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Tell us otherwise what you will, but we ladies and our obsession with bags pay no attention to that. We know it’s better than owning just one essential bag and calling it a day. But we are also not so stupid to follow changing trends every season. All we’re saying is that every woman needs to own these 12 different types of bags in her wardrobe, no matter what bag styles come and go. Consider these types of bags evergreen and suitable for the specific situation that life has to throw at you. Happy reading and shopping!

Tote Bag

Solid black vegan leather bag

Nike One Women's Training Tote Bag (18L). Nike IN

You probably already own one (if not, we’ll hit you with our favorite pick, no judgments) because the bag is a must. It is the biggest “everyday” bag in which a woman carries her entire world. That says it all. Plus, they look great and also come in oversized versions when you want to go shopping after work.

Envelope lock detail Clutch with pastel print

Get Envelop Flap Lock Detail Pastel Printed Clutch at ₹ 2850 | LBB Shop

We lost sight of clutches for a while and resorted to this compact version of the bag only for evening parties. But say hello to the clutch of the day who is seizing the day with us in her modern, oversized, and enveloping avatar! Not only does it help you have all the essentials with you when you need to grab coffee or brunch with the girls, but it also adds to the effortlessly casual look and creates style.

Evening clutch

Buy EMMA SMITH - HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIES Evening Bag for Women, Floral  Wedding Evening Clutch Purse Bride Party Clutch Bag (Black) at

The evening clutch is in fashion. Best worn to a party, romantic dinner, or any occasion that requires you to dress up, consider this number arm candy. Don’t underestimate the need for this type of bag, it will hit you on the day of the event and we want to spare you that feeling. Vintage evening clutches are everywhere, so you know what to do.

Solid color stripes Front bag with flap

Get Patterned Striped Flap Detail Solid Tasseled Cross-Body at ₹ 1356 | LBB  Shop

This is another foundation that every woman already owns, certainly in many different styles and colors. Billed as a travel bag that lets you keep your hands free and your feet light, the classic bag is loved for its universal appeal. Forget about having to worry about how to fit a bag of groceries in your hands or running errands in a hurry!

Detail of ring handle Handbag

Women O-Ring Handle Tassel Handbag Metallic Handle Handbag Spring Women  Crossbody Bags Purses and Shoulder Bags (Pink) By Dusun : Shoes  & Handbags

To add a touch of professionalism wherever you go, especially outdoor work meetings, invest in a simple, elegant and chic top handle bag. They’re easy to carry – imagine an improved replacement for a briefcase or laptop bag. They’re also sturdy and have enough space to fit all the tech and stationery you’ll need for the day.

Bag with Crocs print

Crocs-Inspired Purse Gets Roasted: Must-See 'Ugly' Sol Totes Handbag –  Footwear News

Whether you are going to make a quick purchase or go to the flea market for lazy shopping with a group, a comfortable canvas or cloth bag is a faithful ecological companion. It’s lightweight, comes in a plethora of styles (mostly with puns and fun doodles), and is roomy. This means you can also fold it up to fit into another bag for emergency grocery shopping or when you want to transport or display art in a jiffy!

Croc Effect hard bag

Diana Korr Handbags : Buy Diana Korr Black Croc-Effect Box Handbag Online |  Nykaa Fashion

For all the short trips and weekend getaways that come to mind, get this reliable, roomy, and sturdy weekend bag, or more popularly known duffel bag. It has enough room for two days worth of gear, so plan accordingly. Many also invest in a bag to complement the overall look, of course for that stylish airport and hotel snaps.

Detail of Croc Effect Solid Metal Linked Chain

Get Metallic Linked Chain Detail Croc Effect Solid Cross-Body at ₹ 1299 |  LBB Shop

Oh, how the 90s fashion aesthetic lives vicariously and flourishes, we might add, through the comeback of the classic shoulder bag. We think it’s a must-have for many reasons – a great stylish accessory for parties or casual work events, easy to wear on the shoulder, arm, or as a clip, and that we’ll never see this revival die! When you buy one of these, there are neutral colors.

Detail of a black backpack holographic pattern

Cubern Holographic Backpacks Luminous Shard Lattice Shoulder Bag 20 L Backpack  Black - Price in India |

Oh, the bag that brings back fond memories and lots of nostalgia. However, we want to announce that the backpack is not forgotten, especially since it has so many styles – sophisticated, flirty, edgy – we could go on. This type of bag is also popular for its ease of carrying (on the back or as a shoulder bag), space to fit everything from a laptop to light clothing, and for styling any outfit.

Chain Tassel Mini Trapeze Bag

Get Chain Tassel Mini Trapeze Bag at ₹ 999 | LBB Shop

Purely necessary for its appeal and style, the mini purse (many brands also come with a micro mini) is perfect for a night out that only needs your cards, lip gloss, ID, and phone. If you’re a trendsetter, this one will last and look like an unrelenting piece whenever you step out with it.

Handmade Metal Rose Gold Drawstring…

Satin Jewelry Packaging Bags High-grade Rose Gold Ribbon Drawstring Bag  Hair/Wigs/Shoe Silk Cloth Pouches Custom Logo Print 100p - AliExpress Home  & Garden

The fashionable and functional bucket bag has become an essential element of the wardrobe of every woman who knows and loves bags. It’s roomy, with many designers experimenting with bigger and better designs that feature drawstrings and long adjustable straps, and great design features. If you find yourself wearing this, know that you are grabbing eyeballs.

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