The 14 Best Scarves to Tie Off Every Look This Fall

The 12 Best Scarves to Tie Off Every Look This Fall
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The Traditional Plaid Scarf

A traditional Burberry scarf is the epitome of “autumnal.” I went with a more tonal colorway but still combined it with a trench. I’d never tried a belted scarf look before, but I figured, shit, it’s 2020, and I have nothing to lose. And boy, was I ever correct! I got a Kate Middleton vibe right away, so I’d recommend adding a little edge to the appearance. A studded belt or creepers could contribute to a more rebellious British vibe.

The 20 Best Scarves to Tie Off Every Look This Fall

The Chic Neckerchief

A silk bandana with glitzy accents, like the beads on this Tory Burch one, is a more modern alternative to a statement necklace. It feels a tad cooler when paired with a military shirt dress more relaxed because it already includes a lot of jazz.

Poncho in Knit

Okay, I understand what you’re thinking: a poncho? Lady, come on. I know but bear with me. This Missoni is less “kooky art instructor,” and I like the hood. To complement the rainbow stripes, I wore it with a nautical Saint James sweater that I felt would be unusual but also grounded the ensemble. Not for nothing, a neutral sweater or turtleneck(opens in new tab) would look nice with this as well, if that’s more comfortable for you.

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The Neutral Oversized Scarf

The simplest approach to looking put-together is to dress in monochrome. The only effort required is to locate the appropriate tones in your closet. This taupe looks fantastic with camel, and I enjoy how the texture of the faux-leather shirt slightly highlights the contrast of the wool scarf.

The Extra-Large Silk Scarf

Silk scarves can be difficult to wear without looking like a grandma, but I like a large one that is easily tied with ample room for it to drape. I enjoyed the contrast of fine printed silk with a graphic vintage hoodie, which made it a little more relaxed. I’m picking up a posh parent at “Parent’s Day” on campus, which I’m not complaining about.

The Pony Tie

Tieing a scarf around a ponytail is one of the simplest ways to incorporate a scarf into your style. This works with almost any size or form, as long as you can tie it in a knot. If you’re concerned about the silk cloth slipping down your pony, loop it through a hair elastic before tying it.

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The Twisted Headband

If you’re using a square scarf, begin by folding it in half diagonally, then roll or fold the scarf from the widest side toward the pointy corners. Start folding along the long side of a rectangle scarf. Tie the loose ends of your hair at the nape of your neck and you’re done! You can also tie the scarf in the middle after rolling it up to keep it folded and add volume to the top.

A bandanna

Hello, Lizzie McGuire called, and she’s delighted to share another of her unique looks with you. This is your simplest option if you’re not feeling your hair or simply want to cover up a third-day blowout that should’ve retired after being a two-day blowout. Fold a square scarf diagonally in half, then tie the two opposite ends under your hair, leaving the third corner unfastened.

The 20 Best Scarves to Tie Off Every Look This Fall

Cap with a Bandanna

The bandanna cap is quite similar to the above, but instead of giving off the early 2000s or summer camp vibe, it feels much more ’70s and only requires one little modification in execution. Instead of tying your scarf beneath your hair, tie it on top of your strands and over the loose corner. Then, to finish, tuck the excess cloth under the knot.

Babushka (Russian for “Baby”)

The babushka, which is popular among Eastern European grandmothers and fashion-obsessed rappers alike, covers most of your head, is incredibly easy to make, and stays in place even if you’re moving around all day. Begin by folding a square scarf in half diagonally, then tie the two opposing ends under your chin. That’s the end of it. Seriously. Now go care for your grandchildren or create another album.

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Grace Kelly’s

This design, sometimes known as the Babushka 2.0, was popular with Old Hollywood starlets, especially when they were traveling around the South of France in stylish convertibles. Yes, it is also a wonderful choice for dealing with wind, rain, or humidity. It takes a slightly larger scarf than the babushka and only one extra step. Instead of tying the ends of your scarf beneath your chin, wrap them around your neck and over the rear corner of your scarf before creating a knot.

The Modern Rosie the Riveter

This reverse bandanna looks great with a topknot, high pony, or tight curls. Fold a square scarf diagonally in half, then fold the bottom third up and the top third down to produce a long trapezoid. Then, wrap the scarf around your head, wrapping it up and around, and tying it at the top of your forehead. If you’re folding a rectangle scarf lengthwise, use your best judgment. It may be sufficient as is or with only one fold. It may also leave you with some excess fabric at the ends to make a creative bow, tuck under, or leave hanging loose if desired.

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Braided Scarf

The simplest approach to incorporate a scarf into a braid is to draw your hair back into a ponytail, tie one end to an elastic, and then use it as one-third of your braid, tying the other end off with a second elastic or wrapping and knotting the scarf itself. However, you may also incorporate your accessory into a more sophisticated ‘do, like as a French or fishtail braid.

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The Short Bun

A square or long scarf will work here, but a long scarf will give you more fabric to wrap around your bun, so use a rectangular shape if you have a lot of hair or want a voluminous bun. Begin by folding the scarf’s top quarter down before placing it on top of your head. Make sure the two ends are the same length, then tie them in a knot at the base of your neck, just like a bandanna. Cross each loose end up and around the bun, then tie again below it. Tuck in any loose ends or extra hanging fabric, and you’re done.

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