10 Things to Stop Romanticising in Love and Relationships

10 Things to Stop Romanticising in Love and Relationships
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Fall in love with someone could be overwhelming. Learn how to not fall in love with someone takes perseverance and persistence, especially when you felt unable to control the emotions. Perhaps you are trying to resist falling in love with someone you are into or you  try to steer clear of love in general. You could trying ignoring the human you are attracted to and close yourself off emotionally from the person so your emotions don’t get the better of you. You could also aim on your own interests and needs as a manner to distance yourself from the person you might be falling for.

Avoiding the Human You Are Attracted To

Keep the distance from the person. One way to ignore letting your emotions get the best of you is to maintain a safe distance from the human as much as possible. This might signify staying away from the human in social circumstances, such as gatherings with coworkers or friends. Or you might ignore the human when you share a similar space, such as at work or at school. Keep the distance from the human so you are not tempted to interact with them, as this could lead to a deepening of your emotions for them.

Establishing clear boundaries for yourself when you are around the individual. 

If you do end up having to be around the individual, you must set up clear boundaries so you do not let your emotions take over. Perhaps you ignore sitting, touching, or hugging close to the human when they are closer to you. You might stand at a fair distance from them with closed body language so you do not appear welcoming or friendly to the human. This could signal to them that you are not keenly interested in them romantically.

Do not accept romantic gifts or gestures from the individual. 

The human might end up giving the gifts to show their affection for you or they might make kind gestures towards you. Ignore encouraging or accepting this manner. Accepting kindness or gestures from the human could encourage them to pursue you, which you might not need if you are trying to ignore them.

Close Yourself Off Emotionally From the loved one

List the human false qualities. Closing yourself off emotionally from the human might be another manner you could ignore falling for them. Trying to control the feelings so you do not felt overwhelmed or out of control around the human. Making a list of the humans’ negative qualities. Read them over and let yourself feel disengaged or discouraged from the human as of these false qualities. This might support you to ignore falling in love with humans.

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Decide why you and the loved one are conflicting. 

You must also think about why you and the loved one are not comfortable mates. You might make a list of the false qualities and then open up why these false qualities signify you and the loved one are not meant to be together. You might also pen up particular instances where you and the partner did not seem to jive well together. Focus on the incompatibility can support you close yourself off emotionally from the human and check them as nothing more than a buddy.

Aim on the friendly aspects of the relationship. 

If you are already on friendly terms with the loved one, you could try to focus on the friendship with them over any romantic relationship. Perhaps you and the loved one are getting along well as buddies. Reminding yourself that pursuing the human romantically could ruin your friendship and hurt feelings. You might then reason that you are good off to maintain a friendship with the loved one rather than a romance.

Aiming On Your Own Needs and Interests

Distract yourself with an activity or hobby. You could ignore falling for someone by devoting your time to your own needs rather than to them, or thoughts of them. Distracting yourself from the romantic yearnings by pouring the energy into the hobby you love. Or taking up an activity that would be all-consuming and left you tiny time to aim on the romantic emotions for someone.

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Confide in buds and loved ones. 

Though you might be tempted to keep the romantic emotions to yourself, you may try talking to those closest to you about your emotions. Tell close buds about how you are trying to ignore falling in love with someone. Speaking to the close family member about your conflicted emotions. 

Consider not talking to humans about your emotions. 

If your romantic emotions for the human are deniably, you might need to consider telling them how you felt. It could also open the door to the possibility that the loved one might feel the same way about you.

Not having emotions. 

If you do decide to talk to the loved one about not having the inner feelings, you must ask them if you talk just the two of you in person and in private. You might then tell them, I think I am not developing romantic emotions for you. I am trying to deny these emotions but I thought it might be better to be honest with my partner about how I am.

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