legs look taller. Great style especially if you have a long torso that you want to balance.

Plus Size Wide-Leg Pants

Plus Size Wide-Leg Pants

There are good options for all sizes when it comes to wide-leg pants.

Wide Leg Pants

While you may think that a pair of wide-legged pants would be a no-brainer if you were thin, it would make you look wider than a tall one, but they are quite flattering.

They can make your legs look longer and look longer, especially if you are wearing a high heel under them.

Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg Pants

Wants with wide legs can be a great choice both day and night. If you have a formal event or party, or dinner, you can go to it, you can wear pants with wider legs than choosing a dress. Or, you can wear your wide-leg pants to the office.

Wide Leisure Pants

Wide Leisure Pants

,With so many of us at home right now, you may want to choose a pair of wide-legged pants to take off.

Sports Pants

Sports Pants

On normal days, wide-fitting sports pants can be perfect.

Pants Printed

Pants Printed

Printed pants add something fun to your outfit. You can style it with a cool weather jersey or with a tank top and summer sandals. Check pants (below) have a very subtle text.

Geo print

Geo print

Or, you can choose a bright print and keep your top neutral.

Also, look at how to wear printed pants.

Pull pants

Pull pants

For extra comfort, without losing any style, you can choose slacks that fit your belly.

For extra comfort, without losing any style, you can choose slacks that fit your belly.

Elastic Waist

Elastic Waist

The elastic band is another comfort that is easy to wear every day.

As mentioned earlier, you will want to make sure you wear it on your top OR wear wide pants with short tops that end at the waist or a tie at the waist. That will enhance your silhouette and create a truly flattering look with wide pants.

If your peaks were too high or too low, you would look wide open all over. With especially wide-leg pants, you need to create a certain structure in the garment.

If your peaks were too high or too low, you would look wide open all over. With especially wide-leg pants, you need to create a certain structure in the garment.

Sara @style_designco above prefers a very large shirt and wide-leg pants but keeps her looking balanced by making sure she shows off her waist with a half-tuck.

Recreate her dress with this same shirt, wide-leg pants, and sandals.

Below are some additional areas you can wear or wear with wide-legged pants.

Dress tops and wide-leg pants 

Dress tops and wide-leg pants 

Alice + Olivia blouson silk bouse – Silk blouse with sleeve frame – Open Edit Wrap jersey – BP. cardigan crop top front button

How To Wear Pants With Wide Legs – Outerwear for Long Trousers

How to wear wide-leg pants – Emms wears wide-leg pants and a car jacket

It is easy to find a way to make style tops if you are wearing wide-legged pants as the most comfortable way to style them is to tuck your head into the pants so that your look fits and your legs look longer.

Sweaters can be difficult to wear, although there is a current trend to attach a jersey or pants to the front of your jersey.

This, however, can add an unwanted amount to your abdominal area.

You can also look for fitted sweaters that will give balance and you will be able to fit in, with belted sweaters so you don’t loosen your waist and cut sweaters.

Just make sure you choose wide-legged pants with a high waist if you choose a cropped option and don’t want to lighten your stomach.

Emms @beautifuleveryday_uk above is wearing her car jacket and wide-legged pants.

Steal her look with this same tee, car jacket, pants, sneakers, and backpack.

Jackets to wear wide-leg pants

Jackets to wear wide-leg pants

Karen Millen leather bike jacket – Karen Millen military knit jacket – Karen Millen leather jacket with a belt – De La Creme cashmere coat

Shoes To Wear With Your Wide Pants

Greetings to the wearer of wide pants and navy top | 40plusstyle.com

You will find that many shoe styles match your wide-legged pants. You will want to make sure, however, that your shoes do not get lost in the middle of your outfit. Boots and platform styles can be a good choice.

Greetje @no_fear_of_fashion above is wearing boots that match her pants, making her legs look much longer.

Recreate her dress over the same top, wide-leg pants, boots, and necklace.

Dress shoes with wide-leg pants

Kenneth Cole REACTION Chelsea Boots – J. Adams peep-toe bootie – Franco Sarto loafer – Roxy platform sneaker

Accessories for Your Wide Trousers

Tamera in wide-leg pants and big hat

Pants with wide legs can add amazing accents to your outfit, so you can be bold or hide the way you want with your accessories.

Tamera @tamerabeardsley above keeps her neutral but adds an impact with her wide-brimmed hat.

Look for this matching blouse, blazer, wide-leg pants, loafers, tote, hat, earrings, and sunglasses.

Clothing items and wide-leg pants | 40plusstyle.com

Bronze Age tote – Rebecca Minkoff hobo bag – Nordstrom cashmere & silk scarf – Gas Bijoux station necklace – straight round earrings by Karine Sultan

Your Extensive Pants Are Combined In One Capsule

See how you can tie your wide-legged pants to the bottom capsule. You will find that you can easily mix and match these items to give a lot of a different look.

Some Additional Tips on How to Wear Wants Trousers

Wide leg pants wardrobe

Now that I have checked out some of the different styles of wide-leg pants and some of my favorites in stores now, here are some tips to consider when choosing wide-leg pants.

Buy Your Pants With Long Legs

Wendy wearing wide pants and matching top | 40plusstyle.com

I do not like the look of flaming pants that are too short. Especially if you want to create the effect of extending your legs, it is best if your pants hide your high heels.

Wendy @ fashionoverfifty. wendy above is wearing her pants to cover her high booties.

Make her look with the same turtleneck top item, pants, sleeveless cardigan, boots, necklace, sunglasses, and earrings.

Describe Your Gap

Wide pants look great when you describe your waist with a belt or the way the pants are sewn.

Adjust Your Appearance

Nikkie wearing red pants and striped top |

For a balanced silhouette wear something thin that fits over. You will see many of the styles featured here, including tops, or tops.

Nikki above balances her wide-legged pants with an open neckline.

Recreate her dress over the top with the same lines, wide-leg pants, and sandals.

Select Old Look

Flared pants can give you a very casual, timeless look, so it will look great with a shirt, fitted, well-fitted.

For timeless tips see this style guide and capsule cabinet for classic style personality.

What If You Are Petite?

Shauna in printed pants | 40plusstyle.com

Shorter people can also wear wide pants. Just make sure they are fitted over the top and the pants are not too tight.

Shauna @ chicover50 above maintains her healthy look and adds length to her hairstyle.

Steal her look with this same top, denim jacket printed pants and sandals.

Break the Rules

While a top-fitting top is a simple and very flattering way to wear wide pants, I also like to pair them with short dresses and wide tops.

It looks hard to remove, but I love the constructive silhouette.

In the case of a Pear

Julie pattern blends in her dress with wide legs | 40plusstyle.com

Although wide-brimmed pants may fit a pair of body parts, make sure you do not have side pockets as that will add extra bulk.

Pear varieties also benefit from flat front pants, as opposed to those with strips.

Julie incorporates her prints but makes sure her outfit works by combining her blazer with her bag.

Steal her look with this same top, blazer, wide-leg pants, pumps, tote, necklace, and sunglasses.

With Long Legs

Want longer legs? Try open-toed pants with straight lines, crease in the middle. Or wear your pants with heels!

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