Best Nail Subscription Boxes for 2022

Best Nail Subscription Boxes for 2022
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ORLY Color Pass

ORLY Color Pass

As a family-owned and operated corporation based in Los Angeles, ORLY uses vegan, non-violent products and was the first to offer 13 free formulas (13 free toxic chemicals). Now, ORLY offers Color Pass, i -an nail three-month polish registration box that offers new collections with partial discount and bonus items. Each Color Pass box comes with seasonal fun items, as well as new nail polish, extra products, deluxe samples, and special discounts.ORLY Color Pass is very popular and is selling fast, probably because most people make home manis. According to a product report, Color Pass membership has increased by more than 600% by 2020, and ORLY expects enrollment to expand by 100%. Color Pass costs about $ 36 per quarter or about $ 119 per year.

Best in Nail Art: Nailboxy


Nailboxy sends out five to ten full-size nail goods every month, which could include cuticle oil, nail art, foil strands, or an LED bulb. All products are designed to help you create unique nail art designs, with options such as glitter, crystals, and charms. It is also easy to learn tips on the Nailboxy online community where subscribers share photos of their designs with others and post tutorials. To get an idea of ​​what to expect, the June box contained 11 items, A nail art editor, pixie crystal caviar beads, gold heart beads, neon candy beads, charms, tweezers, paper flowers, metallic foil, holographic glitter, and more are among the items included.

Boxes cost about $ 30 a month for free U.S. shipping. Unless you skip, suspend, or cancel, your registration will be renewed every month on the same day you signed up.

Best for compression nails: Clutch nails

Clutch nails

Alexandra Tonks founded Clutch Nails in her undergraduate dorm room in 2017 after seeing a lack of pressure nails on the market. Target now has the version.

Clutch Nails are one of the easiest options: An art eye is not required and you can make your mani faster without waiting for your nails to dry. Although the buttons are very long, they are easy to cut and file. If you want to channel your inner Kardashian, they also come in a number of styles, such as squares and boxes. The brand also offers Clutch Club, a subscription service where you can get one nail kit every month for about $ 8 or two nail kits per month for about $ 15. Choose the length you want or say “open to any length,” so it will be easier to find and use. If a few fall off, the Clutch sends extra to the pocket, so you can easily paste it. Some of the neutral options include Pink Ombre, Greek Goddess, or Natural Nude, all suitable for your wedding weekend. But if you want something perfect for the Bachelorette Party, options like Electric Blue, Ride or Die, or Hot Girl Stunner might be great.You can reuse Clutch Club nails that send five times and fit all hand sizes. To remove claws, simply soak them in warm, soapy water for about 20 minutes until they loosen before carefully lifting.When it comes to nail polish, you have the option of wearing a short dress that lasts one to three days or a lengthy dress that lasts two weeks when you’re ready to commit. And don’t worry about nails and glue in the kitchen.

Best of Nail Care Kits: Maniology


If you are looking for a nail stamp and nail care product, Maniology, an e-commerce company based in Oahu, Hawaii, offers. This service comes with two customised seal plates and two integrated polishes in the Mani X Me Monthly Club subscription package. About $ 25 for a monthly subscription, about $ 22 for three months, about $ 67 every three months, or about $ 120 every six months. Another easy option is the Mani x Me Monthly Club Express Kit, which is a small monthly subscription kit that comes with two special seal plates, free U.S. shipping, and one unexpected gift. Colored kits, which can be $ 18 a month, $ 43 for three months, or $ 92 for six months, are designed to encourage subscribers to accept the offer. Previous nail polish accessories included a pirate ship, colored glass, and holographic shard glitter, making it one of the most creative options.

Maniology also has printed methods for always having the proper nail polish on hand, as well as Facebook Lives for real-time lessons.

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