Companions for Life: Navigating Friendships & Love

Companions for Life: Navigating Friendships & Love
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Having a relationship with your loved one is beneficial, an excellent journey, but eventually, it progress tough to maintain both friendships and relationships equally! Whether you’re lost contact with your buds or concentrate more on your buds than your loved ones, this blog will help you explore a healthy balance between both your friends’ time and love life.

Considering Your Thoughts

Taking a step back and view the relationship with the loved one and your other friendships. Sometimes, you might not be able to take a look at the complete picture – you might just aim at a chunk of the garden and neglect all the weeds growing in other spaces! Asking yourself these questions:

• Am I spending sufficient time with both to really form depth wise bonds?

• Are there more negative and positive emotions in my loved ones, my friendships and relationship?

• Do I feel unhappy with my friendships and relationship?

Consider Emotions. Do you sense negative energy from your loved one or buds? If there seems to be a cloudier tension in the relationship, you might need to lay off some time to hang out with the buds. If it’s the other pathway around, you might be spending too much time in the love life.

Talk to your friends and loved ones, if possible, and ask them how they feel. Do you spend too much time tending to the relationship and neglect the weeds in the friendships, or is it another pathway around? You can’t just aim on one chunk of the garden, but you should take a look at the complete garden. Where are the weeds growing more?

Taken Action

Consider what the priorities layed. Is it your career, life, friends, etc? Even though you have your friendships and relationship to tend to, you should aim on your priorities, but not so much that you are neglecting your friends and partner! Spread your time so that you could be with each human personally. Remembering that you could not be everywhere at once; there is only one of you, so time matters in the step!

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Always be in touch. Hanging out with buds at least once a year or month; if you cannot be present, sending them a card letting them understand you love them is more pure than an email text message.

Make certain your loved one is conscious of the times you planned to hang out with your buds or have personal time alone. This pathway, your schedule and your loved one schedule would not be upset— boundaries and communication are everything! If your loved one has no idea about the group hanging out and planning a special surprising dinner for you that day, they would more than likely be hurt! Letting your loved one understand about the schedule would prevent any hurt confusion in the future.

Remember that you are committed in a relationship. Make certain your buds are aware of that as well. They wanted to understand that you love your loved one company, but you miss their company as well. You do still live the life however you need; your loved one could not control you in that space. You make the decisions.

Let your loved one do their stuff as they require. Ignore being the over-possessive loved one just as they have guy friends and more girls. If your loved one really does care for you, they would not cheat on you. However, being certain that you are spending enough time with your loved one would prevent your loved one from holding out such thoughts.

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Make certain you are there when your good buddy wants a shoulder to lean or cry on. This pathway, you could be certain they would return the favor in the future when you want them! However, if you are unable to be presentable, send them a loving, thoughtful card that certain your support with them could be just as sweet as you being there in person with them.

• Never delay in sending comfort or reassurance to your buddy. Your buddy will most likely hold hurt feelings and wonder whether you really are their best buddy or not.

Don’t be scared to speaking out about how you felt, but do consider other humans emotions and do it in the gentlest but firmest pathway. Don’t let anyone control you – this is life, and these are the decisions!

• Do let people impact your decisions a tiny one, but do not let them make the decisions for you unless their advice seems better than your own.

Enjoy the flourishing garden of friendships and relationships! Be certain to tend to it each day and never neglect one chunk of it. Always look at the complete image and do whatever it takes to pull out the weeds and keep the flowers blooming.

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