7 Essential Groom Style Trends for 2022

7 Essential Groom Style Trends for 2022
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Everything You Need to Know About Dressing White-Tie Appropriate

This is the most formal wedding attire possible (think: White House state dinners). Women should wear a formal floor-length evening gown, no exceptions. Pair your dress with jewelry, heels, and an elegant clutch. Men are required to wear a tuxedo with tails, a formal white shirt, a white vest and bow tie, white or gray gloves, and formal footwear, such as derby shoes or oxfords.


Black tie dress code explained | British GQ | British GQ

This is the second-most formal wedding attire and typically denotes a nighttime wedding. Women should dress in a formal floor-length gown that covers their ankles at the hem; however, if the wedding seems to be less formal, a chic cocktail dress might also be appropriate. Ladies may also don chic pantsuits. A tuxedo is required for men. Additionally advised are a black bow tie, a black vest or cummerbund, and patent leather shoes. A white dinner jacket and black tuxedo pants are also acceptable for weddings in the summer.

Formal or optional black-tie

According to the language used, attire that is a little less formal than a black tie is acceptable. As a result, although a tuxedo is not essential, it would still be suitable for the occasion. The options are the same as for black-tie events: a floor-length gown, a stylish cocktail dress, or a sharp pantsuit. Although Mae claims it’s more appropriate to wear a dress that exposes the ankles, there isn’t much of a distinction between black-tie and black-tie optional attire for women (which is not true of a black-tie dress code). A tuxedo is an option for men, but they can instead go with a traditional dark suit, white shirt, and subdued tie.


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Cocktail attire is a common choice for dress codes that are slightly more formal than semi-formal but not as formal as black-tie or black-tie. In general, it’s more formal than a daytime wedding but more relaxed than a nighttime event. It strikes a compromise between elegance and ease. Women should choose a tea-length, knee-length, or midi dress instead of a floor-length dress. No matter where the wedding is being held, men must wear a suit and ties. Be mindful of maintaining a professional appearance, but avoid wearing something too ornate or fancy that detracts from the newlyweds.

Dressy-casual or semi-formal

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The time of the wedding should be taken into consideration when choosing clothing for a semi-formal or fancy casual wedding. For an evening wedding, dress in darker, more formal hues; for a midday celebration, choose lighter hues and fabrics. Try a fancy skirt and top or a below-the-knee dress. Another suitable option is a chic pantsuit. However, floor-length dresses would not be appropriate. Combine with elegant wedges, formal flats, or high heels. Avoid wearing classic heels if the event is being conducted outside and you’ll be crossing a lawn because they’ll probably get caught in the grass. Depending on the time of day, men should wear a dress shirt with dark or light pants and the option of a tie.


7 Essential Groom Style Trends for 2022

Many visitors will be perplexed by this relatively recent dress code. In essence, guests are free to experiment with their appearance and have fun. Choose clothing for cocktail parties that features brighter colors and fun accessories. Women should dress in a cocktail or party dress in vibrant color and accessorize with funky items. They should also wear heels or sophisticated flats. Men should wear a suit that has been jazzed up with a colorful tie or unique pocket square.


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This suggests that the wedding will probably take place outside or on the beach, which denotes that the occasion will be considerably more casual, especially in terms of clothes. Having said that, tank tops, denim, and shorts are probably not appropriate unless they are mentioned in the dress code. It is okay to wear a summer sundress (just make sure the material isn’t extremely formal). Sandals and sneakers are not appropriate footwear for a casual wedding; wedges or formal sandals are. Put on khaki or dress slacks and a collared shirt. If you’d like, you can add a tie or sports jacket, but it’s not necessary. Feel free to include a sweater as well if it’s cold. Avoid wearing any tennis shoes or t-shirts.

Destination or tropical

7 Essential Groom Style Trends for 2022

Weddings in tropical locations are frequently hot, muggy occasions, so you should dress properly. Always err on the side of caution that is more formal. It’s probably not dressy enough if you’re unsure if what you’re planning to wear is appropriate. You’ll be OK if you take it up a notch, no doubt about it. Look for cotton sundresses and elegant wedges or sandals, just like for a casual wedding. Consider finishing the appearance with a sunhat if the wedding is taking place outside and the weather is scorching.In the tropics, guayabera shirts nearly invariably qualify as proper wedding clothing. These short-sleeved, button-down shirts are more frequently referred to as “Mexican wedding shirts” and frequently contain embroidery.

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