24 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2023

25 Gorgeous Light Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2023
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Brown is a beautiful color to wear, and it comes in a variety of shades that you can wear. Light brown hair may greatly brighten your face and provide you with a lot of alternatives for highlights and other hair colors. We can all agree that light brown hair is lovely and a hue that everyone should try out, whether you’re born with a natural brunette hair tone or you change up your style a little bit. Some hair colors are only flattering on certain complexion tones; light brown is not one of them. Light brown is a versatile color that looks good on all complexion tones. Here are 25 light brown hair color choices that demonstrate what we mean. Because it is in the middle of the hair color spectrum, light brown works well with a wide range of complexion tones, hair colors, and hair types.

So, if you’re blonde, you can simply transition to light brown, and brunettes can do the same. With the growing popularity of the blonde hairstyle, it’s no wonder that many individuals are dying their hair light brown. Continue reading to see some stunning light brown hair color trends. Light brown hair is lighter than medium brown and the polar opposite of dark brown. It’s neither too dark nor too light; it’s exactly right. I’ve compiled a list of the most popular light brown hair colors and the numerous ways you may achieve them if you’re looking for something different. You’ll find your nightshade of light brown hair in highlights, ombre, balayage, lowlights, and color melts.

Caramel Flavors

Olivia Wilde’s Light Brown Hair is framed by light brown, nearly blonde streaks that offer dimension without deviating too far from her natural color.

Auburn Standouts

Let us dispel a common misconception: not all highlights must be Light Brown Hair. Consider Ana de Armas’ auburn highlights. They lighten her naturally black hair without bleaching it.

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Brunette with Sun

This dimensional Light Brown Hair can be obtained by requesting light brown highlights over a dark brown foundation. The end product is a natural-looking but stunning tint.

Soft Brown

With peaches and a cream complexion like Alison Brie’s, a delicate and light shade of brown hair complements rather than contrasts your skin tone.

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Dark Chestnut Brown

This tone is deep without being “dark,” and it manages to be both warm and bold without appearing unnatural.

Roots of Doom

Unless you use Jessica Alba’s way, dyed hair demands a lot of upkeep. Instead of entirely committing to a color, leave your roots alone. The rest is entirely up to you: You can make it as light or as dark as you want.

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Mandy Moore’s complexion is brightened by this classic shade of Light Brown Hair that provides the perfect combination of cool and warm tones.


Kate Mara’s hue is one of the lightest tints of brown before being labeled blonde, with cool tan undertones that keep it in the brunette family.

Golden Brown

Lighter brown looks stunning when warmed up with glossy golden highlights — and it does wonders for complexions that are frequently washed out.

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Highlights from Sandy

Without going completely blonde, a cool brown with hair ashy ombre provides a beachy, summery aesthetic.

Delicious Cider

Light brown hair with somewhat tawny undertones has a delicate yet obvious dimension – a perfect alternative to blonde highlights if blonde isn’t your thing.

Iced Color

When you add a little cream to your coffee, it makes swirls of different colors brown. Sarah Jessica Parker’s ombre is the hair-color equivalent of that.

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Soft spice

Allison Janney’s color is almost ethereal thanks to delicate nutmeg Light Brown Hair highlights, which help to give her complexion a lovely glow.

Ombre Coppery

Ask your colorist to transition into a lighter shade a few inches down from the roots for an ombre look with light brown.

Sandy Brown’s

Diane Lane’s color combines cool and warm colors in perfect harmony thanks to a seamless color melt that provides a timeless caramel hue.

Toffee Riches

This solid light brown hair is great for anyone who wishes to draw attention to a strong contrast with a bright eye color.

Babylights in Blonde

Ask your stylist to add dimension to light brown hair by painting a few face-framing strands with a dazzling golden tint. It awakens both your hair and your face.

Gleaming bronze

Light brown hair looks great on darker skin tones, like this warm, honey tone.

Ash Dark

When worn in a short, curly ‘do with a lot of personality, this Light Brown Hair looks everything but mousy.

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Gleaming gold

Heidi Klum’s chilly brown crown begins to warm up around the ears with sparkling golden touches. Wash using a color-enhancing shampoo to keep yours from turning brassy.

The Honey Ombre

Warm skin tones look fantastic with light brown hair that transitions to a golden honey color. The concept of “goddess” came to mind. Ashley Tisdale, do you agree?

Rosalind Brown

A touch of copper gives light brown hair an almost rose-gold tint, creating an unexpected and totally attractive tone.

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Nearly Blonde

Where should the border between light brown and blonde be drawn? We’re not sure, but Rita Wilson appears to be walking the line with this eye-catching shade.

Hair Color: Light Golden Brown

This warm-toned light brown look is incredibly smooth. The dark roots fade into a stunning golden brown, adding depth to the look. The style also has sable undertones, making it suitable for women of all complexion tones. This style’s shoulder-grazing length is ideal for individuals who desire a low-maintenance hairstyle that always looks stunning.

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