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The skill of layering jewellery pieces on the neck and wrists is referred to as layering with in fashion business. This entails layering a variety of chains of various lengths, materials, and patterns to create a remarkable layered arrangement that seems easily distinct. You can go for subtle and elegant pairings, or mix contrasting, strong designs for a bolder impact. You may then keep mixing and matching, creating mingle and adapting them to your dress and mood, creating use of all your favorites jewels.


You’ve definitely seen fashionable people arrive at events wearing multiple necklaces at once, which is a stunning appearance. These well-accessorized ladies are rocking a look designers term “layering necklaces,” and we’re here to show you how to replicate it.

There are a plenty of options to layer jewelry while still looking stylish. That being said, you won’t throw on some of your favorite necklaces and instantly transform into the Instagram fashionista.

Let’s find out tips and tricks of wearing such layered necklaces:

Jewels Galaxy

Gold & Rose Gold-Plated Layered Necklace

Gold-Plated Layered Necklace

You could now carry all of your best necklaces at the very same time, but keep in mind that the appearance ought to be balanced and classy, not cluttered and overdone. Layering might be hard to master, yet what you need to do is a little ingenuity and just a little assistance choosing the appropriate chains to complete your style.

Layered tree map necklace

Layered tree map necklace

It’s critical to leave some breathing room. This is to keep your layering seem balanced, to showcase each single part, and to minimise tangling: for a clean effect, make absolutely sure your chains are 2-3cm apart in length.

Jewels Galaxy Gold Plated Layered Necklace Combo

Jewels Galaxy Gold Plated

You can replicate the layering trend by wearing chains over chains over chains, but don’t go overboard! All jewellery lovers should pile a total of 5 necklaces on atop of each other, according to fashion experts.

Adding colourful pendants or little coins on your chains can bring a special touch to your neckline. When the weather cools down, put your necklaces over a buttoned-up shirt or a pullover top for a smart and elegant look. Explore the New Delightful Collection for the perfect layering jewellery items that you’ll adore. From charming letter pendants to infinite symbols, creature and geometrical pendants, and exquisite Butterfly shaped pendants, there’s something for everyone.

Shining Diva Fashion Latest Multilayer Necklace

Latest Multilayer Necklace

It’s difficult to put a set of necklaces together now and expecting them to look attractive. The length of the necklaces must be carefully reviewed; else, the look will be thrown off. If the chains are just too similarly proportioned, they may tangle or conceal each other. They might appear odd and badly grouped if their lengths are too dissimilar. We suggest that every necklace would have been at least one or two inches apart in length to enable them to dangle properly and to assure that they are all visible. And most important is to keep only one metal color either silver or gold don’t mismatch.

YouBella Stylish Jewellery Layered Gold Plated Multi Strand Necklace for Women

Multi Strand Necklace for Women

Create the greatest variation in chain lengths among last and second to last necklaces while determining the lengths of the chains you’ll be layering. This allows your bottom hanging chain to dangle and attract attention, while the short necklaces make your stack appear broader.

The ripples formed when something falls into water is a wonderful concept to bare in mind when making your stacked necklaces. The waves close to the centre are divided by a short distance, whereas the ripples further away are divided by a bigger distance. They make a lovely fading pattern when combined.

Carlton London

925 Sterling Silver-Rose Gold-Plated Layered Necklace

Carlton London

If you plan on changing up your groups on a regular basis, an adjustable length chain would be an useful investment. You’ll be able to reuse a piece and use it in any combination you can thought of.

This is a good idea for any pendant you would like to wear it all the time, like the one you started with for layering. It’d be a shame if you couldn’t wear some of your necklaces since they are almost the same size as your monogram chain, which you never remove.

Putting on multiple outfits. Multi-layered chains are a fashionable accessory that may make you look cool and sophisticated. They’re lovely and go with practically any clothing and for any event. A multi-layered necklace is appropriate for every occasion, from a casual get-together with friends to a formal dinner party.

gold necklace

The finest multilayered chains are ones with various length, colour, or style chains on each layer. This allows each element to be seen and admired in its entirety. Aside from the aesthetic value of spacing, it also aids in keeping each chain distinct and reduces the risk of tangling.

In moments, a multi-layered choker or chains can transform a plain and casual attire into a smart and trendy look. So, now you must be sure of adding few more chains in your wardrobe or to make your own multi layered necklace look by using existing necklaces  of yours so go on and show your layering game.

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