Are you planning to buy Traditional Jewellery? Tips For You

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Are you planning to buy Traditional Jewellery? Tips For You

Who doesn’t love jewellery? Everyone loves it especially womens and that too traditional jewellery. In India jewellery is part of everyone’s life and in special occasions like wedding, first birthdays there’s whole lot of jewellery worn by bride be it ring or necklace. But buying jewellery is not at all an easy task. It’s way too hard to find the best design something which feels comfortable but looks rich and heavy and doesn’t look ordinary at all. But to find such jewellery there’s lots of hustle and to ease that we have mentiones few tips below which you can follow before buying jewellery for any occasion or any other purpose.


1.Loyality of Brand:

The most coveted jewellery brands are also some of the most expensive, but are they really worth it?

Are big-name crystals really that much better than generic crystals? Is it true that plastic beads with a brand name on them are better than other plastic beads? Most likely not.

You might be overpaying if you can’t locate any distinctive characteristics in craftsmanship other than a name stamp.

Traditional luxury labels rarely offer discounts on their jewellery, making them poor Christmas gift options. When it comes to gift-giving, knowing when and where to buy jewellery can save your money.

So don’t run behind brand names look for originality and transparency of price and quality.

2. You can Check Lab Report:

Request a grade or gemological identification report from an independent lab such as GIA if you’re buying jewellery with important gemstones. The reports will specify if the stone is natural or manufactured, as well as whether any treatments are visible. Diamond grading reports from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) assess the stone’s quality, whereas identification reports describe the substance.

If you’re looking for a jeweller who sells GIA-graded diamonds or employs GIA-trained professionals, use GIA’s Retailer Lookup, which is a quick and easy approach to locate a jeweller in your area.

3. Go For Silver:

Our passion for all things gold can sometimes obscure the beauty of fine silver jewellery. Specific gemstones might be overpowered by gold, making it difficult to discern certain cuts. Silver contrasts well with topaz, ruby, pearls, amber, marcasite, and many other gemstones.

Sterling silver is also a low-maintenance metal that is extremely durable. Compare two rings, one made of 24k gold and the other of sterling silver.

Best part is Silver jewellery is timeless and it enhances the most basic outfit and moreover it can be paired with western attires to give a boho look so having a silver jewellery is must especially jhumkas so do purchase one.

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4. Gemstones:

Getting something with the person’s birthstone is a great jewellery gift option. Obviously, if you’re exclusively interested in ruby, sapphire, or emerald, the price will be a deterrent. Semi-precious stones are recommended because of their uncommon presence.

There are numerous stones such as moonstones, amber, garnet, emerald, zircon, and many others that will impress and surprise your loved one. Keep an eye out for synthetic gemstones, which might be a good alternative if you’re not willing to mislead about their origin. Synthetic gemstones, in fact, are just as beautiful as natural ones.

5. Do check gems and policies:

If a gem is loose, it signifies the mounting isn’t secure and it could fall out. Also, look for any stones that have been damaged. Request a jeweler’s loupe to inspect the piece for chips and abraded facets.

Many jewellery retailers also provide annual cleaning services and will inspect your jewellery for any loose or broken diamonds. Consider it a yearly “tune up” for your jewellery.

If you’re buying an antique or something extremely valuable, you’ll need an appraisal for insurance purposes. This will provide you with the replacement value, which will give you peace of mind.

6. Prefer Repairs:

It can be difficult to locate something that complements your prior gifts when it’s difficult to find a new piece for anniversaries. In this scenario, getting an old component restored or added to might be a good idea. This might save you a lot of money and time when it comes to choosing anything new.

7.Quality Stamps:

The type and quality of the metal used in the piece are indicated by this stamp. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that a maker’s mark, or trademark, be included in jewellery created in the United States. They are generally hidden in plain sight, such as inside the shank of a ring.

8. Buy as per occasion:

With considerable disposable income and few liabilities, Indian women are looking to acquire jewellery to commemorate special occasions in their families or approaching life milestones. On this basis, jewellers have created gold bangle sets in recent years.

A quick web search for anniversary gifts, birthday giveaways, or wedding gifts can yield a plethora of conventional and contemporary gold bangle designs that stand out. You can choose from heavy design bangles to simple daily wear bangles, from broad kada bangles to slim bracelet bangles, depending on your event.

9. Ask questions:

If you need assistance purchasing jewellery, it’s only natural to turn to someone who manufactures it for a living. Smaller businesses, online, or from a place you aren’t buying from are the finest sources of unbiased counsel. Your purchasing selections should not be influenced by the individual who is selling to you.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. In order to learn more about jewellery, you should ask questions. An empowered consumer is one who is well-informed.

10. Designs:

Gazillions of designs are there in jewellery market today it’s up to you completely that what attracts you the most floral or plain design or something very intricate in traditional jewellery best motifs are inspired by animal or flowers like peacock and they indeed look most beautiful and elegant,

So make your mind and buy as per your choice without any compromise as you have options so buy the best one for yourself.

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