The 13 Best Nail Trends We’re Loving for Summer 2022

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Trends, you will also want to check out the new 2022 summer nail styles. Because if, like me, you like to refresh your nail color palette as the seasons change, summer is one of the best times to be made to change, because it will make you happier in the hot days ahead. So feel free to remove those navy blues, maroons, and bright reds on your winter days and get rid of your green, yellow, pink, or any other colors that make you feel ~ like summer ~ of the biggest trends of this season.

Minimalist Nail Art for the summer of 2022

Minimalist Nail Art for the summer of 2022

A little nail art is my favorite way of the summer of 2022 because, appropriately, it is also very simple. Do you not have enough nail art skills? Just click a few small flowers in a different area on each nail with a nail polish tool. And if that’s too much, just grab a pack of great stickers that require less artistic talent.

The modern French Mani of 2022

The modern French Mani of 2022

I like the old French mani look, but I am very concerned about this modern twist. Instead of painting the white line straight across, start from the sides of each nail and paint towards the end, leading to this crisp white v shape here.

Wavy Summer Nail Art 2022

Wavy Summer Nail Art

ICYMI, waves, and squiggles are everywhere now. And your nails are the perfect way to rely on this practice. Hold a small nail art brush with five colors of your favorite nail polish (the shiny, the best), and carefully paint the curling line down the center of your nail. Immediately (before the polish starts to set) fill one part of the nail, and cover it with a top coat.

Green Nail Trend 2022

This is the 2022 Green Nail Trend

Do you like the green nail polish you have taken this year? Good, because it also takes your summer. And the best part is that the shades and design options are endless. You can stick to your favorite shade of green nail polish and paint all of your nails tight, or you can give it a little oomph with this ugly space design

Summer animal nail prints 2022

summer animal print prints

This 2020 summer nail art idea incorporates animal prints in the wrong, uh, super gaudy. Follow this nail polish guide by painting on a medium base (such as taupe or light brown nail polish), and add brown and black dots collections with a nail polish tool to create leopard spots. Easier than it looks, promise.

Marble Summer Nail Trend 2022

Marble Summer Nail Trend

There are a few ways to re-create the trend of marble nails this summer. The first is to drop the nail polish dots on your nails and wrap them around with a toothpick or cuticle stick, and the second is the marble nail polish method using water, polishing, and toning patience. It is dirty, but it deserves a seamless marble effect.

Hot Pink Pink Nails 2022

Hot Pink Pink Nails 2022

Hot pink is the official color for the summer of 2022, and I have no questions at this time. Keys to re-creating this manicure: Cuticle oil to keep your cuticles looking dry, as well as a glossy top coat (oh, with pink nail polish obvs).

Minimalist French Mani Summer Nail Trend 2022

French Mani Summer Nail Trend

How sweet is this orange-and-white summer man? The bright orange color is really beautiful in itself (nail artist Betina Goldstein used Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer Sunny Face), but if you want to add white details, paint a very fine white line on all the tips with a very fine nail. call.

Earth Tones Summer 2022

Earth Tones nail art

Earth tones are not just nailed polish or nail art, ppl. Combine a few neutral shades to get a low-quality nail with a ton of size.

Deep French Tips for 2022

Deep French Tips

If you like your French tips to be a nail rather than a tip, this 2022 summer trend is perfect for you. Instead of painting white nail polish on the tip of your nails, start the center of your nails to get this slim, Y2K-esque look.

Silent Colors for 2022

Silent Colors for 2022

Sure, summer loves the bright neon mani, but if that’s not your vibe, muted colors are also a mix. The trick to getting the perfect mani muted? Pair pastels with soft neutrals — none solid or light — and play with paint on various shapes of your sponges, such as the camo fibers in this photo.

Gold Nails of Summer 2022

Gold Nails

Just looking at these gold tips can make me feel ~ expensive ~, and that is the strength I bring this summer, TBH. Re-create this nail polish with nail polish, or invest in a chrome kit of nail dip powder to get that glossy finish.

Bright Colors of Summer 2022

Bright Colors

Proof that the summer of 2022 is not afraid of color: This is a fun, bright idea for nails. You will need to get nail tape to create clean lines and textures, but other than that, it is very easy to DIY. Just cut and place the tape between your nails the way you want before painting, and when each color is dry, remove the tape and repeat with the next color. Sure, it will take some time, but that is what watching is all about.

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