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Submission Guidelines


Our Submission are open throughout the year:
What do we publish?

We publish Poetry (1 to 2 up to 1000 words), Fiction and nonfiction (1 up to 2000 words), and also if you have invented something new. You are bound to the policy of the website that the submission is original and does not contain any plagiarized material.

  • We welcome both emerging and established poets for our journal on the following ground:
  • Poetry, Fiction and nonfiction must not contain obscene and abusive words but it can be inventory if it is.
  • Poetry, Fiction and nonfiction should not deliberately insult the sentiments of a religious community or invokes terrorism.
  • We accept only electronic submissions.
  • Please one submission at a time, no multiple submissions.
  • Your writing should be original and must not be published anywhere else.
  • The content must be related to life as an open genre.
  • Note: Times New Roman font, Size 12 in Word format

Submission period category limits

We will only accept the following number of submissions per submission category: Fiction and nonfiction is capped at no more than one submission per submission period(maximum 2000 words) . photography is also limited to one submission per submission time.

Multiple submissions

We do not accept multiple submissions within the same document/file. Each submission (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography) must be submitted individually.

Simultaneous submissions

Simultaneous submissions are completely fine with us. Our only requirement is that you notify us as soon as you can if you intend to publish your piece with another publication.


We regrettably cannot give individual feedback on submissions.


Unfortunately, there is no pay at this time.

Send all your entries at the email address [email protected]