12 Types of Hot Pants Shorts for Womens and Girls

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Summer is great weather in which we can do everything properly and fully whether we eat anything, go to any place or wear anything. But the hot scorching sun in this weather is the biggest hurdle ever and also an opportunity for many girls to make themselves fashionable by showing them some skin. They can’t wait to wear some sexy dresses in which shorts are the first choice. You can wear some nice shorts to your thighs which are also known as hot pants. These shorts can be worn all season long as you can match them with any outfit at your convenience and can make the outfit look one of the best-worn outfits.

Some of the hot pants here are listed below

Super cool denim shorts

denim short

Denim is that one fabric that is always in trend. It’s the water version of fabric that literally molds into anything that we wear. And that’s the same thing for denim shorts as well if you want to wear anything and can’t find anything you can do something simple with denim shorts.

You can wear a loose T-shirt with a pair of denim shorts. In the footwear, section sneakers can be a go-to option or simple tan footwear.

Feline Print Silk Shorts

Feline prints are also popular among people of all ages. Any age group wearing these will feel comfortable. In feline silk shorts, the material is sultry and will instantly put you in a comfort zone. They are so comfy and have no fuss. So don’t hesitate to wear this as they are also supposed to top the charts.



Skorts are actually a mix-up of shorts and skirts. They were most popular in the late ’90s and early 2000. They give an edgy look actually. Their fabric can vary from cotton to polyester but they are absolutely comfortable. They also reduce the embarrassment we are about to face while wearing skirts and also the problem of chafing of thighs so they are comfortable in many ways. You can wear his with a bodysuit while styling your hair in a french braid with some chunky ring fingers and of course you need to pair them up with a white sneaker.

Printed Cotton Shorts

These shorts give you a proper goa vibe as they are colorful,vibrant and comfy as ever. Their design will remind of you the beach where you can have your bestest time ever. They are available in many colors and prints like tribal,Aztec, polka,floral,stripes and much more. Which will make your heart yearn for more.

Linen Shorts

Linen Shorts

If we talk about shorts and not linen shorts thats not gonna work. Linen is a fabric which is similiar to cotton. When the weather is hot and sultry and you can’t decide which shorts to wear in front of your wardrobe you can just take out those linen ones. These shorts come in pastel colors and pair well with everything. You can team these linen shorts with same pastel color shirts or a basic white t-shirt while in footwear any kind of block heels or sneakers will go with this.

Scalloped Shorts

Scalloped shorts resemble fun and cute kind of shorts which are like any other normal shorts but with scalloped edges. They often come with some laced edges or with fun prints which makes a comfortable wear to sleep in. A snug blouse or a crop top can go perfectly with this and you can complete the footwear look with a pair of flip flops.

Booty Shorts

Booty Shorts

Booty shorts make you look hot as it covers only your booty as it just enhances when girls with thick booty wear that. Pair these with anything as you will look the best.

Lounge Shorts

As chilling at home become a norm now. And giving a tough competition to all the pajamas and track pants. The best part of the lounge shorts is that they are not limited to any definition. Lounge shorts are ultra comfortable when it comes to fabric. You can choose any fabric you want from cotton to silk or any design be it plain or printed. You can pair your shorts with your favorite t-shirt.

Roll-Up Shorts

Roll-Up Shorts

These kind of shorts are rolled up one or two inches. Denim, cotton,linen,chiffons any kind of shorts can become roll ups. If you are an artsy person you can make your own roll up shorts.These kinds of shorts can go out of fashion anytime and can return anytime.Roll up shorts go well with everything but just to make sure of your good looks you can wear this with a high waisted top or a crop top whichever yo feel like is good to go. On the hairstyle front you can curl them or let them loose to complete your look you can wear a pair sneakers or some sort of heels will also work.

Cut Off Shorts

Cut off shorts are an extension of denim shorts they are basically cut outs from the jeans. It has a frayed hemline and we can wear it whenever or whatever. These kind of shorts are a must in your wardrobe.You can pair these with a snug tshirt and with an oversized denim jacket. On the footwear side you can wear ankle-length boot or converse or a big showy belt.

Paper Bag Shorts

Paper Bag Shorts

Paper bag shorts have wide leg space and are cinched at the waste. They come with a tie it yourself detachable belt. They are perfect hot pants for a date night. You have to tuck your top in your shorts while wearing paper bag shorts. And if you are wearing turtleneck tops you have earned more brownie points in that.

Pleated Shorts

Fashion magazine once considered this as a fashion offense but now the fashion police has converted these shorts which you can wear into a office meeting.Pleated shorts usually provide more coverage than any type of hot pants and also have a wider leg.

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