Follow These 6 Fashion Tips And You Too Will Look Stylish Like A Heroine

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A Bollywood Heroines is constantly under the pressure to look effortlessly fashionable wherever she goes.
These incredibly enlightening styling tricks that we have spotted on our favorite heroine will transform your life! Just scroll on for the styling secrets heroine live by.

Master the basics first

That easy airport looks heroine wear aren’t anything but basics worn well. They just identify the right manner to rock their basics.
Skirts, skinny grey pants and a pair of the classic pump are all among stylish actresses must-haves. So before your trap your wardrobe with the trendiest stuff you saw on the pathway, master your basics to initial front!

Change your look with layers


In any stylish actress wardrobe, a black shirt is not just a black shirt it can also be a winter jacket to layer over your trouser.  Look to change basics like a great LBD into a excellent day dress by adding a pretty blouse underneath or collared shirt. Just initiate experimenting with your layers; you never understand what combinations you’ll like most.

Embrace print clashing

An instant manner is to look more stylish is to mix prints. Whoever said you couldn’t wear polka dots with stripes had no idea just how fresh they would look together.
Once you have conquered your basics it is alright to not play by the rules, mix up snazzy prints with ease. if you are pretty new to the print game then look for same looking patterns in same colours and then move to more varied and colorful options.

Knot It

T-shirts are meant to be sneakily revamped, twisted, and rolled. Knotting your dress or t shirt at the waist or rolling it to the side will support amp the look up. These tiny tweaks to your t-shirt and shirt help amp things up, repurpose your dress and skirt. Simple throw a t-shirt and shirt over your dress, knot it at waist and it will provide an illusion of a skirt and top. Now, how is that for layering?

Belt It

For an added outfit perk or waist definition, belt it. A skinny belt add up a polished finish to a band, while a wider leather belt might represent curves and slim the body.

Glam up your ripped jeans

It seems like all our B-Town heroines are in full awe of the boyfriend jeans. They are pretty cool and yet somehow borderline dressy. Ripped jeans are even fresh when you mix them with more worldly, dressed-up pieces, like great jewels and heels. It’s the fashion actresses take on sexy, and it works every time.

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