Men’s Indochino Suits Arrive Just in Time for Wedding Season

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The wedding season can be stressful. Without an in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and tips on the best series, it is very easy to get caught walking, very organized, and out of style. Fortunately, Indochino protected you.

The craftsmanship of online and retail designers is designed to measure pieces tailored to individual weights and appearance preferences to achieve seamless proportions with endless customization options. Originally founded as an online retailer in 2007, Indochino has the expertise to ensure advanced digital knowledge and access to almost anywhere in the world. With 75+ Indochino exhibition halls open in Canada and the United States, customers can immerse themselves in multi-channel experiences to get the perfect fit for these upcoming spring and summer wedding celebrations, no matter what the occasion.

INDOCHINO is a custom clothing retailer that offers affordable priced tailored, personalized suits, outerwear, and outerwear. Originally established as an online retailer in 2007, INDOCHINO has opened 79 exhibition halls in Canada and the United States. Drew Green, the founder of SHOP.CA, is the CEO of INDOCHINO and the company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a second office in Shanghai, China.

INDOCHINO was founded by Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani. At the end of 2015, Vucko stepped down and Drew Green joined INDOCHINO as CEO.


INDOCHINO was one of the first web retailers to go offline and open physical stores, initially using the best-selling stores before opening permanent exhibition rooms. At the exhibition hall, customers work on the INDOCHINO Style Guide which helps them design their costumes, which are tailored and shipped for about two weeks.

In 2016, INDOCHINO increased more than $ 47m in sponsorship to investors including Highland Capital Partners, Dayang Group, and Madrona Venture Capital. This has allowed them to grow rapidly, with about 50 exhibition halls in many of North America’s major cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

“I think a lot of what we do is against the grain,” said chief executive Drew Green in the Indochino video Behind the Brand. “Bespoke, a custom made, customized, was only available in the store. We were the first to bring it online. As we went through that journey, we felt that to communicate with the buyer, we had to give them real options; it does provide a compelling experience that they can enjoy and remember. ”

Indeed, both online and in-store, Indochino men can find art to suit their choices. This includes highlighting seasonal colors, patterns, building materials, sewing lengths, suit proportions, lip sizes, and if you want to add personalized options like a monogram, and more.


“Our exhibition room is a little different from your traditional suit shop,” said vice president Dean Handspiker. “There are thousands of options in the books and we offer expert advice on what people want. We show watches one meter by the measure of one meter, so you can feel what the fabric will look like. ”

The magic of the Indochino system is that you can reset online with these custom settings and settings once they are already in the programs, saving you time and effort to log in to get the fit and adjustment every time you buy a suit. This is a great help, especially this year.

As of January, Handspiker said, 42% of store sales in Indochino were related to marriage, which is a big change at the start of the season. With so many weddings delayed in the past two years, this marriage season will be a turning point. Indochino aims to be present in all men’s needs.


“We see a lot of men, this is not just their introduction to Indochino, but also an introduction to fitness,” Handspiker said. “We are here to support you in all your choices – matching shoes, fabrics, one-button cuts, no buttons, or two-button suits, and more. Without a rack, you will not have that level of service. ”

Indochino So What’s in Style in 2022?

“We’ve seen color change over the last few years,” Handspiker said. Blue and gray were bright colors (and still are somewhat), but now we have seen the rise of neutral tones. Early indications are that the green will be more popular this year. We have added a line of spring pastels and bright colors that will come soon. ”

These delayed festivals have also increased the legality of weddings and the Indochino tuxedo business is already strong this year with the next official dinner jackets. Wearers will never deviate from the traditional black tux, but the rules have been slightly relaxed when it comes to formal dress. Indochino now offers us an official midnight blue/navy option that helps a young man who wants to shine a little. Why buy a tuxedo instead of just renting?

“It’s the most advanced thing in men’s style,” Handspiker said. “Lapels can come in or go out wide, but tuxedos will last at least 10 years before you need a new one. And for $ 529, we make it accessible. ”


Do you have a local wedding? Indochino even designed a simple suit. The Howell Traveler’s clothing company suit is compact, durable, and waterproof, with the added addition of extra comfort to the road. And if you plan to wear linen at a beach wedding, Indochino advises bringing a travel steamer to remove wrinkles because the linen shrinks easily.

All in all, if you are going to make sure you want to fly in the spring and dapper this summer, Indochino has every taste that fits any wedding setting.

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