How to Wear a Turtleneck Outfit

How to Wear a Turtleneck Outfit
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The turtleneck is a surprisingly versatile clothing piece. It can be worn in informal and formal settings alike. It can also be worn on its own or as the basic layering for the rest of your outfit. Generally speaking, turtlenecks must extend past your waistline. They must also be tucked in for untucked and formal events when worn casually. By selecting the righteous accessories, shoes and pants, a turtleneck do be worked into practically some outfit and for some occasion!

Wear a standard turtleneck with a smooth or pleated neck for a simple look. 

Traditionally, turtlenecks have one layer of fabric that extended up the neck. The neck can be form-fitting and tight, or have few slack in the fabric to develop few pleats in the neck. Standard turtlenecks are the obvious choice if you have an average neck and need the freedom dressing the turtleneck up or play it down in the casual outfit.

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  • Turtlenecks with the smoother layer of fabric on the neck are considered more modern than the looser varieties with pleating in them.

Opting out for taller turtleneck if you have a thin neck. 

Often referred to as skivvies, these turtlenecks have thicker, higher fabric in the neck zone. Sometimes, a long piece of fabric is folded over itself to provide the neck an additional layer. These turtlenecks are a smart choice if you think you have a skinnier neck or are a tiny taller than most humans.

  • When trying on these items, making certain that the neck fabric isn’t extending past the corners of the cheekbones. If they’re took thick, they do making your neck look too bigger for your head.

Select a mock turtleneck if you have the shorter neck. 

Mock turtlenecks referring to turtlenecks with smaller pieces of fabric run up the neck. Mock turtlenecks are a good choice if you’re a tiny on the smaller side or don’t need to make too big of a statement with your outfit.

  • Many mock turtleneck sweaters come with a tiny zipper. These are great as you can unzip the sweater and folded the neck fabric down to develop a collar. Some humans find zippers unstylish, though.
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Get a tighter-fitting turtleneck if you layer clothing on top.

 Layering jackets, sweaters, shirts over a turtleneck is a good manner to develop a unique look. However, loose-fitting or bulkier turtlenecks will develop a huge cushion for the additional layers and making your upper body look huger than it actually is. Picking a turtleneck that fits comfortably against your skin without much slack in a fabric if you layer additional clothing on top of it.

  • A thinner turtleneck will keep you cooler when you wear multiple layers as well.

Select a looser-fitting turtleneck if you wear it on its own. 

If you not wear anything on top of the turtleneck, ignore tight-fitting turtlenecks. Looser turtlenecks will fit more comfortably and develop a more natural look. Get a turtleneck that hangs comfortably on your body and extended a tiny past your waistline.

Create a Casual Look

Wearing a solid-colored turtleneck with jeans for the versatile look. If you don’t need the slick, darking look of the black turtleneck, selecty a more colorful option. Darker, warmer colors such as burgundy, tan, and navy blue are good alternatives. On their own, these turtlenecks felt a tiny softer than traditional black, and are a good choice for when you head out on the city during cooler months without the light jacket.

  • While white, blue, and black jeans are perfect for the solid-colored turtleneck.
  • You do wearing any kind of shoes with the colorful turtleneck. It really dependent on the temperature outside and where you’re going. Athletic shoes will be working well if you just hang out on the weekend. Select few chic boots if you head outside during the cooler months.

Wear khakis with the turtleneck sweater over the T-shirt for the preppy style.

 If you have a zipper on the turtleneck sweater, throwing on the solid black or white T-shirt. Over it, picking a solid-colored turtleneck sweater that would contrast with the shirt and zip the sweater as required. For sweaters without zippers, select turtlenecks with elegant patterns. Plaid sweaters, sweaters with horizontal bands, and polka dot sweaters do all working well on their own.

Put on a bomber jacket over your turtleneck for the retro vibe. 

A bomber jacket refered to the style of flight jacket with the upturned piece of fabric on a neck. As the neckline of a bomber jacket running up, it will match the higher neckline of turtleneck. This is the classic look reminiscent of the old school fighter pilots. While it’s a retro look, it’s also pretty warm.

Button up a flannel over your turtleneck for the cool look. 

Select a comfortable flannel and button it up over a turtleneck. Leaving the top 1-2 buttons undone exposing a solid-colored turtleneck underneath. This is the warm outfit that looking relaxed, current and contemporary.

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